Bloomberg’s “Techstars” episode 6: Live Finale

Catch up on all the episodes in their entirety here.

Techstars on Bloomberg TV

Startups are hard. In fact to many people, they’re just a mystery. One of our goals at Techstars has been to demystify what it’s like to be a startup founder or investor. Over the years we have been working on helping tell these stories through being as open source as possible. First, we gave an inside look at Techstars through the regional emmy winning web series “The Founders”. We’ve also publicly shared all of our results and Brad Feld and I published a book called Do More Faster to share what we’ve learned about startups at Techstars. We’ve even started the Techstars Network to help other accelerators get going around the world. Now it’s time to take this one step farther.

We’re happy to announce today that Techstars is coming to Bloomberg TV!  The premier of the six episode series “Techstars” is September 13th at 9pm EST (and rerun at 12 midnight EST) globally on Bloomberg and will also be available on the web.  There will be premier parties in each of our four cities (details to come here on the blog).  We will be livestreaming a Q/A from me (David Cohen), David Tisch, Brad Feld and more at each party event.

We were approached by several major networks to do this, and we decided to work with Bloomberg because they wanted to represent what the program actually is, and not change what makes Techstars, well, Techstars. This is a documentary look at Techstars, and not any sort of embellishment or fake drama. It’s real. And we think you’ll find it very interesting.

Techstars has always been open source.  We have helped out hundreds of startups and accelerators through our documentation, results, network, and coaching (please contact us if we can help you).  This TV program is just another way to help people understand the value of our kind of deep and engaged mentorship and the amazing things that our mentors do for our companies. The show highlights the full experience of the program.  It starts with the selection process and documents the days and nights of coding, mentor meetings, interviews, and pitches leading up to demo day.  Ups and downs, successes and failures, it is all in the show.

The finale show will be live!  Techstars, now on your TV, starting September 13.

UPDATE: TechCrunch and The Next Web coverage of the show.