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This is the first ever environment-themed Startup Weekend in Wellington!

Participants pitched over 40 eco-tech and planet-saving ideas at Startup Weekend Wellington Environment 2017.

11 of these ideas made it past the initial vetting round.

How do we whittle down from 40 ideas to 11? Each person that pitched an idea creates an enticing and descriptive poster about their idea. Participants get 5 colourful dots that they then go and place on their favourite ideas. Posters with the most dots have teams form around them and just like that… 11 teams begin the intense weekend long process.

The Winner


watt-starThe problem: People do not have access to the energy cost related to their future property.
The solution: An energy efficiency rating for New Zealand homes. It allows home hunters, including renters and home buyers to see the estimated energy running costs of that property through a data driven rating
Quote: From Jessica Venning-Bryan (Judge), “I presume you are all Flick customers!?”
Our team looks like: Data scientists, Economist, Engineer, Web Developer and a Business Analyst.
Highlight: The thought process into developing a business. The way to move. We’ve come across road blocks, through a number of processes we were reasonably effective at overcoming them.
Like this idea? You can contact Sebastian Doelle: sdoelle@gmail.com


Second Team



The problem: There is a lot of construction and trade waste.
The solution: An app that links builders to D.I.Y consumers to re-use building left overs.
Quote: “We all know builders like pies, our first method of advertising will be on pie packaging, followed by a more ambitious goal of advertising on ‘The Block’.”
Our team looks like: Business magicians, Designer, Developers and Marketing Adviser.
Highlight: “All the people you meet, the networking, the great conversations with people in the public.”
Like this idea? You can contact @SWWLG 


Third Team


The problem: There are many women in the world and most of them are using disposable, one time use sanitary items.
The solution: We are creating a pair of underwear that makes liners redundant.
Quote: “Each year New Zealanders use enough disposable panty-liners to run the length of the length of New Zealand 4 1/2 times!”
Our team looks like: Lingerie Designer, Business Advisor, Designer, IT specialist, Communications Specialist and an Environmental Specialist.
Highlight: We pulled together a videographer, a make up artist and a model to shoot our product – a full team effort.
Like this idea? You can contact: info@embracelingerie.co

The Teams (in no particular order)



The problem: There is poor solar adoption among consumers. In addition, solar retailers do not have targeted customer knowledge to generate sales.
The solution: To provide a service that generates targeted customer leads based on intelligent data for solar retailers.
Quote: “We can provide a reduction in cost on leads to solar retailers of up to 60%.”
Our team looks like: Business Analysts and Developers
Highlight: Very early on we decided to pivot and look at our problem differently.
Like this idea? You can contact: kasuni.hw@hotmail.com


1 Thing Today

    1-thing-todayThe problem: People feel powerless to save the planet.
    The solution: An app that helps you do one small thing to save the planet.
    Quote: “That’s well clever. Simple and easy to use. Yes it motivates me to do more!”
    Our team looks like: Designers, Developers and Researchers.
    Highlight: The teams ability to collaborate and create something we are proud of from nothing, and have fun doing it.
    Like this idea? You can contact Philip: philip@skyrize.com  


    T-shirt Revolution


      The problem: There are too many t-shirts (clothing items) ending up in waste dumps.
      The solution: We are going to up-cycle these t-shirts into three items; carry bags, cushions and quilts.
      Quote: “Don’t send your t-shirts to die in a landfill…Give them a new life and help the environment too. join T-Shirt Revolution!”
      Our team looks like: Business Analyst, Developer, Graphic Designer and a Fabric Goddess.
      Highlight: A massive pivot – from mass market, low cost single item to value added customized/bespoke product.
      Like this idea? You can contact Zak: zaklmurray@gmail.com


      The Grower’s Standard


        The problem: YoPro’s can’t get into gardening.
        The solution: No fuss, micro-garden – with a supporting mobile application.
        Quote: “Nothing says grown-up like sprinkling fresh herbs atop your home-made dinner.” 
        Our team looks like: Developers, Designers, Marketer and one environment guy.
        Highlight: We spent a lot of time trying to validate and cycling through different ideas. There was a moment when we found the right market and started working together seamlessly. 

        Like this idea? You can contact Russell: russellgolding@gmail.com



          gear-shareThe problem: We live in a throw away society where people undervalue the things they have and long to consume more.
          The solution: We are connecting people with underutilized adventure gear that they are open to lend out to people that want to borrow it. We are getting people to share instead of buying new. We are rewarding the sharers financially. Facilitating the global sharing economy.
          Quote: “In 2004, New Zealand produced 400kg of household waste per capita – which means each of you produce the same amount of waste as an Australian!”
          Our team looks like: Designers, Developers, Analysts and an Educator
          Highlight: “The food was F***in awesome.”
          Like this idea? You can contact Eryn Rogers: info@gear/share.co 



            air-gardenThe problem: There is a problem around growing food, specifically around shortage of space for people who want to grow their own food.
            The solution: is a product that uses no soil. enabling you to grow food vertically. That solution is aeroponics.
            Quote: “It’s a system that requires no soil to grow plants. It’s a system where the plant gets fed exactly what they need, no more and no less.”
            Our team looks like: Product Developer and Consultants
            Highlight: “Hearing the development of everyone’s ideas and how they change, particularly around pivoting moments.”
            Like this idea? You can contact Nelson Curry: curry.nelson@gmail.com


              go-greenThe problem: Not enough people using low carbon transport.
              The solution: Using a reward system to motivate people to take more public transport.
              Quote: “So Paulie has a PhD in environmental psychology… no pressure!”
              Our team looks like: Mechatronics engineer, data scientist, environmental psychologist, environmental policy advisor, sales guy
              Highlight: the point where we realised that the idea clicked, people were interested and the business model was validated – aka 3pm Saturday.
              Like this idea? You can contact Charlene Leong: charleneleong84@gmail.com


              Wai Sci

                wai-seiThe problem: New Zealand’s water citizen water quality data is not all in one place.
                The solution: To put water quality data in a central database.
                Quote: “Water quality is important for a number of different reasons: cultural, health of people, health of the stream life.” 
                Our team looks like: developer, data analyst, hydrologist, project manager and Kaitiaki Taiao.
                Highlight: “Its amazing how everything came together.”
                Like this idea? You can contact Te Kawa: tkrobb77@gmail.com 



                  Hannah Wignall Hannah Wignall