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So, you have heard of Alexandria Startup Weekend, but what’s it all about?

Alexandria Startup Weekend is no ordinary event. It where like-minded entrepreneurs gather for a weekend of company creation. In 54 hours, you take an initial idea from the Thursday night pitches through to a mind spinning Startup company on the Saturday night.

Just don’t think it’s just developers. Its marketing maestros, design gurus, business development wizards, legal geniuses, and the specialist of Startups – the jack of all trades coming together as one, creating a harmony that can only be envied by the corporate world.

OK – so that may be slight sales mode, but it truly all about bringing together the knowledge of the local entrepreneur scene, and helping those in need to find their feet in the world of startups.

Thursday night is all about networking and the pitches. Those with an idea, and are brave enough to stand in front of 300+ strangers give their 1 minute elevator pitch to the crowd. The ideas that people like, and want to work with then get created. From there on, within 48 hours you have to deliver a product and business plan that can stand up to the harsh light of day. Mentors will be on hand throughout the time to help you fine tune the idea that was only conceived 12 hours ago, into a working company with huge potential profits in 36 hours.

Sounds intense? It is!

Saturday night is where the jury panel comes in. Seasoned professionals that have been through the startup mill many times over will scrutinize and find the holes in the plan to evaluate the chances of real world succession.

From there? Well, it’s all up to you. Alexandria Startup Weekend can only help you start your dream. It’s up to you to live it out.


Hashem Zahran