Introducing Techstars Austin Accelerator Class of 2017

After an amazing thirteen weeks, we are ecstatic to introduce the ten companies that have gone through Techstars Austin 2017.

Our founders are tackling some of the most compelling problems in their industries, and we couldn’t be more proud of what they’ve accomplished in a few short months and are equally excited about where they’re going to be in the future.

Our Austin 2017 program consists of four internationally based companies hailing from: France, Canada, Uruguay, and Colombia, companies from Arizona, North Carolina, three companies founded and based here in Austin, and one that has founders in both Silicon Valley and in Austin.

We are also really proud to have six companies lead by minority and female founders.

Our class accomplished a huge amount in a short time including closing three large seed rounds, hiring teams of talent, and growing revenues exponentially.

Without further ado, here is the Techstars Austin Accelerator Spring 2017 class:

Babbler (Paris, France)

Hannah Oiknine (CEO, Founder), Sarah Azan (COO, Founder)

Babbler is the first PR platform that uses machine learning to curate stories and deliver them to the most relevant reporters. Contact them and watch their pitch.

CityCop (Montevideo, Uruguay)

Nadim Curi (CEO, Founder), Marcelo Dotti (CTO, Founder)

CityCop is a social platform for community watch that enables you to fight crime and protect your loved ones by actively reporting crimes in your community and the areas you care about. Contact them and watch their pitch.

Invomatic (Bogotá, Colombia)

Javier Martínez S. (CEO, Founder), Mauricio David (CTO, Founder)

In LATAM, new regulations require businesses to send all invoices to the government. Invomatic helps them comply and reduce costs through process automation. Contact them and watch their pitch.

Nukern (Montreal, Canada)

Phil Rivard (CEO, Founder)

Nukern is a building automation tools for web hosting resellers. Contact them and watch their pitch.

Prospectify (Scottsdale, Arizona)

Noah Spirakus (CEO, Founder), Matt Ekstrom (CRO, Founder)

A platform that uses deep tech, machine learning and thousands of data points to provide B2B sales people with exactly the right leads at the moment their prospects are most likely to buy. Contact them and watch their pitch

ScaleFactor (Austin, Texas)

Kurt Rathmann (CEO, Founder), Corey Bach (CFO, Founder)

An automatic bookkeeping and cashflow management platform that analyzes everyday financial operations for the 29M SMB’s and 55M freelancers in the US. Contact them and watch their pitch.

Super (Palo Alto, California and Austin, Texas)

Chris Couhault (CEO, Founder), David Lemphers (CTO, Founder)

Super is a service that uses machine learning to help homeowners save time and money on their home maintenance. Contact them and watch their pitch

The Wed Clique (Charlotte, North Carolina)

Lisa Ganderson (CEO, Founder), Rachael Classi (COO, Founder)

A platform for wedding venues to sell curated vendor packages to their clients. Contact them and watch their pitch

ThreatCare (Austin, Texas)

Marcus Carey (CEO, Founder)

A SaaS platform that imitates hackers on your enterprise networks to provide preventative care against malicious attacks. Contact them and watch their pitch

WriterDuet (Austin, Texas)

Guy Goldstein (CEO, Founder)

A real-time collaboration platform for creative teams to build stories. Contact them and watch their pitch

Special thanks to our mentors, investors and network of advocates

Our teams wouldn’t be where they are today without the support and care from our network. Our mentors’ engagement with founders has been constant and incredible. We all appreciate everything they’ve done for our program and companies.

What Founders Learned During the Program

“We’ve learned how valuable it is to be a metrics-driven company and the importance of over-communicating (well), with our mentors, investors, customers, and especially as a team. Building a company is hard; don’t go at it alone, leverage people with more experience that have already gone down that path as much as you can.” – Javier Martinez, CEO of AppFlow 

“Techstars helped us get to the next level: becoming a company that leverages data to drive decision-making and a company that can structure processes around things that matter most. We learned how to be extremely focused on specific goals. We came in with assumptions and we left with convictions. Collaborating with talented people allowed us to learn new things about our own business every single day while validating a business opportunity that we no longer have any doubts about. It was very easy to learn from them because of smart programming and organization. It really saved us a lot of time, and nothing is more valuable than time when you’re a startup!” – Hannah Oiknine, CEO of Babbler

“There are a lot of advices, including a lot of bad ones. Nobody knows your company as you do, and remember it’s your company so you call the shots. At the end, what will make the difference is a strong and powerful vision, and the hustle with absolute conviction towards it.” – Nadim Curi, CEO of CityCop

“Techstars is like the most amazing adoptive family a company could wish for. Everyone, including alumnus, mentors, associates and directors, go out of their way to help. Whatever happened during our journey, we knew we could always count on the support of our peers. They helped us building a stronger company, be better founders and all-around human beings. We’re looking forward to the day we’ll be able to give back. We couldn’t be prouder to wear that logo on our backs everyday!” – Philippe Rivard, CEO of Nukern

“Techstars gave us the structure to expedite a year’s worth of learning and development into only 3 months. We emerged with a network that rivals most people’s lifetimes and the knowledge distilled from thousands successes and failures of those mentors and advisors we worked with. Not a doubt in my mind it was the best decision for me and our company.” – Noah Spirakus, CEO of Prospectify

“I learned so much during the first month of Techstars alone that it more than paid back the exchange in equity. Learning to seek feedback from smart and proven mentors, learning how to carefully reflect on that feedback, and learning how to focus on what matters most for the business has improved our potential.” – Chris Couhault, CEO of Super

“I learned to articulate what we do not in product features but the benefits that we provide to the customer. I retrained my entire organization around this concept.” – Kurt Rathmann, CEO of ScaleFactor

“There is a difference between vanity metrics and the indicators that actually tell you if you have a business. Learn what metrics are most important to your business and obsess over them.” – Lisa Ganderson, CEO of The Wed Clique

“I am the master of my own destiny.” – Marcus Carey, CEO of Threatcare

“We learned how to effectively use metrics. Coming into Techstars, we made decisions based on customer feedback and our intuition, which was working well for us. But a few sessions into the weekly KPI meetings we started seriously evaluating metrics, and the results were immediate. Thanks to the Techstars staff and companies around us, our new metrics-driven approach more than doubled key conversion rates. This mindset has impacted how we communicate and evaluate every problem. It’s become impossible to imagine making decisions any other way.” – Guy Goldstein, CEO of WriterDuet


Demo Day: Techstars Austin (Austin)

Info Session: Q1 2017 Programs (Seattle)

Who: Startups interested in applying for the Austin, Barclays Cape Town, Barclays London, Barclays Tel Aviv, Berlin, Boston, Boulder, Cloud – San Antonio, Healthcare in Partnership with Cedars-Sinai (Los Angeles), New York City or Seattle Accelerator.

What: Info session

When: September 29

Where: Startup Hall – 1100 Northeast Campus Parkway #200, Seattle, WA 98105

Details: Click here to register for the event.

Office Hours: Techstars Austin (Santiago)

Who: Startups interested in applying for the Techstars Austin Accelerator

What: Office Hours

When: September 13-17

Where: Santiago, Chile

Details: Click here for more info!

Office Hours: Techstars Austin (Bogota)

Who: Startups interested in applying for the Techstars Austin Accelerator

What: Office Hours

When: September 12-13

Where: Bogota, Colombia

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Office Hours: Techstars Austin (Buenos Aires)

Who: Startups interested in applying for the Techstars Austin Accelerator

What: Office Hours

When: September 12-13

Where: Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Office Hours: Techstars Austin (Mexico City)

Who: Startups interested in applying for the Techstars Austin Accelerator

What: Office Hours

When: September 7-11

Where: Mexico City, Mexico

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Office Hours: Techstars Austin (Los Angeles)

Who: Startups interested in applying to the Techstars Austin Accelerator

What: Office Hours

When: August 29-31

Where: Los Angeles

Details: Click here to register for the event. 


Open House: Techstars Austin (Austin)

Who: Startups interested in applying for the 2017 Winter Session

What: Open House

When: August 25

Where: 412 Congress Avenue Second Floor, Austin, TX 78701

Details: Join us for the Techstars 2017 Open House! We will have multiple Managing Directors, program representatives, mentors and alumni available to discuss and answer your questions about all upcoming Techstars programs for the 2017 Winter Session.

Information will be available about the following programs:

Barclays Cape Town
Barclays London
Barclays Tel Aviv
Cloud – San Antonio
Healthcare, in Partnership with Cedars-Sinai (Los Angeles)
New York City

We’ll have an Ask Me Anything from 6:30-7:30PM and networking before and after.

If you’d like to schedule office hours with the Cloud program, sign up here.
If you’d like to schedule office hours with the Healthcare program, sign up here.

Demo Day Round Up: May 2016

We are kicking off the summer here at Techstars with the addition of 54 new companies! This past May, Techstars had five Demo Days across the U.S., including Seattle, Boulder, Austin, Boston and the Sprint Accelerator in Kansas City. Here’s a quick recap of the highlights:

Seattle Class of 2016


Techstars Seattle’s seventh Demo Night, held at the Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI), showcased nine companies with diverse product offerings ranging from satellites, drones, bots and interactive game-streaming, to SaaS and mobile apps. Julep Founder and CEO, Jane Park, opened the evening with an inspiring keynote, while Techstars’ Managing Director, Chris DeVore, and Executive Director, Cody Simms, welcomed the crowd. It was an exciting night to celebrate the 2016 class and the broader Seattle startup community!

Congratulations to the Seattle Class of 2016!

Austin Class of 2016


Techstars Austin’s fourth Demo Day kicked off in the historic downtown Paramount Theatre with presentations from 10 eclectic companies, including everything from salad-making robots and music-making gloves, to SaaS products and unique marketplaces. Managing Director, Amos Schwartzfarb, hosted the show, and Techstars’ co-founder and Managing Partner, David Brown, and Ventures Partner, Jason Seats, welcomed the community with opening remarks. It was a great celebration for the 2016 class, mentors, alumni as well as for the broader local startup community in Austin.

Congratulations to the Austin Class of 2016!

Boulder Class of 2016


Hundreds of entrepreneurs, investors and aspiring founders descended on Boulder the week of May 16 for Boulder Startup Week and to celebrate 10 years of Techstars Boulder. Techstars Boulder’s Demo Day on May 18 marks the 10th year of the Boulder program, the original Techstars program that has exploded  into a global ecosystem with more than 20 accelerator programs in 17 cities on 4 continents.

Techstars Boulder Demo Day was hosted at the Boulder Theater, a rite of passage for the 110 companies that have graduated from the accelerator in Boulder since 2007. Attendees were welcomed by Managing Director Natty Zola who said:

“Ten years ago, the founders of Techstars realized that the Boulder community was the perfect environment to model how mentorship, education and camaraderie can transform ideas into companies that can change the world. That remains true today. The energy and ‘give first’ mantra of the Boulder community sparked something special that transformed Techstars into a global ecosystem that to date has launched more than 800 companies. We’re proud to be the first.”

This year’s Boulder class encompassed a portfolio of eleven companies that spanned intelligent hardware, genealogy, healthcare and language learning, among others. The event also included an exciting announcement that Foundry Group, Colorado Impact Fund, and Greenmont Capital are now certified B corporations.

Demo Day also included TeamTap, a social app that event attendees played with to raise over $1,500 for the Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado (EFCO) and the Boulder Community Foundation.

Congratulations to the Boulder Class of 2016!

Boston Class of 2016


Techstars Boston 2016 Demo Day event gathered over a thousand investors, mentors and other members of the startup community at the Back Bay Events Center in downtown Boston.  Fourteen companies who are tackling real problems took to the stage to celebrate Techstars Boston 10th class, with very special guest Brad Feld reminding the audience of the early days.

Alumni founders Raj Aggarwal from Localytics and Matt Barba from Placester introduced two of the companies in the class, indicating just how strong the Techstars network has become. The evening included the first edition of the Mentor Awards and was closed with the meet-the-teams-on-stage invitation to investors.      

Congratulations to the Boston Class of 2016!

Sprint Class of 2016


The Sprint Accelerator’s third demo day took place May 24 at the beautiful Kauffman Center for Performing Arts in Kansas City. This class was the first to go through the Sprint Accelerator after the expansion to include more than just mobile health companies, which brought more diversity to the program. The event opened with remarks from Marcelo Claure, the CEO of Sprint, Kevin McGinnis, the VP of Pinsight Media+ (Sprint) and David Brown, followed by ten powerful pitches by ten amazing CEOs.

John Fein, Managing Director, closed the show with all the founders on stage. Hundreds from the community attended and showed their support for Techstars in KC. And post Demo Day, four of the 10 companies will be based out of KC.

Congratulations to the Sprint Accelerator Class of 2016!