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We are proud to announce the winner of the Women’s Circle powered by Coca-Cola and the 5by20 Team.


Adlet – an ad platform which makes your advertising easy. Adlet makes it quick and easy for small business and independent bloggers to buy and sell ads.

Check out these prizes!

  • Up to $10,000 to travel to meet Coca-Cola experts who will support Adlet in building their startup idea. Meet at Coke HQ in Atlanta or somewhere near the team!
  • A meeting with Coca-Cola Women Executives who will help Adlet hone their idea and be successful long-term.
  • Adlet gets to pick the mind of an entrepreneur celebrity via Google+ Hangout. Ask them anything!
  • All teammates will get directly connected with people and resources that will help them be successful.

Congratulations to Adlet and all the Women’s Circle participants! Remember, we’re here to support all of your teams, not just the winners. If you think there is something our team can help with, don’t hesitate to email gsb@startupweekend.org to get in touch with the team. Congratulations all!


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  • Sayed Mohammad Hoseini

    congarat adlet !!!!

    • Adlet

      Thanks Sayed!