Meet The Man Who Put The Internet In 30 Million Homes

Steve Case is best known for founding AOL, you know, the little company that put Americans online in the 90’s. The scratchy dialup tone, which seemed to take forever, connected all of us through the magical powers of the ‘internet’. Ohhh, ahhhh.

Here’s your chance to meet him, in the flesh, and ask all those burning questions like…what was your original AIM screen name? Steve Case is offering up his time to treat one lucky winner to a mentor lunch! You can enter to win HERE.

Startup Weekend, UP Global

Obviously, you are going to win. So to better prepare you, here are 5 things you didn’t know about Steve Case.

BRIEF INTRO: Case’s revolutionary approach to internet access put him on the map, and even though he retired as chairman of AOL Time Warner in 2003, he has gone on to build a variety of new businesses through his investment company Revolution and The Case Foundation. He now serves on the board of UP Global helping to empower entrepreneurs and their communities around the world.



In 1982, Case joined Pizza Hut Inc. in Wichita, Kansas, serving as manager of new pizza marketing. He tested out different pizza combinations only to discover the most people prefer just – cheese and sauce. Seems like a no brainer.

Maybe try impressing him with your cultured taste in pizza. NO PINEAPPLE. NO RANCH DIPPING SAUCE.


The three key things Case looks for when investing in a company are (have these ready…)

  • “The idea. I have to fall in love with the idea, and believe it is a big idea that can change the world.”
  • “The people. I have to believe in the entrepreneur and in the team that is coming together around the idea.”
  • “The business model. I have to understand the plan to take the idea and turn it into a big sustainable business.”


Case can eat 3-4 tacos in one sitting (which really isn’t that impressive so I suggest you challenge him to a taco eating contest…you will win)


Case began his entrepreneurial career at age 6, when he and his older brother set up a juice stand, selling lime juice for 2¢ a cup. Not long after, he and his brother established Case Enterprises, which sold seeds and greeting cards through the mail and with door-to-door sales.


Case is actually a really nice guy who forgives people even though they hacked into AOL and pretended to be him.

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Take these talking points with you to ensure you have the best mentoring lunch ever! Hurry, enter to win now.