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We’ve been getting a lot of calls about people who already have a team and want to join the competition and the event.

According to the main theme of Startup Weekend, We are all about connecting with new people and share experiences from different point of view. Therefor, If we notice or are tipped off about a pre-established team at the event we will ask that team to be explicit on Thursday pitches where they are with their pitched concept and what people who join should expect.

The judges will also be informed that they came as a pre-formed / pre-developed idea and likely won’t be eligible to win prizes based on the judges decision.

We’ll spend some time before the pitch process to explain to The Pre-Established Team what attendees who join them have said about other Pre-Established Teams in the past can expect, such as, much less incentive to pivot and less of an opportunity for equity. Many designers or developers may feel like they are “working for free” during the weekend if they join a pre-established team, which can discourage good talent.

Put in consideration that Pre-Established Teams will likely won’t get through the event based on the event capacity of the selected projects to be working on during the full event.


Hashem Zahran