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The following is a guest post by Clément Delangue, from UniShared.
Let’s face it, both online and offline learning can be extremely boring! As a student, you’ve already been stuck in a classroom, with a professor giving his speech, no interaction allowed, as passive as when you watch TV, feeling as if you were wasting your time.

As a lifelong learner, you may have tried online learning programs, watching the first videos on Itunes U or Coursera, having the same feeling of boredness and inactivity – and forgetting to continue to the next twenty-five videos to complete the whole program.

Well, I did face these situations, and way too often to not act! And I realized that every time I was learning happily and efficiently, I was doing so actively and with friends. So I decided to start live-tweeting my classes. Instead of taking notes for myself, I started taking them for all my followers. And they started to help me, advising me to related articles or books. Correcting my professors. Supporting my learning as they were becoming my learning buddies, wherever they were.

And then I realized that people in the room could join too. Why waste everybody’s time by taking the same notes from different parts of the classroom? So we decided to all take our notes together, live during the class, on Google docs. We did so for a whole semester saving time and drastically improving the way we were learning. And more and more people asked me how they could do the same.

So with Thibaut, we decided we should go further. He attended the Startup Weekend Edu in Seattle and started gathering feedbacks and users. We worked hard to ship the first version of UniShared, building one feature after another, the lean way. And students started to use it, sharing their classes from all over the world, including Universities like Stanford.

And this is just the beginning. My experience led me to the conclusion that students are way more impactful than they think. When they go back to college this fall, no doubt they won’t forget their laptops and tablets. And it will be their most powerful tools to drastically change the way everyone is learning.

Feel free to check UniShared and to tell Clément what you think about it.

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