Calling All Colorado Entrepreneurs!

Hello Coloradans,

As Regional Manager of Startup Programs for the Central U.S., I have the privilege of working with organizing teams across the state of Colorado. I’m happy to announce that we’ve got a busy fall lineup for Startup Programs right here in our beautiful backyard.

See the lineup below and get them on your calendar while there’s still time!

**Event details not yet published. Will be available on the Startup Weekend site later this month.

I’m particularly excited about the team and theme of the “Think BIG!” event taking place in Boulder during Global Startup Weekend (GSW). In addition to the already awesome 54-hour format, teams will have the opportunity to pursue ideas in futuristic fields such as robotics and space. The keynote speaker on Friday night, Thomas Frey, Senior Futurist at the DaVinci Institute, and Google’s top rated Futurist Speaker is guaranteed to inspire.

Of course, trekking down to Telluride to attend a Startup Weekend, where you access the venue via gondola, will certainly be a thrilling way to kickoff winter. You might even want to arrive early or stay late to take advantage of the slopes. #becauseColorado

And did you know the Techstars Boulder Accelerator is actively recruiting companies for the Q1 2017 Boulder Program? Connect with staff and alumni at Trident Cafe in Boulder on October 13 to ask your final burning questions before applications are due. RSVP here for this free event. Drinks on us!

Consider this your invitation to attend, volunteer, mentor, or contribute in whatever way makes sense for you. If you feel so inclined to get involved beyond attending, please reach out and I’ll get you plugged in.

Cheers to a colorful fall and our vibrant startup community!


At Techstars, we fully believe in the idea that no one is “too far along” for Techstars. Conversely, nothing is too early. Techstars has a program for every step of the entrepreneurial journey – from startup programs like Startup DigestStartup WeekStartup Weekend and Startup Next to later stage offerings, including the accelerator program and venture capital for add-on funding.

Launch a Business in 54 Hours

In just 54 hours, you can turn your idea into a business. That might seem crazy but several Summit County businesses have already been launched in one weekend.

How? It’s called Startup Weekend and was launched in Colorado to give entrepreneurs the motivation, the support and the resources to take their business from idea to prototype to full business plan in 54 hours.

Now, it’s your chance. Summit County Startup Weekend returns Nov. 13-15 to Frisco, Colo. and will be based out of ELEVATE coSPACE and Evo3 Workspace, two coworking spaces in downtown Frisco.

“So many times people have ideas but are too afraid to share it … As you learn in Start-up weekend, ideas are plentiful, implementation and taking action is a whole lot more work,” says Shawna Henderson, founder of Adrenaline Escapes, who won last spring’s Startup Weekend. “If there is something inside of you that you can not get out of your head, take the first step and pitch it.  You never know where that will lead.”

Henderson was one of the five teams who pitched at the April Summit County Startup Weekend. All five teams are still working on their businesses and projects.

“We’re helping to build a launch businesses and ideas in Summit County,” said Larry Sullivan, lead organizer for Summit County Startup Weekend. “We had a 100 percent success rate of Startup Weekend teams. That’s an unusually high number and speaks volumes about the passion, tenacity and drive of our community.”

Startup Weekend gives anyone –- like Shawna and her team – the opportunity to pitch an idea on Friday night in 60 seconds or less to a group of local executives, entrepreneurs, designers, developers, founders, startups, digital experts and students.

After a vote, teams form around the top ideas and then they launch into 54 hours of creating, designing, researching, analyzing, developing, coding and teamwork all to present to a panel of expert judges and local startup veterans. Prizes will be awarded to help the teams put their ideas into action and build a startup.

Even if you don’t have an idea or don’t want to pitch, come, says Sullivan. If you’re intrigued with the idea of a startup or want to support a startup idea, this is the right event for you to attend.

According to Sullivan, Friday night and Sunday night are the perfect time and opportunity to find out more. “Who knows,” he says, “you might come on Friday night and get inspired to pitch an idea or join a team.”

Summit County Startup Weekend starts at 6:30 p.m. Friday, Nov. 13 and runs through 9 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 15 in Frisco at ELEVATE coSPACE and evo3 Workspace. Visit for more information.

Or connect on social at or on twitter @summitcountySW.

Call for Speakers & Sponsors: 5th Annual Women's Small Business Conference

Join the Colorado SBDC Network for the 5th Annual Northwest Colorado Women’s Small Business Conference at Copper Mountain on Friday, October 10!

This event sells out every year – don’t wait to buy your tickets!

This year's conference will feature keynote speaker Sylvia Theisen, a Colorado psychotherapist, top sales producer and change maker! Theisen spent the first 13 years of her career in a pscyhotherapist's office. No, not on the couch (although she's done plenty of that), but running a successful practice counseling employees of Fortune 500 companies.
This year’s conference will feature keynote speaker Sylvia Theisen, a Colorado psychotherapist, top sales producer and change maker! Theisen spent the first 13 years of her career in a pscyhotherapist’s office. No, not on the couch (although she’s done plenty of that), but running a successful practice counseling employees of Fortune 500 companies.

Join other like-minded female entrepreneurs for an

exciting, interactive day packed with hands-on business training seminars, free one-on-one consulting, exhibitor tables featuring area resources, plenty of networking opportunities, and more!

Leave the conference feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, with plenty of action items, connections and inspiration to take your business to the next level of success!


This Friday Night! Meet Breckenridge Business Leaders and Local Entrepreneurs

We’re just days away from the inaugural Breckenridge Startup Weekend and basically: We’re psyched! We can’t wait to meet everyone, network, and work together to push a few ideas a lot closer toward becoming a reality.

We’re so thankful to everyone that has helped us put together our own Startup Weekend, and where better than at 9,600-feet in the comfortably lush and beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains. This is your chance to connect with mentors, coaches, and speakers that can help you grow your idea, and your life.

Here’s a closer look at who you’ll meet:

ybYvonne Bryant 

Yvonne Bryant is on a mission to help entrepreneurs build and grow profitable businesses. Trained as an architect, she has a unique 20 year background in communications, elegant leadership, project management on multimillion dollar development projects, computer systems, strategic planning, and business development which provides her clients with unique advantages. She helped a professional services company develop a new department that began billing $240,000 in services within three years with one staff member. She helped another company increase sales an additional $70,000 within 6 months by bridging the company’s products and services into a complimentary market.

klgKristy Lee Gogolen

Kristy Lee Gogolen founded KL Creative Design, a web and mobile technology group, in 2005. With a love of all things binary and a keen eye for design, she makes websites pretty-inside and out. In 2011, she founded LadyBits Dev, the mobile division of KL Creative Design, and released an iPhone altimeter app, Explore More.


kgKathryn Grohusky

Kathryn Grohusky specializes in coaching athletes and entrepreneurial leaders ways to bust through internal blocks to “get unstuck already!” and reach their potential in sports and business because she loves exploring the achievement of audacious athletic and business goals. Her experience includes the business start-up phase of community not-for-profits and creative board development. She currently serves international clients as their business and “inner workout” coach and focuses the rest of her time on growing her own start up – CoachGro LLC.

mkMichele Knight 

Michele Knight, CPA and QuickBooks Pro Advisor, is President of Knight Accounting & Technology, which focuses on helping small businesses and non-profits with their bookkeeping, payroll, and tax needs. With 10 years of experience Michele has a very hands on approach, and enjoys helping small business owners and non-profit executives fully understand their unique accounting and tax situations.

tkToby Krout 

An active participant in two dozen Colorado startups since 1995, Toby has a passion for entrepreneurship and startup communities. He is currently Co-Director of Boomtown, a boulder-based technology accelerator, Managing Director of Atomic20, Co-Founder of Scrib, and Project Director for the Colorado state branding project.


elElizabeth Lewis 

Elizabeth Lewis owns the Law Office of E.C. Lewis, P.C. where she works with businesses on issues ranging from start-up help to dissolution. Working with small businesses and their owners, she helps clients with a variety of contracts including initial organization agreements, client agreements, employment contracts, leases, online marketing law, software agreements, and web-development contracts. In addition to working directly with clients, Elizabeth teaches classes at locations throughout the Denver Metro Area and beyond, including several focused on online marketing law.


bmcBrian McLaughlin 

Brian A. McLaughlin Mr. McLaughlin has been Chairman, CEO and/or President of numerous companies involved in the development and operations of large-scale (400 to 13,000 acres) resort and recreational communities for over thirty years. He has had a special focus on the turn-around and disposition of financially distressed properties. He has directly managed 20 of these large-scale community developments, 27 individual residential projects, 7 hotel and timeshare properties, 15 dining and restaurant operations, 7 residential rental property operations, 5 large commercial centers, and 13 individual commercial properties.

Breckenridge Startup Weekend starts at 6:30 p.m. Friday, Aug. 15 and runs through 9 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 17 at Colorado Mountain College in Breckenridge. For more information or tickets, visit

Connect with us on social at or on Twitter @SWBreckenridge.


What's the BIG Idea?

breck 2
Beautiful Breckenridge, Colorado hosts Startup Weekend Aug. 15-17.
What’s Your BIG Idea?

If you’ve been thinking about the next best thing, or thinking that “there outta be this,” or “there outta be that,” then your weekend is coming up! Breckenridge Startup Weekend (happening Aug. 15-17) gives anyone the opportunity to pitch an idea to a group of local executives and entrepreneurs and ultimately receive their expert advice and help in creating a winning business plan.

So if you’ve been waiting for your time to shine, this just might be your moment. But don’t take our word for it. Here is an excerpt from “Educator Turned Entrepreneur- How I Found my Entrepreneurial Spark”a blog post written by teacher-slash-entrepreneur Maggie Croushore, who is now the founder of KidFit Academy, thanks to her own Startup Weekend experience.

“Three years ago, an educator and graduate student blissfully unaware of the language and philosophies of entrepreneurship, I went to a Startup Weekend Education in Washington, DC.  My intention was to observe and see what this whole “startup weekend” madness was about; I figured that I might meet some cool people and, if nothing else, get a free meal.  I had no intention of pitching an idea and figured that I would probably just attend Friday and maybe, if I had time, Sunday.

However, something magical happened in the car on the way to Georgetown.  I was riding with three other teachers, talking about our days and expectations for the weekend.  The driver, a “techie” teacher already using cutting-edge technology in his classroom, was planning on pitching a platform to better organize real time student data.  The other teachers talked about some ideas and hopes that they had for the weekend.  I sat quietly and began to think about an idea I had had for some time.

As a middle school literacy teacher, I saw that my students struggled to sit still for my extended block.  I also knew, from a background in studying childhood obesity, that my students did not get enough physical movement…I desired to find a way to bring purposeful fitness education to schools so that all students could experience the transformative power of fitness in their lives as I had in my own.

So, in the back seat of a car filled with educators on the way to our first Startup Weekend experience, I gained the courage to conceptualize my idea and pitch it to a room of 100 strangers.  It wasn’t the most polished pitch, but I did it. And I am so glad that I did.

My idea, KidFit, made it to the top 10!  I was beyond ecstatic.  I went from being a casual observer to a full-on participant in the weekend. ..KidFit did not necessarily take shape that weekend, but I did.  I learned the power of entrepreneurship and the ability of a few committed people to join together and turn dreams into realities.

That weekend was the spark that grew into what is now my “full-time” job as founder of KidFit Academy.  It is not an easy journey; every day requires patient perseverance with a clear focus and constant reflection.  But I could not imagine doing anything else.”

Now it’s your turn!

Breckenridge Startup Weekend starts at 6:30 p.m. Friday, Aug. 15 and runs through 9 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 17 at Colorado Mountain College in Breckenridge. For more information or tickets, visit

Connect with us on social at or on Twitter @SWBreckenridge.



[ What do you hope attendees get from the event? ] [ Who are the (current) mentors? ] [ Who are the judges (if applicable)? ]

Stepping Up to Startup!

Breck Locals Pool their Talents (and Resources) to Host First Annual Startup Weekend

breck 1
Elevate your idea! Join us at Breckenridge Startup Weekend Aug. 15-17!

We’re under two weeks away from Breckenridge Startup Weekend and we couldn’t wait to give a shout out to our partners and sponsors who are making it all happen here at 9,600 feet; that’s altitude folks!

“This weekend could change your life,” says our own Thomas Gerber, a local volunteer, one of those involved with spearheading the local effort. “So many people have ideas and dreams but never act on them. We’re giving those people a supportive environment, a team, the right tools, coaching and a tight deadline to work on their idea and make it a reality.”

Even if you don’t have an idea or don’t want to pitch, come, says Gerber. If you’re intrigued with the idea of a startup or want to support a startup idea, come.

“This is an opportunity to be part of a movement in Summit County to create a vibrant, smart, progressive startup community,” he adds.

Here’s a big Shout Out the organizers and SPONSORS of Breckenridge Startup Weekend 2014!