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More than 25,000 entrepreneurs at 230 Startup Weekend events in 80 countries built startups in 54 hours between November 14-23.  Many of these teams decided to improve education by building an education startup and are now competing in the Education, Empowered Track of the Global Startup Battle to receive a prize package powered by General Assembly that will help their startup grow.

Now We Need You


It’s your turn! We want to know which of these education startups you are the most excited about. Which do you think will impact learning the most? Each startup has produced a 90 second video to showcase their startup. Use your voice by voting on the best.

Watch some of the videos from the 108 startups in the Education, Empowered Track and vote for the ones that you like the best. You can vote for each team once every 24 hours before December 3 at 11:59pm and you can vote for as many teams as you want. The top 15 startups with the most votes in the Education, Empowered Track will advance to a judging round and we’ll announce the winner on December 10th.

Vote Now!


Voting ends on December 3rd, 2014 at 11:59pm PST. More details on how to vote