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Founder of Moz, Rand Fishkin, dropped by our office recently to discuss growth & re-branding. You can watch his entire talk below.

What makes Fishkin unique is his transparency. He speaks candidly about his business’ rough beginnings. From being in major credit card debt to loosing connections with his mother – Rand did not have an easy time taking off.

He then goes on to explain what happened when Moz started to grow, the challenges he faced as CEO, and what startups can do to not make the same mistakes he did.

This informal interview will open your eyes to Fishkin’s values, company culture and how he deals with being a public figure.


Rand Fishkin is the CEO of Moz. He co-authored the Art of SEO from O’Reilly Media, co-founded Inbound.org, and was named on PSBJ’s 40 Under 40 List and BusinessWeek’s 30 Best Tech Entrepreneurs Under 30. Rand is an addict of all things content & social on the web, from his blog on entrepreneurship to TwitterGoogle+FacebookLinkedIn, and FourSquare. In his minuscule spare time, Rand enjoys the company of his amazing wife, Geraldine, whose serendipitous travel blog chronicles their journeys.

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  • Todd Johnson

    Thanks Ran. Truly inspirational- Planning a global start-up myself, so glad I came across your presentation. We watch whiteboard Friday like clockwork!! Thanks again for sharing the knowledge from experience (I thought AWS was godsend but thinking twice now :))


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