10 Companies Redesigning the Financial Sector: Welcome to the 2019 Barclays Accelerator powered by Techstars in London

By Kartik Varma and Chris Adelsbach

We are thrilled to announce and to welcome 10 exciting companies to the 2019 Barclays Accelerator powered by Techstars in London.

Starting in the summer last year, we were on a mission to recruit the 10 best teams to join our programme. While many of our companies are based in Europe, our teams are incredibly global and diverse, coming from Africa, Asia, the Americas, and of course Europe. Companies in this class span financial services for the gig economy, cyber security, creation of new asset classes, risk management, credit card loyalty, insurance, asset leasing, and enterprise software.

It is a privilege to work with some of the best entrepreneurial talent around the world: they are redesigning the financial sector. Currently in its sixth year, the Barclays Accelerator powered by Techstars has solidified its reputation as the preeminent and most selective fintech programme in the world. Our growing list of successful alumni companies that are transforming financial services, like Everledger, Flux and Cuvva, is a testament to what our two powerful networks bring to the programme.

Barclays is shaping the banking landscape around the world at a time of rapid technological change and is the first partner of choice for some of the most promising fintech startups. Techstars is the worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs succeed: the 1,600 portfolio companies of our 41 accelerators have raised over $6.5 billion in capital. Together, Barclays and Techstars are able to offer young companies the acceleration they need to set them on the path to success.

We’d like to thank our mentors, global partners, sponsors, and alumni for their time and generous support. We look forward to another great cohort—and to presenting these companies to you on Demo Day at Rise London on May 2, 2019!.


Trezeo offers the self-employed, particularly gig economy workers, financial services that turn unpredictable income into a regular pay cheque through an income smoothing solution.


Spark Change

Spark is a financial instrument that makes investing in carbon as easy as investing in the stock market, allowing individuals to erase their carbon footprint.



Urban Fox provides fraud detection and prevention software to enterprise scale merchants and payment processors targeting fraudsters who create fake online identities.


Smarter Human

Smarter Human’s technology lets digital banks and fintech firms manage operational risk as a part of the agile product delivery lifecycle so that managing risk and compliance is no longer a bottleneck to innovation.



Paid’s platform allows micro businesses and freelancers to get paid on time through its invoice financing at scale for low value invoices.



Photocert’s software solution establishes and certifies the validity of visual evidence helping businesses like general insurance, on-demand asset rentals, and document certification to operate with efficiency and security reducing incidents of fraud and misinformation.



Krowd’s offer bidding marketplace provides personalized card linked offers to retailers and credit card issuers, allowing retailers to increase customer acquisition and retention and card issuers to increase usage.




Inbotiqa’s enterprise business email solution aimed towards high volume and group mailboxes in financial institutions improves productivity and customer service levels through workflow management in middle and back offices.



Capexmove’s software lets companies issue programmable debt to create tradable units, and thereafter track and settle them at a fraction of the cost of the current debt capital markets.


Block Aviation

Block Aviation’s aircraft asset management software is creating a shared information platform to be used across the aviation ecosystem, reducing the cost of redelivery and facilitating efficient novations of aircraft leases.


Techstars Meet and Greet Paris

At Techstars, we are on a mission to help entrepreneurs succeed. Over the past 10 years we have helped over 1,200 companies grow and raise over $4 billion in funding, with a market cap of $10 billion. Now we’re on a search for the next wave of companies to join our worldwide network!

We currently have applications open for Techstars Mentorship-Driven Accelerator programs around the world. Join our program staff for an evening of networking, Q&A, and a chance to show us what you’re currently working on. They will be there to connect with you, inspire you, answer your questions and tell you more about our programs.


  • 12:00pm – Doors open, food and drinks served
  • 12.30pm – Techstars Presentation
  • 1.00pm – Question Time
  • 1.15pm – Open Networking

Event ends 2.00pm

Apply for Office Hours, a 30-minute session on the day of, the day before or after the Meet and Greet Event, where you meet one-on-one with one of our attending Directors.

Applications to the Barclays Accelerator, powered by Techstars are Now Open

Located in Rise London, the #HomeofFinTech, the program will start on 4th of February and Investor Day will be on the 5th of May. We are looking for exceptional founders who are enterprise-ready, tackling big, important problems in financial services.

We are specifically looking for founders using leading edge technology to provide better customer solutions in lending, regulatory and risk management, payments, wealth, loyalty, cyber-security, insurance and big data. Our definition of FinTech is broad and we welcome applications from founders across the world.

You can start your application now, but keep reading this blog for more information about how to meet us during our upcoming scouting trips.  Also, be sure to click on the link to the video webinar where I will tell you more about the program.  We ideally want to meet you in person or via video if possible and want to use that time to learn more about your company.

Meet the Team

We are holding office hours in London, New York, Toronto, Paris, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Dublin, Milan, Brussels and remotely through Skype. If you’d like to meet with us, please check out the date and times below, and fill out this meeting request form.

Remote on Skype: now – October 13

London: now – October 13

Dublin: 28-29th August

Paris: 5th September

New York: 10-11th September

Toronto: 12-13th September

Milan: 17-18th September

Amsterdam: 19-20th September

Stockholm: 24-25th September

Oslo: 26th September

We also recommend that you follow us on Twitter for specific updates and new event postings. Connect with us here: @chrisadelsbach and @fabio_maffioli.

Get to know a little about me and my thoughts about mentorship and FinTech in this interview in the The FinTech Times

Why Apply to the Barclays Accelerator, Powered by Techstars?

The best way to to find out about an accelerator program is to speak with those that have gone through it.  Shieldpay CEO, Peter Janes, who recently completed the worlds first fully digital real estate transaction, wrote about his experience after completing the program in 2017.

In addition, our program is considered world leading because:

Reason #1: You get access to amazing mentors

Our program is mentorship-driven and we find the people that have the network to help you succeed. Our mentors are a diverse and amazing collection of financial services executives, successful entrepreneurs, city power-brokers, top angel investors and venture capitalists, as well as amazing mentors with backgrounds in product, engineering, legal, marketing and finance. You also get instant access and mentorship to senior Barclays team members who define success as you being successful. Most of our mentors have been with us for years and are trusted, connected and effective as evidenced by the qualitative and quantitative feedback we get back from our founders.  A few of our mentors from last year were former CEO of the British Banking Association, Anthony Browne, co-founder of Funding Circle, Andrew Mullinger, Senior Advisor to the Bank of England, Tangy Morgan, and co-founder and MD of Xero, Gary Turner.

Reason #2: You really grow & accelerate your business

We help our companies make tangible progress and help grow and accelerate their business.  Historically nearly all companies enter demo day with a tangible proof of concept or pilot with at least one partner they meet on the program.  Increasingly, these pilots turn into significant relationships like what SimudyneCutover and Flux have announced with Barclays.  

Reason #3: Successful fundraising

Techstars is one of the most successful venture investors in the world.  We were seed investors in Uber, Twilio, SendGrid and Pill Pack just to name a few (a few unicorns).  And what’s more, because we find amazing companies early, other VC’s take notice.

The program culminates with Demo Day.  Founders are transformed from, frankly, average communicators to excellent story tellers.  Check out the video here!  You’ll present your business to a curated group of top tier investors and corporate partners. Each year we have about 600 people over two days in attendance, of which over half were VC’s or angels.  This is one reason why our alumni have the best record in securing funding.

Our program has had great success raising capital from tier one investors. Companies such as Everledger , Post QuantumAireRavelinDo PayCuvvaCutover, ShieldpayFluxClausematch, and Bokio are just a few examples. Globally, Techstars has the highest success rates for follow-on funding, with 154 successful portfolio company exits and $5.5 Billion of combined portfolio financing at a combined $14 Billion valuation.

Reason #4: You get a network for life

The Techstars worldwide network is one of the largest and fastest growing networks of entrepreneurs around the world. Once you are a part of Techstars, you are a part of Techstars for life, and you get to be part of the network that helps you go faster and accelerate your current and future businesses. For instance, Techstars has a team of five people in Silicon Valley that run partnerships and M&A which companies tap into many months or years after they finish the program.

Reason #5: In London, you are at the centre of the global FinTech scene

London is simply the best place to build a FinTech startup. You will be located within minutes of the world’s largest banks, asset management, and law firms. What’s more, a supportive government, forward thinking regulator and Europe’s largest VC ecosystem are all nearby (not that you’ll need to visit them as many of them treat our accelerator as a hub and regularly meet startups here)!

What Founders say About Their Experience

Our founders are like family.  Here is what some are saying about our program:

“The Techstars program was a truly transformational experience for Cuvva; we were able to expand our network of supporters by a factor of ten, re-align the direction of the company and eventually partner with the second biggest global re-insurer, all in the space of 12 weeks!” Freddy Macnamara – CEO, Cuvva

“Being selected for the Barclays Techstars accelerator was transformational for our business. The access to mentors and advisers throughout the programme ensured we steered a course to success. The camaraderie amongst the cohort was amazing, strong relationships were forged and continue to grow. Introductions to senior personnel at Barclays were invaluable and enabled us to prove concepts. They bought our software and we continue to work closely with them.” Justin Lyon – CEO, Simudyne

“The Barclays Techstars Accelerator is a tremendous platform of growth for us. We were fortunate to move from two proof of concept uses of our software to 15 uses across the bank. Barclays gave us unparalleled access to senior technologists and opened itself up, in a safe way, as a sandbox so we could experiment. We went on to raise a financing round post programme and then signed a Global Framework Agreement with Barclays.” Ky Nichol – CEO, Cutover

“The main motivation for us at AgentCASH to apply for the programme was to access FinTech investors and high-profile industry experts – something that completely paid off. It would have taken years to accomplish this if we had tried to build the network on our own. Some of the Techstars mentors, like Gary Turner, Managing Director of Xero, become big supporters of our company.” Sasa Sarunic – CEO, AgentCASH

“Courtsdesk went into the Techstars Barclays accelerator as an Irish startup with an MVP in testing, and came out 12 weeks later as a globally-networked, commercially-launched business, with an advisory board packed with C-suite executives from the most influential companies in our markets, and investors that we couldn’t have dreamed of beforehand.” Enda Leahy – CEO, Courtsdesk

“Atlas started with a big vision of banking the unbanked when we joined the program in 2015. 3 of the technical associates immediately gravitated towards Atlas and joined us in Senegal. Now, all 3 work for us full time and live with us in Ghana! Having access to this talent pool allowed us to initially test and grow our product as we had a small team with many holes to fill, but it more importantly, it resulted in us establishing a family culture early on that we are now adding to as we rapidly grow.” Mickey Costa – Co-MD, Atlas

“Being part of the Barclays London Techstars program has allowed us to accelerate beyond any normal ramping for an early stage startup. The program has opened doors to a global network of connections and resources that has helped build and scale a business that would typically take five years to establish.” Leanne Kemp – CEO, Everledger

“We entered the program as a company with 6 years of R&D behind it and a team comprised of founders at an older age than your average founder. Through the expert mentoring and privileged access offered, we were able to move quickly towards commercialisation.” Anderson Cheng – CEO, Post-Quantum

Announcing the 2018 Class of Barclays Accelerator, powered by Techstars in Tel Aviv

We are thrilled to announce and welcome the next ten companies to the 2018 Barclays Accelerator, powered by Techstars in Tel Aviv. Today is the first day of the program that will run for the next 15 weeks. Demo day will take place on the 5th of September 2018 in Tel Aviv.

The program brings together two powerful networks: Barclays, who is shaping the banking landscape and quickly making itself the first partner of choice for the most promising FinTech companies, and Techstars, the worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs succeed. The 1300 portfolio companies of Techstars have raised over $4.6 billion in capital and 139 have been acquired. Together, Barclays and Techstars give founders the best chance for success.

Being a serial entrepreneur myself, I truly understand the value of having a true, worldwide network aimed at helping entrepreneurs succeed.

In addition to being selective, this program is remarkably global and diverse. Incredible Israeli founders will be joined by entrepreneurs from Montenegro, Ecuador, India, Italy and the USA. They were selected from an applicant pool focused on next generation technology for the financial services industry. Companies in this class have launched exciting businesses using technology to address opportunities in options trading, compliance, cyber-security, open banking, supply chain, legal, payments, insurance, property management and lending.

I’d like to thank our mentors, sponsors, partners and alumni for their generous support. We look forward to another great class!


Cred helps financial institutions personalize their investment offering. As each retail investor accepts, rejects, and tweaks their suggested portfolio and underlying equities, Cred’s future suggestions become more accurate.


Cubbit is the first cloud provider that does not need expensive, polluting server farms. Thanks to our award-winning p2p technology and the power of sharing economy, we transform the unused internet resources of users into encrypted cloud services for SMEs.


Automating the full lifecycle of a homebuyers experience from application to underwriting and closing/funding on the blockchain.

InFront Compliance

InFront Compliance is building a collaborative compliance platform that helps enterprise and their vendors keep pace with innovation.


Kriptos is a sophisticated software that classifies and labels company information using Artificial Intelligence. Obtains the probability of data loss, measures the economic impact of data loss and generates policies of use.


LiST dramatically expands the Life Settlement space by creating a new and efficient marketplace offering investors of all sizes the opportunity to freely enter the LS market and invest in a transparent, diversified and highly liquid format while simultaneously helping the policy owners to maximize the value of their policy.

MADA Analytics

We are developing an AI-based fintech software solution for optimizing investments in renewable generation and energy storage.

OKO finance

Mobile-centric insurance for farmers in emerging markets. OKO aims to provide over 2 billion farmers with an affordable and efficient insurance against droughts and excessive rainfall.

SafeHouse Technologies

The SafeHouse Secure Cloud can protect any device that it is connected to it. It sits as the first point of contact to the Internet for all traffic that is passing through it; using a combination of homegrown and existing cyber capabilities, and AI – driven analytics we are able to detect and prevent cyber threats in real-time.

Uhura Solutions

An AI platform that can read and understand customer contracts just as humans do.

AMA: Barclays Accelerator powered by Techstars in New York

Join us onMonday May 7 at 10am EST to learn more about the accelerator program and get your questions answered!


AMA: Barclays Accelerator powered by Techstars in New York

Join us on Monday April 23 at 10am EST to learn more about the accelerator program and get your questions answered!


AMA: Barclays Accelerator powered by Techstars in New York

Join us on Monday April 9 – 10am EST to learn more about the accelerator program and get your questions answered!


Announcing the 2018 Class of Barclays Accelerator, powered by Techstars in London

We are thrilled to announce and welcome the next ten companies to the 2018 Barclays Accelerator powered by Techstars. This programme has become, arguably, the most selective Fintech accelerator in the world with a growing list of alumni that are literally changing the face of financial services. Today is the first day of the programme that will run for the next thirteen weeks.  Demo day will take place at Rise London in Shoreditch on the 23 May 2018.

The programme brings together two powerful networks: Barclays, who is shaping the banking landscape and quickly making itself the first partner of choice of the most promising FinTechs, and Techstars, the worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs succeed.  The 1300 portfolio companies of Techstars have raised over $4.6 billion in capital and 139 have had been acquired. Together, Barclays and Techstars give founders the best chance for success.

In addition to being selective, this programme is remarkably global and diverse. Incredible British founders will be joined by entrepreneurs from Poland, Ireland, India, Canada and the USA. They were selected from an applicant pool focused on next generation technology for the financial services industry. Companies in this cohort have launched exciting businesses using technology to address opportunities in options trading, compliance, cyber-security, open banking, supply chain, legal, payments, insurance, property management and lending.

I’d like to thank our mentors, sponsors, partners and alumni for their generous support.  We look forward to another great cohort!


Keybot helps property managers automate access for rental showings, maintenance, and short or long-term renters, without WiFi.

Audit XPRT

Audit XPRT harnesses the power of AI, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to automate compliance and auditing assurance.


The Sitata app provides travellers with real-time alerts, access to emergency numbers and hospital locations and connects travellers to trusted doctors.

Cyber Productivity

Cyber Productivity’s automated accounting platform helps SMEs manage cashflow and allows banks to offer products based on real client’s needs.


Nimbla provides smart, simple and relevant insurance and financial products for SMEs.


The Aspire account allows international students to open a bank account prior to leaving home, and even before they know their UK address.

Dev/ Con

Dev/ Con cyber security software eliminates advertising fraud by detecting, fixing, and monitoring both technical and organisational vulnerabilities.


Crowdz—the Blockchain- Commerce CompanyTM is the creator of the world’s first blockchain-based business-commerce transaction networks & ecommerce marketplaces.


Gatsby makes option trading accessible to everyone. With as little as $100, users can turn investments for or against companies and ETFs into big returns.


Oathello helps busy solicitors and legal teams by giving them a tool to find, book, and pay for witnessing and notary services on demand.


Meet the Barclays Accelerator, powered by Techstars in NYC

Calling all FinTech founders!!

We’ve opened applications for our 2018 FinTech program, the Barclays Accelerator, powered by Techstars in New York. The application deadline is May 13th. Apply now!

After investing in over a hundred amazing FinTech companies, the Barclays Accelerator has never been stronger. Every entrepreneur learns that if you build it they won’t come. However, when leveraging the support of the global Techstars network and the deep expertise and distribution channels of Barclays, chances for success can skyrocket.

Our most recent class was the most diverse group of founders we’ve ever had and so it comes as no surprise that they were one of the strongest we’ve ever had. This year, we’re once again taking a wide view of FinTech to include enterprise technologies that help scale and reduce risk. We’re excited about nascent technologies such as machine learning, natural language processing, and blockchain that continue to represent tremendous opportunities for innovation.

Starting in March, we’ll be hosting a series of webinars, office hours, and AMA sessions to get to know the community and provide information on Techstars’ approach to entrepreneurship.

Do you have questions about the program and what we look for?

Register here for an upcoming interactive webinar & AMA session to learn more:

Request Office Hours if you want to meet us one on one, receive mentoring and advice on your startup, business model and product.  If we’re not coming to a city near you you can always select a virtual meeting when applying.

Office Hours

  • Boston, USA | March 10
  • San Francisco, USA | March 14
  • District of Columbia | March 23
  • Toronto, Canada | March 26
  • Vancouver, Canada | April 3-5
  • Chicago, USA | April 4
  • Indianapolis, USA | April 7
  • San Francisco, USA | April 9-11
  • Boston, USA | April 12
  • New York, USA | April 16
  • Charlotte, USA | April 20
  • Los Angeles | April 24
  • New York, USA | May 1
  • Dublin, Ireland | May 3
  • Atlanta, USA | May 8-9
  • Virtual Meetings | Anytime!

Five Global Techstars Programs Open Applications

Now Accepting Applications to Five Techstars Accelerator Programs Around the World

Techstars has opened applications for five more mentorship-driven accelerator programs in Berlin, New York City, Oslo, Paris and Toronto. Don’t miss your opportunity to grow your business– join the Techstars worldwide network with more than 10,000 mentors, partners, investors and founders. Take the next step and apply now.

The following programs are now accepting applications:  

Three Months, 1,500+ Mentors and a Network That Lasts a Lifetime

The Schedule:

  • Applications Open: February 19, 2018
  • Application Deadline: May 13, 2018
  • Programs Start: September 10, 2018
  • Demo Days: December 5, 2018

Applications are still open for 17 other Techstars global accelerator programs. See the full list here.

Have More Questions? Meet the People who Make it Happen.

Techstars managing directors want to meet you. They’re on the road hosting information sessions and office hours. Here’s a list of all the stops on the Techstars Roadshow where you can sign up for in-person meetings and interactive, online Q&A programming to learn more about specific programs.