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This post was updated on April 13, 2015

This list was compiled for a presentation I gave at a conference last month focused on building an edtech venture in the United States. It’s meant to be a brief synopsis of some of the key steps you should take, as well as some of the key players you should know about. If you find it helpful, leave a comment saying so. If you think important items are missing, please share them. Hopefully this can be something we all contribute to, in order to create a more comprehensive list of resources and opportunities that edtech entrepreneurs can benefit from.

Note: Edsurge, Imagine K12, and 4.0 Schools are official partners of Education Entrepreneurs

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More about Education Entrepreneurs

Education Entrepreneurs is the largest initiative in the world focused on helping people use entrepreneurship to improve education. Its suite of offerings include Startup Weekend Education, Startup Digest Education, Workshops, online resources, and a global network of Community Leaders. Spanning six continents, Education Entrepreneurs has created an unprecedented opportunity for anyone, anywhere to shape the future of education.



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Mandela Schumacher-Hodge Mandela Schumacher-Hodge
(@MandelaSH) A former public school teacher, education policy researcher, and PhD candidate, Mandela Schumacher-Hodge co-founded Tioki, the “The LinkedIn for Educators,” in 2011. Funded by Kapor Capital, 500 Startups, and Imagine K12

  • Great post and really useful list Mandela. I like the way your outline the process too.

  • I saved this post to see in the future as it seemed very interesting. I can’t see the pictures of this post anymore. Is it a temporal problem or forever one? :/

    • Hey Carlos, the images in the post are available, if you’re having trouble viewing on your device, send an email to help@techstars.com and we can have them sent to you via email.

      • Oh. I can see them today. I guess it was a temporal problem. Thank you! 🙂