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Tehran held its first Startup Weekend Woman’s Edition two weeks ago – showcasing the many talents and expertise of entrepreneurial-minded woman in Iran.

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According to our figures woman participation in earlier events in Tehran were around 20%, which is low considering in Iran woman are highly educated, comprising 86% of the student body from secondary education onward.

According to the statistics published on Iran Entrepreneurship Association (IEA), only 4% of management roles are currently held by woman in Iran and 75% of educated woman in Iran are either unemployed or have a job outside their field of studies.

With the help of all the relating NGOs in the field of entrepreneurship and woman we were able to raise awareness on this issue and invite local and international guests with a panel discussion on topics from foreign best-practices, personal experience working in Iran and challenges woman in management face. All mentors and judges were also selected from woman in management roles in the ICT sector.

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As organizers of this event we feel there is still a lot that needs to be done in this area. We hope other events and organizations also pay attention to this issue. We have a long way to go, but hopefully this Startup Weekend Woman’s Edition will help break new ground.

Reyhaneh Vahidian