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This post was written by organizers of LA’s upcoming Startup Weekend EDU:


EDUpreneurs in Los Angeles have finally found the quote they have been waiting for: “The first ever Startup Weekend EDU in the City of Angels will take place on the weekend of January 24th at the UCLA Anderson School of Management.”

– EdSurge.com

Until now, Angelenos passionate about education and startups have only had 3 choices:

1) Buy a plane ticket

While LA hosts a variety of incubators, meetups, VCs and startup gatherings, those looking to find the epicenter for educational innovation have undeniably had to look elsewhere.   Additionally, the circuit of education keeps skipping LA, and as a result, entrepreneurs looking to join in the ed-craze have needed to rack up frequent flier miles.

2) Read about success somewhere else.

LA is in the news and under the microscope for purchasing devices.  Yet, the heated debates rarely highlight tremendous success.  While our newspapers are filled with the many problems of a large-scale implementation, entrepreneurs should be enamored with the opportunities to make a powerful solution within our own classrooms.

3) DIY – Go it alone and scrap together a solution for the nation’s second largest city and its neediest students.

LA has a rapidly growing entrepreneurial community, with a patchwork of educational technologists and do-gooders.  However, up until now the community has been relatively quiet.  A spattering of great challenges, teacher groups and passionate leaders has started the conversation, but its still a whisper.


From January 24th-26th, for the first time ever, LA will bring together the greatest educators and entrepreneurs.  In just 54 hours,  the goal is to form a new age of educational startups.  While the purpose of Startup Weekend EDU is to have newly formed teams compete for the greatest innovation, the melding of minds at UCLA Anderson is an opportunity for our EDU community to cooperate.  This city has all of the tools to become the leader in education and to showcase success.

Visit laedu.startupweekend.org to learn more and sign up for your ticket.  Please contact laedu@startupweekend.org for additional information.

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John Baldo