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Calling all Organizers, Facilitators, Coaches, Mentors, Judges, Attendees, Alumni and Entrepreneurs everywhere: We can’t begin to describe how excited we are to finally introduce a brand new website for Startup Weekend!

For all of those that dealt with that awful map, the confusing clouds, Nickelodeon color scheme, or were made anxious by the strange clock machine thing, we thank you for pushing through. Today, we have a site that we believe is worthy of representing all of you amazing members of the Startup Weekend community.

Let’s take a brief moment to say goodbye to our old friend. But before we do, I have a few questions I’ve been dying to ask for too long:

  1. We haven’t used this logo in like….2 years?
  2. Social icon style circa 2011?
  3. Why clouds exactly? Why is the Google one different? Is it going to rain?!
  4. Really? I have to click one of those little arrows until I hopefully come across an event near me?
  5. What the heck is this little machine? The beakers seem afraid of it.

X. Don’t even try to go there and use that map, headaches ensue.

Alright, I’ll ease up. The truth is, that site got us to this point. For these years of service, we thank you. Now, drumroll please…

The Long Anticipated New Site Is Here:


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What makes this site awesome?

Completely revamped Search function! Check out Steven Chau’s post covering the new ways you can filter and view events.

  • Auto geo-locate
  • Filters by Edition, by ‘Region’
  • Visual Map (this one really works!)

Optimized content. Admittedly, we tried to do too much in one place with the old site. The result was a confusing experience. With this new site, we focused on building something that did ONE thing really well: Help entrepreneurs find events, and thus, their community. Instead of 5-10 clicks to find what they’re looking for, they can do it in 1 or 2. We’re excited to offer a place that clearly describes why Startup Weekend is valuable to entrepreneurs and supports our Organizers in selling tickets more easily.

Glorious Design. The design and tech team here at Techstars have done a fantastic job of bringing Startup Weekend into 2015 while maintaining the lovability of the brand. It is easy to navigate, nice to look at, and just plain works. Go ahead, take a look around!

For Organizers and Facilitators:

Visit startupweekend.org/organizers to check out the Organizer specific section of the new site.

  • No change for event listings: Events will still be managed through CLT as normal, you do not have to do anything different for your event to show up on the new site.
  • A/B testing is underway. Over time we will continue perfecting and tweaking the copy on the site to support ticket sales. If you have suggestions or something you think we should test, please email marketing@techstars.com. The more quickly this site gets potential attendees to your event page, the better.
  • Translations: For this initial launch, we’re not supporting translations. However, we plan to and will be adding them in priority order based on site use. Currently, French follows English with 5.60% of visitors, then Portuguese with 3.84%, and then Spanish at 3.35% (data since 2013).
  • Everything is still there! It may just have a new home. One of the key efforts in making this site better was rethinking the structure of information. If you’re looking for a page and can’t find it, we’re here to help, but we think the new layout will make things much easier to find.

What’s Next?

  • Bug fixes and improvements. We could use any help you’re able to give in helping us squash bugs and give us insight from testing in the field. In true startup form, this site is not perfect, we wanted to get it out there and start gathering information we can use to improve it.
  • Community Sites: We’re working through the strategy with Community Sites (currently on up.co). That includes how they will look, where they will live, how you will manage information on them, and even the backend we’re using. This is a huge undertaking with implications throughout the Organization, so we’re being very methodical. For now, we won’t be making any changes, but we do plan on nailing down a roadmap for that going into 2016.

Let us know what you think of the new site in the Organizer or Facilitator Facebook Group or email us at help@techstars.com and use #swredesign in the subject line. We’re excited to continue improving this as an effective tool for all of us and as a helpful, welcoming starting point for entrepreneurs everywhere.

 The People Behind the New Site:


Mitchell Cuevas
(@mcuevasm) I am the Sr. Marketing Director here at Techstars, am passionate about helping entrepreneurs, and am obsessed with finding, playing with, and implementing all the best new marketing (and other) technology I can get my hands on.