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As the final hours in Global Startup Battle close in, we thought we would get the party started early and award the prize for the top cities in our 2nd annual Hashtag Battle. We added this battle to GSB last year and what a lot of fun it has been.

In fact, let’s take a quick look back at 2013 for reference:

 Last year’s numbers (2013)

city rank

Impressive. About 3 years ago we started tracking every single event hashtag via SimplyMeasured (a great local startup that is now the leader in social analytics) and we typically see anywhere from 300-2,000 tweets on a regular weekend hashtag throughout the year, resulting in average of 3-5 million impressions.

During GSB, those averages are blown out of the water, you guys are determined! The amount of photos, stories, inspiration, encouragement, and yes, some trash talk has been amazing for our team to watch throughout these two weeks. It offers us a window into things that are happening across the world we wouldn’t otherwise have. For that, we can’t thank you all enough for being a part, we hope you enjoyed the view as well.


Now, our winners for 2014. As you may know, we’ve put up a prize for the hashtag battle for the first time. That will be a trip for 3 members of the Organizing team in the winning city to UP Summit, our annual meeting of global Community Leaders. It includes flights, as well as hotel room and most meals! We also planned to host a happy hour in the winning city for all the participants.

Unfortunately, we’re not doing that anymore. 

Because we’re hosting one in EACH of the top FIVE cities instead! After seeing how hard all of you worked, we just didn’t feel right about one city getting all the goods. Every single city that participated is certainly a winner, but as a reward for their incredible participation, the Top 5 will all get a sponsored party/happy hour.

Organizers, we’ll be in touch shortly, we’re still in the midst of the contest portion of GSB still, so things are hectic, but we’ll have the details to you shortly.

Without further ado, here they are, the final Top 10. Congratulations to you all!

2014 Results

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 5.00.18 PM

Congratulations to Giza, Toulon, Lyon, Amman, and Lille. If you look at this year’s numbers compared to 2013, you’ll note that the winner last year would have placed just 7th!

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