And your Third Startup Weekend Alexandria Winners are…

Thanks to everyone who made this event a success! Here is a list of the winning teams and their prizes:

SWAlex III Winners

The Third Startup Weekend Alexandria Winners

1st Prize: 7asebMa6ab

An application that discover ma6abat (dumps) from the roads which is a very big problem in Egypt, save your car and stay safe with 7asebMa6ab. Team won the following prizes:

  • Startup Weekend Alexandria 1st Place Trophy.
  • 15,000L.E. Incubation Voucher from Technology Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center “TIEC”.
  • Wamda Membership Card.
  • $500 AWS Credits.

2nd Prize: Fresh Fun
A team to create a social kids environment suitable for kids to keep them entertained and provide a good services for parents to monitor their kids interests. Team won the following prizes:

  • Startup Weekend Alexandria 2nd Place Trophy.
  • 15,000L.E. Incubation Voucher from Technology Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center “TIEC”.
  • Wamda Membership Card.
  • $300 AWS Credits.

3rd Prize: Ossta is craftsman service directory. It contains data of all craftsman and workers in many different categories like (Carpenter, Plumber, Cooker, Mechanical, … etc). Customer can enter the application through web or mobile. Customer can search, Check In worker, Suggest to a friend, Share through Social Network. Also, Customer can Rate, Add Feedback, Add Worker. Team won the following prizes:

  • Startup Weekend Alexandria 3rd Place Trophy.
  • Wamda Membership Card.
  • $200 AWS Credits.

Best Social Innovation: Do.Care
A new version of social security. home healthcare smart sensors help keep our seniors living in place. Team won the following prizes:

  • 5000L.E in Cash from Misr El Kheir Foundation.

Organizer’s Choice: Air Stick
Air stick is a start up that aims to replace the flash drive with the extra storage you carry around in your mobile device. The importance of this new technology to save you from the risk of loosing data by loosing your portable flash drive which is something we’re all significantly exposed to. The air stick works as a storage portal that allows the transfer of the selected data from your pc to your mobile device securing the data in a device you constantly carry around. Team won the following prizes:

  • Free Access to all SW Events in Egypt for a Year.
  • $100 AWS Credits.

Stay tuned for updates on the next SWAlexandria

SWAlex III Tickets Availability at The Door

Startup Weekend Alexandria is just around the corner, and unfortunately some of you have missed the chance to register a ticket on both Early Birds & Late Birds. Because we are already over booked, ticket availability at the door will be limited & priced as follows:

  • DeveloperDesigner, & Non-Technical Tickets: $90 USD or £600 EGP.
  • Professional Ticket: $200 USD or £1350 EGP.
  • Demo Night Only Ticket: $125 USD or £850 EGP.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate contacting us at anytime over email

[SW+GDG] Alexandria Bootcamp 2013

Google Developer Group Alexandria (GDG Alexandria) and Startup Weekend Alexandria (SWAlex) are joining forces for the second time to help developers and entrepreneurs become more successful!

We know that during a Startup Weekend event there isn’t a lot of time to learn new things. You come in with the tools you have in your belt, and you do the best you can with those. But sometimes those tools aren’t enough, which is why we’re running this pre-Startup Weekend technical bootcamp.

Bootcamp Agenda:

  • 09:00 AM Registration
  • 09:30 AM IceBreaker
  • 10:00 AM Running WordPress in App Engine – By: Ahmed Abdelhakim.
  • 11:00 AM WordPress in App Engine Lab
  • 12:30 PM Coffee Break
  • 01:00 PM Introduction to Android
  • 02:00 PM Android Lab
  • 03:30 PM Coffee Break
  • 04:00 PM Build your team and lunch your company – By: Mohamed Aglan
  • 05:00 PM How to be Successful at Startup Weekend – By: Hashem Zahran
  • 05:30 PM Networking & Startup Weekend Registration
  • 06:00 PM Closing

About Startup Weekend GDG Bootcamps:
It’s preparation for startup weekend by giving the knowledge/skills about entrepreneur and what do you need to be an entrepreneur, we also concentrate about giving you the soft skills of communication and how is it important to build connections and more soft skills which is beneficial for startup people we have also wanted to make startup competition on a higher level of quality where we increase the user experience skills to make your achievement beyond the demand quality.

The bootcamp will take place on Saturday November 9th, 2013 at Hilton Alexandria Corniche. Register your ticket here.

Startup Weekend Alexandria Hosts City Entrepreneurs For a Crash Course in Creating a Business

During November, Alexandria host its third Startup Weekend, an event bringing together entrepreneurs, designers, developers and startup enthusiasts to participate in 54 hours of taking innovative business ideas from concept to launch. Local CEOs, founders, and startup veterans will be on hand to provide expertise and give talks on their experiences in the fast-paced world of technology startups
“This is going to be a great weekend for the startup community in Alexandria,” said Israa Hanafi, one of the local volunteer organizers. “It’s great to see the experienced guys donate their time and money to help the community grow locally.”

On Thursday night, attendees will take the open mic to pitch their ideas to the group in 60 seconds or less. After groups form, the rest of the weekend will be spent formulating the most popular ideas – typically web and mobile applications – with the help of mentors and seasoned startup entrepreneurs. By Saturday, teams will be ready to present their ideas in front of a panel of judges who will award prizes valued over $10,000 each, including co-working space and memberships in mentorship programs, all of which are targeted to help teams build their startups after the weekend.

Our mission this weekend isn’t limited to just creating local startups. We want to support local business as well,” said event facilitator Hashem Zahran. “Part of the learning experience at Startup Weekend is demonstrating practices that encourage growth and innovation right here at home.

Alongside members from the local tech and entrepreneur communities, Startup Weekend Alexandria will welcome a new kind of participant to the local event: ten students from High Schools in Alexandria.

One particularly exciting part of this weekend’s event is that we are helping ten young students with an interest in entrepreneurship get a valuable learning experience first-hand,” said Hashem. “This is the second time we have welcomed high school students to Startup Weekend Alexandria and we’re very excited to have them at the event.

Around 200 participants are expected to partake over the weekend; additionally, there are limited tickets available to the public for viewing the presentations on Saturday night. Although the focus is local for the Alexandria attendees, Startup Weekend will also sanction events during November in AswanMansouraSohag, and 6 October City.

Startup Weekend Alexandria runs from Thursday, November 21st at 4:00 PM to Saturday, November 23rd at 10:00 PM at Fianque Hall Down Town.

About Startup Weekend Alexandria: Startup Weekend Alexandria is an intense 54-hour event where local entrepreneurs, developers, designers, marketers, product managers, startup enthusiasts and anyone interested in building a business will come together to share ideas, form teams, and launch a startup.

About Startup Weekend: Startup Weekend is a 501c(3)non-profit based in Seattle, Wash. Founded in 2007 in Boulder, Colo., by Andrew Hyde, the organization has been based out of Seattle since 2009 under the direction of Marc Nager. Supported by a grant from the Kauffman Foundation, Startup Weekend has held over 1000 events around the globe, inspiring nearly 100,000 entrepreneurs to take an idea from concept to launch. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter @startupweekend.

ستارت اب ويكند الإسكندرية تستضيف رواد أعمال المدينة في دورة مكثفة عن كيفية إنشاء مشاريع تجارية

تستضيف الإسكندرية وللعام الثالث على التوالي فعاليات ستارت اب ويكند حيث يجتمع رواد الأعمال والمصممين والمطورين وعشاق إنشاء المشاريع التجارية للمشاركة في ٥٤ ساعة لتحويل الأفكار التجارية من مرحلة الفكرة إلى مرحلة إطلاق المشروع.

كبار المديرين التنفيذيين ومؤسسي المشاريع التجارية التكنولوچية سيقومون بمد يد العون إلى أصحاب الأفكار عن طريق التدريب المباشر أو من خلال جلسات مجمعة يتحدثون فيها عن تجاربهم وخبراتهم أثناء إنشاء شركاتهم.

قالت إسراء حنفي أحد المنظمين المتطوعين في ستارت اب ويكند الإسكندرية “هذه ستكون عطلة نهاية أسبوع رائعة لمجتمع المشاريع الناشئة في الإسكندرية” وأضافت “أنه لشئ عظيم أن نرى رواد الأعمال ذو الخبرة الواسعة إعطاء جزء من وقتهم وأموالهم لمساعدة مجتمع ريادة الأعمال المحلي في المدينة”.

أول أيام الفعاليات سيقوم بعض الحضور بعرض أفكارهم أمام كل المتواجدين في ٦٠ ثانية أو أقل. يقومون بعدها بتشكيل مجموعات عمل حول أكثر الأفكار قابلية للتنفيذ وعامة تكون أفكار تطبيقات الأنترنت والمحمول بمساعدة مرشدين ورواد أعمال محنكين. وبحلول آخر أيام الفعاليات تكون الفرق على إستعداد لتقديم أفكارهم أمام لجنة من المحكمين والذين سيقومون بإختيار الفائزين بجوائز تقدر قيمتها ب ١٠ آلاف دولار لكل منهم تتضمن إشتراكات في مساحات عمل مشتركة وعضويات في برامج إرشادية موجهة لمساعدة الفرق الفائزة في إستكمال رحلة عملهم بعد الفعاليات.

وقال هاشم زهران منسق فعاليات ستارت اب ويكند “أن مهمتنا في هذه الفعاليات ليس مقتصرا فقط على مجرد إنشاء شركات ناشئة محلية ولكننا نريد دعم الأعمال التجارية التكنولوچية المحلية في نفس الوقت” وأضاف هاشم “جزء من تجربة التعلم في الفعاليات هي التطبيق العملي المباشر لأفكار من شأنها تشجيع النمو والإبتكار في الوطن”.

جنبا إلي جنب مع رواد التكنولوچيا والأعمال المحليين والمجتمعات التقنية بالمدينة فإن فعاليات ستارت اب ويكند الإسكندرية سوف ترجب بنوعا جديدا من المشاركين هذه المرة وهم عشرة طلاب من المدراس الثانوية في الإسكندرية.

جزء هام من فعالياتنا في هذه السنة هو أننا نقدم يد المساعدة لعشرة طلاب من الذين لديهم اهتمام في مجال ريادة الأعمال للحصول على تجربة تعليمية قيمة مباشرة” وأضاف هاشم “هذه هي المرة الثانية التي نرحب بطلاب المدارس الثانوية في فعالياتنا ونحن متحمسون جدا لمشاهدة إسهاماتهم هذا العام”.

ومن المتوقع هذه السنة حضور أكثر من ٢٠٠ مشارك للتنافس داخل فعاليات ستارت اب ويكند الإسكندرية. وبالإضافة إلي ذلك فإن هناك عدد محدود من التذاكر مفتوحة للجمهور لحضور العروض التقديمية في آخر أيام الفعاليات.

بالرغم من ان التركيز محلي على مشاركين الإسكندرية، إلا أن فعاليات ستارت اب ويكند ستقام في شهر نوڤمبر أيضا في أسوان، والمنصورة، وسوهاج، ومدينة ٦ أكتوبر.

فعاليات ستارت اب ويكند الإسكندرية ستقام في الفترة من ٢١ إلي ٢٣ نوڤمبر بقاعة فيانكو بالداون تاون بمحافظة الإسكندرية.

عن ستارت اب ويكند الإسكندرية: فعاليات ستارت اب ويكند الإسكندرية هي حد مكثف مدته ٥٤ ساعة يجتمع فيه رواد الأعمال المحليين ومطورين البرامج والمصممين والمسوقين ومديري المنتجات والمتحمسين لإنشاء شركات ناشئة وذلك لتبادل الأفكار وتكوين فرق عمل وإطلاق مشروع ناجح خلال عطلة نهاية أسبوع.

عن ستارت اب ويكند: ستارت اب ويكند هي منظمة غير هادفة للربح مقرها سياتل بالولايات المتحدة بدأت في عام ٢٠٠٧ بواسطة أندرو هايدو في مقاطعة بولدر بولاية كولورادو. ثم في ٢٠٠٩ وتحت إدارة مارك ناجر بتحويل مقرها إلي سياتل. وبدعم من مؤسسة كوفمان وشركات جوجل وكوكاكولا وغيرهم قامت ستارت اب ويكند بتنظيم أكثر من ١٠٠٠ فعالية حول العالم. بحضور يقارب ال ١٠٠ ألف ريادي أعمال.

SWAlex Ambassadors Program

Startup Weekend Alexandria is pleased to announce the Launch of SWAlex Ambassadors Program “SWAAP”.

As an Ambassador for the Startup Weekend Alexandria 2013 Event, you will benefit from:Startup Weekend Alexandria Boat Logo

  • All SWAlex Ambassadors will be listed on the Ambassadors’ blog post on Startup Weekend Alexandria website, and will get exclusive access to the SWAlex Hall of Fame Group.
  • All SWAlex Ambassadors who will attend the event will receive special swags.
  • The 5 most active Ambassadors, as selected by Startup Weekend Alexandria Team “SWAT”, will get one free ticket to the SWAlex 2013 Event as well as an Ambassador Trophy.
  • Each SWAlex Ambassador will get a 20% promo code to distribute among close networks “not to be distributed publicly“. The one with the most sales will be rewarded & recognized during the event.

In return, we ask that you:

  • Attend gatherings, tweetups, meetups, tech events, entrepreneurship training sessions, etc. and inform attendees about SWAlex. Each Ambassador will get a special promo code to distribute in his network
  • If you are on Twitter, You should:
    • Follow the official account of Startup Weekend Alexandria (@SWAlexandria) on Twitter.
    • Add the Twibbon created by SWAlex to your Twitter avatar.
    • Retweet at least 3 tweets made by SWAlex or about #SWAlex every day.
    • Tweet about SWAlex activities and announcements with information provided by SWAlex when requested.
    • Recommend SWAlex for #FollowFriday or #FF on Twitter at least once.
  • If you are on Facebook, You should:
    • Become a fan of the Startup Weekend Alexandria Page and invite your friends to become fans.
    • Add the Twibbon created by SWAlex to your Facebook Profile Picture.
    • Like at least 5 posts made on the Startup Weekend Alexandria Page every week.
    • Post at least one interesting article on the wall of the Startup Weekend Alexandria Page every week that you think worth sharing with our fans.
    • Confirm that you are attending (if you plan to) all events created by Startup Weekend Alexandria and invite your friends to attend as well.
    • Join the Startup Weekend Alexandria Group and invite your friends to join as well.
    • Tag friends in Startup Weekend Alexandria’s photos.

SWAAP Applications are available here.

If you have any questions or want to know more about the Startup Weekend Alexandria Event, Please don’t hesitate to contact us by email to at anytime.

Join the Alexandrian Beaker Bunch

Interested in being more involved with Startup Weekend Alexandria Team “SWAT”? Good news! We’re rolling out SWAT Volunteer Application for the upcoming Startup Weekend Alexandria event, but we want to get you on the list if you would like to start your journey as a Startup Weekend volunteer. Fill out this form and we’ll get in touch with more info on how we can work together can jumpstart next Startup Weekend Event in Alexandria on September 2013.

Join the Alexandrian Beaker Bunch, SWAT 2013

Startup Weekend is a global network of passionate leaders and entrepreneurs on a mission to inspire, educate, and empower individuals, teams and communities. Come share ideas, form teams, and launch startups. Join us by filling this form and Apply to one of the following teams:

  • Operations Team: Responsible for Logistics, Venue Setup & helping in overall Project management.
  • Marketing Team: Responsible for Social Media, Promotional Outreach, & Follow up. Helping in Branding & Promoting Startup Weekend Alexandria through our social media channels, campaigns, blog, promotional materials, media coverage and community partnerships.
  • Technical Team: Helping website management, web applications development, network installation and troubleshooting and all IT related fields.Responsible for Website, Documentation Management, Community Outreach, Technical Logistics.
  • Design Team: Responsible for Community Outreach & works closely with Project Manage for event level awesomeness. Helping in graphic designs and promotional art work that are creative and unique.
  • Finance Team: Responsible for Event Budgeting & Fund Raising. Helping with all our financial needs through conducting the whole sponsorship process which includes contacting sponsors, working on agreements and following up.

Apply NOW:
Deadline: Thursday, May 2nd, 2013.

If you have any inquiries… Please don’t hesitate contacting us via email or via Facebook:, Or via Twitter: @SWAlexandria

Alexandria, Are you Ready?

Hope you’re all as excited as we are about Startup Weekend Alexandria in a few hours! Here are some final details for you:

  1. Doors open tonight at 4:00. The location is Radisson Blu Hotel ‘View Map Here‘.
  2. Join us for snacks and mingling at 4:30pm and we will kick things off officially at 6:00PM
  3. As soon as the speakers are finished, we will jump right into pitches (roughly 7:30 or sooner). we will explain how the pitching process works at 5:30, but here are a few key points:
    • Pitches are 60 seconds. We will be strict on this.
    • You may have just one chance to pitch, depending on how many people want to pitch tonight. So – pitch your best idea first.
    • No PowerPoints will be used – just your voice.
  4. We will likely go until midnight tonight.
  5. If you are a student, remember to bring your student ID.

That’s it! If you have any questions, tweet to @SWAlexandria and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

See you tonight! Get pumped!

Shuttle Transportation to the Venue

We’ve emailed our ticket buyers the routes and schedule for our Shuttle Transportation. If for any reason you haven’t get your invitation, kindly email us at with your ticket type and ticket number to confirm your status. or simply use the following link

Tickets Availability at The Door

We’ve been receiving a lot of phone calls and questions about paying at the Door. Because we are already over capacity we don’t guarantee any entry for those who have not purchased any tickets. However Demo Day Only ticket will be available at the Door on Saturday September 29th for 250 L.E. and Professional Tickets will be available at the Door on Thursday September 27th for 450 L.E.

All other ticket types won’t be available and only the above types and tickets will be applied with no exceptions. Also we won’t provide anytime of Transportation for those who would pay at the door.