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This post was co-authored by the Athens Startup Weekend Edu Team. 

Come and spend the weekend of Jan 17-19, 2014 with SWEDU and become part of the innovation in education startup movement in Athens.

The Acropolis in Athens, Greece.

If you have an idea that can change education, come and pitch it at the 1st Startup Weekend themed “Education” in Greece. Mind you, this is only the second SWEDU in all of Europe!

Athens SWEDU is co-organized by a team of passionate learners, educators, social innovators and ed-tech designers. Some 50 energetic students, their professors at the Department of Communication, Media and Culture at Panteion University, Athens, The Impact Hub Athens Co-Founders and a talented UI Designer, have joined their efforts and enthusiasm into making SWEDU Athens a hot spot for innovation in education and learning. The event is hosted by The Impact Hub Athens, housed in a beautifully restored old house in the old center of the city, recently opened as a social startup and co-creation workspace.

Why Athens? Why education?

We aspire to make an impact on our present and our future. The time seems ripe as the country has been undergoing severe financial hardship and social discontent for the last 6 years, and unemployment is especially high among those under 25. University students, in particular, feel extremely insecure at the prospect of a future with very limited opportunities. Many are already fleeing abroad in search of more viable life and career prospects.

And yet, this is a time of great challenges and booming creativity along with a rising startup ecosystem in Greece, making its first bold steps in the global markets. The crisis is considered by many – especially by the youth – as an opportunity to “think out of the box” and make their own positive impact in their city and further ahead.

The Greek startup entrepreneurial ecosystem has been nurtured by the networking initiatives and social media writings of a small and pioneering tech and entrepreneurial-minded community, initiated many years before the outbreak of the economic crisis. The latter, however, may be considered as a “social accelerator” for raising citizens’ awareness of their own potential for creativity, collaboration and entrepreneurship. Over the last 3 years startup initiatives have flourished further as new funding, investing and advisors’ schemes, startup incubators and accelerators, and co-working spaces have mushroomed – especially in Athens.

Athens SWEDU aims to bring education at the forefront of a new emerging culture; namely, the culture of creative, problem-solving originators comprising the rising entrepreneurial scene in the country. As Athens SWEDU organizers we aspire to boost innovative ideas in order to build sustainable startups that can have a transformative impact on the learning process in various fields, including and mixing technology, culture, science, communication, entrepreneurship, marketing, design, social and sustainable innovation either on mobile and web platforms or in the physical settings of schools and universities.

Featuring a strong and diverse lineup of well established entrepreneurs and investors, mixed media designers, marketing and communication technology experts, science communicators, legal IT/Startup advisors and Ed-Tech educators as our inspiring speakers, mentors and judges, SWEDU Athens will provide participants with a valuable opportunity to interact with some of the biggest players in the country! We invite out participants to share their ideas and aspirations, and form a new generation of educational startups.

If you happen to be in Athens, or want to fly in for the occasion, tickets are available for purchase here.

Visit athensedu.startupweekend.org to learn more and do contact us for further information.

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