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This one is dedicated to all of you soon to be new graduates. What a bigger driver? Strategy OR the tactics to bring those strategies to life?  The answer is that it depends on the role you will pursue. However for the entrepreneurial path, there is only one answer: BOTH are equally important.

To those thinking of going to work at a university: to succeed you have to excel and shine with your thinking and ideas. Your varied thoughts and points of view will be rewarded.

To those who will be joining the eventual ranks of middle management, Dilbert, and the cast of The Office, be ready to run nonstop if you want to succeed. You will get promoted based on how many things you can juggle and how well you can keep them in the air, not by generating ideas.

And finally to those thinking of jumping off into the startup deep end, ideas and execution are two sides of the same coin. Both are equally essential and skills in both will get you closer to success.

What are your thoughts? Share in the comments below.

This was originally created by Kriti Vichare for #entrepreneurfail: Startup Success.


Kriti Vichare Kriti Vichare

  • R Shah

    Execution skills you can buy or learn. Ideas…where do they come from?? You certainly have to work hard to nurture the culture to generate them!

  • Now, I am a believer in execution. Like the corporate one in the illustration. Because many top products of
    today were not original ideas, but better executions, lets say windows,
    apply or google.

    Sometime ago I had this same question and researched with some professionals to find my answer http://inoace.com/blog/idea-or-execution/