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Press Roundup:

Why this Microsoft Manager is Headed to Iraq for the first-ever Startup Weekend Baghdad“I am confident that there are many tech entrepreneurs out there and that many face similar challenges to the ones faced by tech entrepreneurs here in Seattle,” said Rahmouni, who grew up in Morocco and moved to Seattle in 2005. “The environment is surely different, but I believe that they share more commonalities than differences.”

Reflections from Startup Weekend Baghdad: The entrepreneurial spirit is alive in Iraq:  “Beyond the challenges any entrepreneur faces in building a startup, these young Iraqis face additional hurdles, such as unreliable electricity, unpredictable Internet connections or insecurity in the streets.”

Steve Case discusses the SEC’s lift of the public solicitation ban in the JOBS Act: Lifting the ban could improve the U.S.’s entrepreneurial landscape by “removing barriers that hurt startups,” Steve Case, co-founder of America Online and chairman of investment firm Revolution wrote in a statement. “By combining innovation in capital formation with safeguards to protect investors, a well-implemented JOBS Act can help unleash a new wave of entrepreneurial activity and job creation.”

Scanadu Scout breaks Indiegogo record with $1.37M for ‘medical tricorder’

Community Stories:

Wayne Brown: They’ll lose a weekend, but what will we gain?

Using Wedgies for Market Validation at Startup Weekend

You Can Also Innovate in Big Corporations: SW at Coca Cola (full recap)

World Startup Report: 16 Countries and Counting

News from our Europe office: 

  • Startup Europe Accelerator Assembly Launches“Startup Europe’s Accelerator Assembly is a new network, backed by the European Commission, for sharing best practice and learning to improve the knowledge on accelerators and web startups across Europe. It will connect programmes, generate new research on accelerators and startup growth, and strengthen the policy debate to improve the environment for web entrepreneurship in Europe.”

We Own It Summit recap

Katie Finley, Marketing Intern for the UP Global Europe office, writes on one particular salon from the event: 

Salon-style discussions comprised a core element of the 2013 We Own It Summit, bringing together a panel of thought leaders in the field with small groups of conference attendees.  I had the chance to join the discussion centered around Generation Y, entitled “Millennials: A Great Entrepreneurial Power Ready to be Unlocked…

…What we’re seeing, beyond the shift from corporate work to entrepreneurship, is an arguably massive shift in values.  Millennials are the first generation that is living to work instead of working to live.

The desire to live to work and to work for a company that embodies core values points to a larger paradigm shift: a workplace centered on the self.  Millennials are joining companies whose purpose aligns with their own, and further building their own personal brands within these organizations.  This generation has arguably the largest desire to establish themselves, to articulate a personal brand, and to carry it with them through their various job functions and experiences.  While a millennial might expect to have many different jobs, they’ll carry the same set of skills, values, and sense of self to each of these experiences.

Check out her full article here.





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