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The 2014 Global Startup Battle shattered records for all aspects of participation. We saw more than 25,000 participants creating amazing things in 250 communities around the world. Not only did #GSB2014 transcend all previous benchmarks, it also transcended a host of other boundaries.

The round-up:

Generation Startup. – GSB participant ages ranged from a 77 year old woman in Spain to a group of 13-year-olds from Denver.

Global Startup battle, Startup Weekend, UP Global

What unites us is far greater than what divides us. – A St. Louis-area entrepreneur and winner of Startup Weekend responded to the recent tragic events in Ferguson — and developed an app to help organizations diversify.

Global Startup Battle, GSB, UP Global, Startup Weekend

Doing what politics has been unable to do. – The Startup Weekend Armenia-Turkey not only spread entrepreneurial education in the region, it also bridged the diplomacy gap between the two countries.

Standing room only. – 900 people showed up on Friday night for the Shenzen, China Mega Startup Weekend. Even though there were only 150 participant tickets, the community was undaunted. 1,000 returned to watch the Sunday night presentations.

Global Startup Battle, Startup Weekend, UP Global, GSB

Rethinking the supply chain. – Startup Weekend team, EntoBento, replaces traditional meat found in dog treats with mealworm flour. Mealworms contain more protein than chicken or fish and twice the calcium of most meats, and only require 10 gallons of water per pound of production versus 1,700 gallons of water for typical dog food.

UP Global, Startup Weekend, Global Startup Battle

A first ever Startup Weekend for Bali. – “Will they be the next big thing? Time will only tell. We certainly had no shortage of enthusiasm and energy this weekend. It was really magical. I’d say, expect big things to come out of Bali in the coming years!” – Peter Wall

UP Global, Startup Weekend, Global Startup Battle


While some of these transcendent efforts were intentional, the rest occurred as byproducts of GSB activity. Together, they underscore the true power of community to push limits and reimagine boundaries.

Congratulations again to all the organizers, facilitators, partners, mentors, and teams. We can’t wait to see what great community achievements will unfold in 2015!


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David Betz