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Startup Weekend and GSB show off the best traits of an entrepreneur: grit, fearlessness, passion for ideas and changing the world. Those are the values we try to showcase at LAUNCH and the LAUNCH Festival. It’s a time when 8,000 people meet in San Francisco and 50 startups launch on stage. That’s the kind of amazing energy we know you’ll be feeling at GSB, too.

But just like you’re grinding away every day to make your crazy ideas into reality, we’re working hard to provide counsel to entrepreneurs.

One way we do that is through our online TV show, This Week in Startups. LAUNCH founder and angel investor Jason Calacanis hosts the highly entertaining program. His passion is supporting entrepreneurs and getting you working right now on your best idea, right now.

With that, we’re excited to announce our GSB prizes!

  1. The top 2 Startup Weekend GSB local event winners will receive a free builder pass to the 2014 LAUNCH Festival. More info: http://festival.launch.co.

  2. The three winners of the Champion’s Circle powered by Google for Entrepreneurs will receive a free demo table to the 2014 LAUNCH Festival. Each demo table comes with 5 conference passes and a chance to win your way on to the main stage.

  3. The overall champion will win a 30-minute mentoring session with Jason Calacanis.

Okay, so we’re a little ambitious in our quest to make strangers into fans, and fledgling startups into stalwarts. And we try to share the love, like when Jason buys lunch for whoever shows up:

Like you, we live and breathe the things we’re passionate about. Building great companies and making a dent in the universe.

Come check out the show on our site, on YouTube, or subscribe via iTunes (audiovideo). And if you need advice, write us: askjason@launch.co.

Now stop reading and get back to work. We know you’re going to crush it at GSB.