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iTunesArtwork@2xTeam: Fliguin



Description: We’ll save the world… from spam! Enjoy your favourite newsletters of all your email accounts in a single app with a unique reading experience. And discover more without giving even your email.

URL: http://fliguin.com/

Members: Savvas Zortikis, Natalie Petsali, Dimitris Kakoutis, Petros Maglis, Maria Kardasilari, Prokopis Andrianos

Platforms: web, Android, iOS

Logo1Team: YouToones


Description: The Product will give the ability to the users to Create EASY and Quick Animation cartoon starring with their friends, entertain with the amazing dialogues ,share the video at their social profile and why not later on to promote products or services through animated cartoons.

URL: www.youtoones.com

Members: Vasilios Kostopoulos, Gregory Gousis, Yannis Drosidis

Platforms: web, Android, iOS


logoTeam: HangAround



Description: Hang Around is your personal meeting assistant! With Hang Around you can arrange meetings with your friends quickly and effortlessly.


Members: Nikos Kabanos, Panagiotis Mytilinos, Alina Siauruseviciute, Lina Vlachou

Platforms: iOS


imageTeam: Contractor Sherpa



Description: Free service for homeowners to post a home improvement project online and receive bids from contractors. We also help assure the work is completed and the contractor is paid.

URL: Contractorsherpa.com

Members: Dustin Stewart, Robert Reum, Kim Morisaki, Dean McCollom, Corey Treweek, Nathan Hansen, Justin Ashley, Laura O’Connor, Nick Shontz

Platforms: web


Start Label-logoTeam: Start Label


Description: Company dedicated to simplifying the process of initiating a food MSME. Centralizing the process of compliance of the requirements to enter the market.

URL: none

Members: Angel Gabriel Peña Turcios, Denisse Alejandra Rivera Zapata, Martin Eduardo Pineda Meraz, Laura Marisol Guevara Uclés

Platforms: web

saysquareTeam: saySquare

Description: Método alternativo de pagos para PYMES / Alternative payment mode for PYMES

URL: http://honduraswebmedia.com

Members: Leonardo Amador, Cristian Espinoza, Nicole Riera

Platforms: Blackberry, web, Android, iOS

logo_nimbbo_findattach_final-completoTeam: FindAttach


Description: We are all about providing the best user experience using cloud technologies

URL: none

Members: Joaquin Alcerro, Luis Arita

Platforms: web



Logo1 (1)Team: NxtApps

Description: We are all about bringing you new, innovative, and cool ways of interacting with your family, friends and colleagues using your smartphones and tablets. Our products range from Awesome games (no surprise there!) to handy productivity tools using features already built into your devices.

As a parent do you feel your children are getting increasingly more drawn into their phone/tablet games and as a result do not really get to socialise with their play mates? We develop Apps to specifically address this issue, our games are designed so that 1. they are really cool! and 2. players need to physically interact (cooperate/compete) with each other to succeed.

As a college or university student, or any board game enthusiast wouldn’t be cool to play your favorite board games, with your phones/tablets being the components/tokens/tiles?!

You can check out our range of games and productivity tools from our very own NxtApps store which is a portal to next generation apps and games. The portal is a market place that is itself an application on smartphones and tablets. The portal provides instant access to the apps developed by the developer team using next generation technology for smartphones and tablets. These applications and games blur the lines between the digital and physical world and allow the devices to interact with their surroundings in new and innovative ways.

URL: none

Members: Shayan Motamedi Fakhr, Jon Akass, Cindy Li , Rasmus Wriedt Larsen , Sabin Marcu, Taihai Chen, Zahra Fahmi

Platforms: Physical Space, web, Android

peak final logo lsTeam: Peak



Description: Peak is a framework receiving data from facilities like gyms and libraries (where the access is controlled by ID cards). It delivers how crowded that facility is in real time. Users can access these informations on mobile devices through the Peak App. The framework also provides prediction about the crowd level will change in the next 4 hours. The predictions use our mathematical model and are based on previous data. With a simple tap, the users can also tell us when they are willing to use that facility, allowing us to deliver more accurate predictions all users.

URL: none

Members: Georgi Tenev, Filippo Massarelli, Yuehua Zhang, Si Kai Lee, Linda Sandhoff, Mincho Kabakchiev

Platforms: web, iOS

Screen shot 2014-03-08 at 19.20.47Team: Intermedia


Description: Intermedia offers an online marketing service to brands by facilitating advertisement through popular social media content creators.

URL: http://www.intemedia.co

Members: Inti Beer, Pasquale Ambrosio, Luke Sinopoli, Neel Gunturi, Anna Hayman, Alexandra Rack, Amrith Surendra, Ignacio Willats, Roman Smyrnov

Platforms: web


Team: Value Box

Description: Applicazione per catalogare, vendere e comprare beni.


Members: Danijel Volcic, Marco Ambrogio, matteo canzari, Mojca Stojkovic, Martina Pirec Bole, Jacopo Di Florio, Marco Scancella

Platforms: Windows Phone, web, Android, iOS

Team: Track Master

Description: A digital jukebox that gives you back the control of the music. All music, your music.


Members: Andrea Bertollo, Barbara Scutti, Franco Troiano, Daniele Orlando, Paolo D’ettore, Francesco Miscia, Luca Di Clerico

Platforms: Android

Team: Kairos

Description: Augmented reality environment for a new approach to historical sites tours


Members: Giulio Pernice, Daniele Polidori, Edoardo Torda, Marco Di Paolo, Luca Amicone, Renzo Carriero, Francesca Ricci

Platforms: Android


Winners: Unknown


Winners: Unknown



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