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#entrepreneurfail First Marketing Push

I have some enterprising friends. Not a day goes by that someone isn’t launching a fitness blog, a recipe channel, a consulting practice, or a new startup. Every week I get requests asking me to “please like my Facebook page” and “send this link to everyone you know”! Many of the requests from my friends are not relevant to me nor will I ever be a target customer. I’ve even liked a men’s weight loss page just to support a friend (I never looked at that page again).

As a wantrepreneur starts a business, he/she just wants visibility. “Like my page” validates their idea, but doesn’t guarantee any sales. When we first started #entrepreneurfail, we were guilty of this!

Entrepreneurs on the other hand do not target their friends unless the people match their customer profiles. They do not focus on the mere number of followers on social media but rather the tangible sales. Entrepreneurs start building deep relationships with potential customers from day 1, instead of through superficial social media clicks.

Have you ever begged a friend to like your social media page? Let us know in the details below.

This was originally created by Kriti Vichare for #entrepreneurfail: Startup Success.


Kriti Vichare Kriti Vichare

  • Stefan Meier

    I experienced the same with our Facebook Page and YouTube Channel.
    You can ask hundreds of times for a like or sharing, it works, but not really effective,
    better you create in our case great content and let people share in their own interests,
    that’s what we do now at Social Zebras, the national Mastermind Club in Switzerland.

  • Charl2lie

    In Com/advertising terms asking your friends to like your page make sense because for each new page like you get access to their own community. Sometimes among these people someone will be a potential buyer. Further FB promotion can result in good Return on Investment. The problem is that it exhausts greatly your social circles and it is difficult to reactivate them in the long run. More and more people understand that liking a page means showing their appreciation to their own network – and sharing something even more. In real terms it means putting your own “owned media” at the disposal of someone else – it means that to share your own social capital there must be a real good reason to do so – and most of today wantrepreneurs starts fluffy businesses, with no real added value and out of proportion expectations. I would rather support anyone with a humble state of mind and a great idea, than a bad marketer with a fluffy business.