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We are proud to announce the winner of the Activate Circle powered by Amazon Web Services.


Life Capsule – A pill box that tweets! If you’re worried that you forget to take your medication or, more importantly, that a loved one needs a reminder to take their medication, you can use the mobile app to “program” the pill box. Once programmed, the box will let anyone “following it” know if the owner of the box forgot to take their pill or actually took it.

“We are a team of product managers, software and hardware architects (we even have a literal rocket scientist on staff) and designers that have forgotten to take pills more often than we’d like and who have elderly parents or grandparents whose health keeps us up at night. We believe that changing our healthcare system, understanding how certain drugs or drug combinations impact our overall health starts one life capsule at a time. A connected circle of care empowered by data and analytics from the cloud is the answer to a proactive self learning healthcare system.”

Check out these prizes! 

  • $15,000 to build their business in the cloud.
  • Tweets from the @AWSStartups Twitter account.
  • AWS wants to tell Life Capsule’s story and help them generate the publicity and new customers their business will need.
  • An AWS T-Shirt, Stickers, Coffee Mug and a Kindle Paperwhite for every team member!

Also, we have some fabulous runner-ups in this circle!

1st Runner Up: Griflens – an entertainment and educational platform that spans online and offline worlds by combining physical, collectible beads with online interactive storytelling.

2nd Runner Up: GymSight – tracks your workouts, sending live data from gym exercise equipment to your mobile phone.

Congratulations to all the winners of the Activate Circle! We’re here to support all of your teams, not just the winners. We strongly encourage you to reach out to our team if you think we can help you, simply email gsb@startupweekend.org to get in touch with the team. Congratulations all!

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  • Mihnea Galeteanu

    Congratulations Griflens, our fellow Torontonians (yes world, Toronto is more than just a mayor 🙂 ), and GymSight, our fellow Common Wealth-arians! We at Life Capsule are proud to be in such company. To learn more about Life Capsule, give us your feedback and declare your intent to buy :), please visit http://lifecap.co

  • Sunil Sharma

    LifeCapsule, Griflens and Pawly. What a Startup Weekend we had in Toronto. Very proud of all of you! @sunil_extreme