Join Techstars in Las Vegas for CES 2018

It’s almost time to kick off another year at The International Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas! We are proud to partner with CES to present the Startup Stage in Eureka Park. Join us January 9th-11th for exclusive startup programming, pitch competitions, and the opportunity to connect and network with entrepreneurs and other people within the startup community.

At the Startup Stage, we will feature prominent entrepreneurs, investors, and Techstars staff, partners, and alumni. To help you grow your company and engage with the startup community, the Techstars worldwide network will be providing content and resources all week at Startup Stage. Throughout the conference we will discuss the latest topics in startups and consumer electronics, including how to find your path to market, crowdfund, and leverage big brands.

Looking to get your startup in front of our audience and judges? We are also hosting Startup Stage Pitch Competitions! This is your opportunity to pitch, receive feedback, and win prizes. Click here to register and to learn more about the competitions!

Check out some of the events below (full agenda here). See you in Las Vegas!

Tuesday, January 9th

11-11:45 AM INDIEGOGO – Entrepreneurship 202: bringing a product to life

From concept, to market validation, to shipping, and to retail, bringing a product to life is full of unexpected challenges. Join other entrepreneurs and experts to share their best advice or how to build your innovations into a successful business.

1-1:45 PM Smart Cities/CityOS  

Smart Cities/CityOS will feature startups and big brands that are accelerating both access to data that can benefit citizens and reduce barriers to entry and increase productivity at the level of the city.

2:00 PM – 2:45PM Finding Your Path to Market  

In this panel discussion, led by Ryan Broshar, Managing Director of the Techstars Retail Accelerator, in partnership with Target, hear industry experts from Indiegogo, Target, and others discuss how you can assess alternatives to market and manage your process for success.

3-4:30 PM Pitch Competition: Retail

Wednesday, January 10th

11-11:45 AM How Emerging Technologies Are Building a Better World

From robotics and drones to emerging use cases of AR/VR and blockchain, learn how entrepreneurs are leveraging innovative technologies to build business models aimed at solving some of our most pressing global challenges at scale.

1-1:45 PM Learn from profitable and fundable hardware startups

Hardware startups are experiencing monumental challenges: unfavorable fundraising environment, lack of role model companies, and lack of mentorship and guidance. These profitable early-stage hardware founders share battle stories and best practices around setting your company for success from day 1.

2-2:45 PM Music tech isn’t just music tech anymore

Music is fast becoming a technical business. “Music tech” means using technology for more than streaming — music startups are reinventing content creation, marketing, commerce and the live experience.

3-4:30 PM Pitch Competition: Entertainment  

Thursday, January 11th

11-11:45 AM Great companies start anywhere

Talented founders are born anywhere but most don’t live in strong tech communities. In this session we’ll discuss how all startup founders based can access networks, make connections and build relationships that will make their companies succeed

1-1:45 PM How to Leverage Big Brands  

Lesa Mitchell, Managing Director at Techstars Kansas City program, leads a panel featuring some of the world’s biggest brands. They’ll discuss their startup programs and success stories.  You’ll also hear from startup founders on what works and what to avoid with partnering with big brands.

2-2:45 PM What’s Happening in VR, AR and Robotics?  

This panel features startup founders and investors and hosted by Ryan Kuder, former runner of the Techstars Robotics program and the recent Virgin Media Accelerator, will discuss the trends we see emerging in VR, AR and robotics, including the intersection of all three.

3-4:30 PM Pitch Competition: VR, AR and Robotics