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Starting a company can be complicated. While Startup Weekend can help entrepreneurs validate their idea, test it with customers and build a prototype there are lot of administrative things to do as well. Paperwork, bank visits, legal complexity, fees and decisions on what services to use take up valuable time.

This November, Stripe Atlas is teaming up with Techstars Global Startup Weekend to help founders start and scale on a solid foundation. Stripe Atlas provides a one stop shop to make it easy to handle all of the administrative work so entrepreneurs can get on to building their businesses.

Through Techstars’ partnership with Stripe Atlas, startups can now access all the tools and resources they need to establish and scale a fast-growing technology company, including:

Company incorporation
C Corporation entity in Delaware

Signed Certificate of Incorporation, Bylaws, and Board Consent

IRS Employer Identification Number (EIN)


Faster access to your bank account

U.S. bank account with Silicon Valley Bank

Debit Card


Post incorporation tools and guidance

Issue founder stock: Generate, sign, and store a full set of stock issuance documents in just a few clicks.

Post-incorporation checklist: an itemized list of tasks that founders should consider after incorporating.

Stripe Atlas Guides: Detailed, technical writing on the business topics most important to founders.


Stripe account

Instant access to a suite of cloud tools that enable startups to accept payments and build sophisticated business models like multi-sided marketplaces, platforms and subscription companies.


Exclusive startup service packages

Up to $5,000 of free credits from Amazon Web Services

Flat-rate packages for post-incorporation legal advice and tax return preparation

Free templates for common startup post-incorporation legal needs

Free conversation with a lawyer and an accountant

Techstars Global Startup Weekend is the biggest entrepreneurial celebration happening during Global Entrepreneurship Week. There are more than 200 events around the world during the weekends of November 10th-12th and 17th-19th.

The Stripe Atlas team will be joining us at our events in Pennsylvania, Washington, Colorado, New York City to answer your questions about the Stripe Atlas service. We look forward to seeing you there!

Jennifer Cabala Jennifer Cabala
Jennifer is the VP of Community at Techstars. Previously, Jennifer was the Director of Program Operations for Techstars Accelerator and Startup Programs. She was also the CMO at Startup Weekend and CEO at Seattle 2.0 (acquired by GeekWire). Prior to tech, Jen was an award-winning journalist for many years in Seattle and Denver with network coverage for CBS and CNN.