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Innovation Story Of The Week

The Portland-based Startup Weekend alum, CPUsage, officially launched this week and announced a $925,000 round in funding to support its platform-as-a-service that helps developers, scientists and researchers compute in the cloud with large amounts of information.

CPUsage’s platform reduces the time a company might spend setting up custom initial infrastructure for high-performance computing in the cloud. It does this by allowing developers to compute across hundreds or thousands of compute instances while working in one environment.

Watch how in a matter of minutes, using CPUsage CirrusGrid, they are able to build a distributed blender based render-farm and distribute hundreds of 3D objects to be distributed across 50 devices.


Community Leader of the Week

Trey Bowles is founder and CEO of the Dallas Entrepreneur Center and is the Co-Chair at Startup Weekend Texas. He has also launched two different leadership initiatives for the Mayor of Dallas!

  • Mayor Star Council: Connects youth leaders with politicians
  • Connects technology leaders with local politicians

Trey Rocks!



Here is everything you missed this week in the UP Community: 

Are social media management jobs going away? According to Forbes contributor, Jason Nazar, they are. Writer, Ross Buchanan, takes you through the delicate world of social media management and predicts what will happen to the expanding industry.

“Professional Development for teachers sucks,” says Christine Ortiz, Executive Director of the Lawton Chiles Preparatory School for Gifted and Talented Students. Don’t worry though, she is doing something about it. This year, her teachers will have “mandatory professional development.” They are all going to Startup Weekend, and you should too. Read her article on, The New Breed of Teachers. 

Greg Gottesman, of Madrona Venture Group, visited UP Global HQ last week and delivered us his 13 Characteristics of a Great Startup Culture.  

“Too many brands make the mistake of assuming that customers actually know what they want.” Brand Director at UP Global, Mike Mates, writes in the Huffington Post about the mistakes too many brands make.

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