Our 5 Favorite Startup Digest Reading List Articles From Last Week

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1. Beyoncé Wants to Change the Conversation

By Tamar Gottesman

Digest: Music
Curator: Katie Chase

So much to learn from Beyoncé about how to lead in the manner of your choosing. Read More

More from this reading list: http://eepurl.com/bXoC5r


2. How to give and receive better feedback as a remote team

By Kate Kendall

Digest: Startup
Curators: Zubin Chagpar & Chris McCann

“We’ve set up a round-robin schedule where each person schedules two calls per month with two different team members. That way, we have a dedicated time to catch up with another member of the team who you might not otherwise chat with outside of daily work tasks.” Read More

More from this reading list: http://eepurl.com/bXhopf


3. Forget Apple vs the FBI: WhatsApp Just Switched On Encryption For A Billion People

By Cade Metz

Digest: Mobile
Curator: Edith Yeung

The company employs only about 50 engineers. And it took a team of only 15 of them to bring encryption to the company’s one billion users—a tiny, technologically empowered group of individuals engaging in a new form of asymmetrical resistance to authority, standing up not only to the US government, but all governments. Read More

More from this reading list: http://eepurl.com/bXhC7P


4. Why No Dining App Is the ‘Airbnb of Food’ (Yet)

By Tove Danovich

Digest: Product
Curators: Sophie-Charlotte Moatti & Reza Ladchartabi

Apps promoting social dining experiences beyond restaurants seem ripe for the “sharing economy.” So why aren’t they dominating the market? Read More

More from this reading list: http://eepurl.com/bXg-Nn


5. OLO – The First Ever Smartphone 3D Printer

By OLO, Kickstarter

Digest: 3D Printing
Curator: Dilanka

This is a very neat Kickstarter that is doing incredibly well. It’s a tiny 3D Printer that involves your smartphone. It seems to be really well designed. Despite the fact that most 3D Printer Kickstarters have failed, I am always excited to see new and innovative projects. Read More

More from this reading list: http://eepurl.com/bXf1nn


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Sconto del 15% su Airbnb per chi viene a Startup Weekend Lecce

Startup Weekend Lecce quest’anno ha pensato proprio a tutto. Oltre ad ospitare il I° Premio Innovazione dedicato alle startup operanti nei settori turismo e cultura con il supporto di Gruppo Giovani Imprenditori di Confcommercio Lecce (clicca qui per saperne di più) e a presentare una gustosa soluzione per colazione, pranzo e cena durante tutto il weekend alle Officine Cantelmo, grazie ad Airbnb offre una formula B&B scontata del 15% ai futuri startupper che vengono da fuori Lecce.

Al momento della prenotazione basterà inserire il codice coupon nella pagina del check-out (la stessa pagina in cui si invia il pagamento). Ecco i dettagli:

Sconto: 15%
Scadenza: 5 Ottobre 2015
Condizioni: Il codice è valido per le prime 300 persone che prenotano uno spazio sulla piattaforma www.airbnb.it nel raggio di 50 km da Lecce e per uno sconto massimo di 300€ sul totale della prenotazione (prenotazione minima 30€).

Sei pronto a venire a Startup Weekend Lecce?

Noi ti aspettiamo!