Info Session: Techstars IoT/Connection/London (Dublin)

Who: Startups looking to apply to Techstars IoT, Techstars Connection and Techstars London

What: Info session/Happy hour

When: Feb 15

Where: Dublin

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Announcing the First Class of Techstars Connection, in Partnership with AB InBev

I’m really excited to announce the ten teams for the first Techstars Connection, in partnership with AB InBev program. We ran an exhaustive search – talking to companies on almost every continent on Earth (sorry Antarctica!), and we’ve selected ten incredible businesses to work with Techstars and our partners at AB InBev between now and February 2nd here in New York City.

We’ve got everything from companies that make it easier to find people to go for a beer with, to companies that are fundamentally changing the way the fermentation process works.

We’re in the process of welcoming the teams to the amazing space that we’re sharing with AB InBev in midtown Manhattan, and I look forward to sharing news of their progress with you over the next few weeks and months.

Without any further ado – here are the teams:



Afineur – A biotechnology company pioneering the use of controlled natural fermentations to make better, healthier and more sustainable food products.


Analytical Flavor Systems – A B2B platform allowing automation and optimization of personalized food and beverage products.


Drinkeasy – A premium liquor marketplace built for messaging platforms. Part AI, part human agents, Drinkeasy already helps thousands discover and buy hard-to-find sprits – from a $2000 rare scotch to a small batch tequila.


Intelligent Layer – is a Machine Learning company reinventing customer engagement.


NaCa Fermentation – A service that improves and accelerates high quality wash production.


Paranoid Fan – A mobile software company that uses social mapping to mobilize fans at venues and in their own communities.


Party with a Local – A platform that connects people who love to party with a growing global community of local nightlife enthusiasts in over 150 countries.


PlanSnap – A service that eases event planning by allowing everyone to agree on the details of a plan with two taps.


Quantac – A wearable technology platform that uses transdermal sensing technology to monitor blood content.


GoNative –  GoNative reimagines the video production process and uses cutting edge technology to innovate, scale, and accelerate the production of video content for brands and publishers.

Meet Techstars Connection, in partnership with AB InBev

There’s a little over three weeks to go ahead of the deadline to apply for Techstars Connection, in partnership with AB InBev, so I wanted to share some info that will give interested companies and entrepreneurs a little more info on the program and what we’re up to.

I spent the last week meeting some amazing companies here in New York, and I want to meet more of you. We’re looking for a wide range of companies that can work with AB InBev to provide interesting solutions in areas like:

  • Data and Analytics – on everything from sales and marketing, to production through to logistics, and beyond

  • Connecting People with Product – everything from inventory management systems, logistics, on demand, sales tools and more

  • Enhancing Social Experiences – from VR, AR, AI, recommendation engines and products that connect people or augment and enhance experiences before, during and after events

  • Fermentation Technology and Healthy Fermented Beverages – agtech, ideas that leverage the hidden benefits of the raw materials used in brewing

The scope is huge. If you want to find out more about whether or not your company would be a good fit, then let’s chat. I’m going to be doing a ton of open office hours on Skype/Hangouts etc. You can find some time to chat in my calendar.

I’m also running a series of webinars – where you can join and find out more info about what we’re all about, what we’re looking for and how the process will work. You can tune in on the following dates:

Tuesday June 21st at 12pm PT, 3pm ET, 8pm GMT

Wednesday June 22nd at 8am ET, 1pm GMT

Tuesday June 28th at 12pm PT, 3pm ET, 8pm GMT

Friday July 1st at 8am ET, 1pm GMT

For those of you who can’t join at one of those times, send me an email and keep an eye on my Twitter, as I’ll be recording a version of the webinar early next week. I just need to refine my pitch.

Also, here’s a thought – if you’re going to Glastonbury and you want to do the first ever accelerator office hours there, say hello on Twitter and maybe we can find some time to meet at West Holts on Thursday or Friday. 😉

I’ll also be in London, Dublin, NYC and possibly Austin before applications close, so if you’d like to meet in person, feel free to send me an email, a LinkedIn message, a DM, a PM, a tweet, a smoke signal, a Snapstorm or anything else you think will pique my interest. I look forward to answering your questions, telling you more about what we’re up to and hearing about the incredible businesses that you’re building.

Announcing Eamonn Carey as MD for Techstars Connection, in partnership with AB InBev

It’s been almost 10 years to the day since I started my first company. Back then, there wasn’t much in the way of mentorship and advice in Ireland. What always stuck with me were the people who did help – not the ones looking for 5 percent (or worse yet, 51 percent) of your business, but the folks who took time to have a chat, critique the business and our ideas, and add real value. I always thought that if I was ever lucky enough to be in a position to pay that forward, then I would.

Over the last three years, I’ve mentored at Techstars’ programs in London, Berlin and Tel Aviv, as well as other accelerators as far away as Tallinn, Istanbul, Abu Dhabi and Tokyo. The #givefirst credo is one that’s always resonated with me and it’s why I’m so excited to be joining Techstars Connection, in partnership with AB InBev as Managing Director.

For this program, we are looking for B2B and B2C companies who:

  • Seamlessly connect and bring people together for enhanced social experiences.
  • Conveniently connect people to products with greater speed and efficiency.
  • Enhance consumption experiences through curation, personalization and localization.
  • Leverage the hidden benefits of raw materials, fermentation and brewing in products and systems that help people to live well.

Startups in Techstars Connection will interact daily with AB InBev executives and employees who will open doors that are otherwise hard to access, including:

  • Distribution, manufacturing and logistics channels
  • Inventory management tools
  • Access to real-world venues around the world (stadiums, restaurants, live venues, bars, etc.)
  • Brand marketing
  • Advertising and media distribution outlets
  • Agriculture technology
  • Big data and analytics

If that’s you and you want to join Techstars Connection, applications are open until July 10. I’m also on the lookout for amazing associates. If you have questions, you can find me on Twitter or book some time in my calendar to find out more. We’ll be sharing a little more on the blog in the coming days, including details on upcoming webinars and office hours in London, Dublin, New York, Boston, Austin and beyond.

Alongside helping the Techstars Connection companies to launch, scale and deliver amazing experiences, I’m particularly excited about three specific elements of this role: connection, storytelling and building products people love.

Connecting People and Countries

Entrepreneurship happens everywhere nowadays, and your users can be anywhere. At Techstars, we have a huge network around the world through the accelerators and Startup programs. AB InBev have a huge global footprint to leverage. We will work closely together to connect people and products to global markets.

Telling Great Stories

My background in Journalism has instilled in me a passion to help people and businesses tell the most compelling story to investors, the media, customers and users. One of the things I will focus on is how to structure and tell the stories of those companies selected.

Building Products People Love

Everyone wants to build something their users love. Our partners at AB InBev have great expertise in that department, and I want to leverage that experience as well as insights from our community to help teams dig into the user experience. I look forward to building products people love with people who love building them!

Also, I talk and write about fun, mischief and whimsy a lot. If you can make someone laugh, chuckle or even just crack a smile – you’ve gone a long way towards lighting up the reward pathways in their brain and creating a memory. In an era of bots, AI, AR, and more, that’s going to be increasingly important. I’m looking forward to helping the teams create those incredible products and experiences.

Finally, a quick thank you: first to my mum and dad for buying me a Sinclair Spectrum 48k computer (and later an Atari ST) all those years ago. It’s been a long way from writing games in BASIC in the mid-80s and naming them after girls I liked (a story for another blog).

To Jon Bradford, Greg Rogers and Chris Adelsbach for putting up with me (you’ve created a query monster now), and to all of the entrepreneurs ready to apply and work with us at Techstars: I can’t wait to kick off in New York later this year!


Apply to Techstars Connection.

Announcing the Launch of Techstars Connection

Today, we’re excited to announce Techstars Connection, a new social experience accelerator that will foster innovation and new enterprise through the creation of products, services and experiences that help connect people to people, help connect people to product, and help connect people to place. Operating out of New York City, the program kicks-off in October and runs through January 2017. Applications open April 18, 2016.

Entrepreneurs in Techstars Connection will focus on solving challenging consumer problems and bring groundbreaking solutions to market that:

–    Seamlessly connect and bring people together for enhanced social experiences

–    Conveniently connect people to products with greater speed and efficiency

–    Enhance consumption experiences through curation, personalization and localization

–    Leverage the hidden benefits of raw materials, fermentation and brewing in products and systems that help people to live well

Techstars Connection is run in partnership with AB InBev. ZX Ventures, AB InBev’s global incubator and venture capital team, will also have a substantial role within Techstars Connection.

We are proud to partner with AB InBev on this new accelerator program because they bring incredible passion for helping consumers achieve the best possible social experiences. The recognition of the AB InBev brand will also help strengthen the Techstars global entrepreneur ecosystem, which aligns well with our current active investments in Techstars’ portfolio of social and immersive experience companies like Jukely, LiveLikeVR, Naritiv and LISNR.

This is the fourth Techstars program in New York City, building on the successful Techstars NYC, Techstars IoT (Internet of Things) and Barclays NYC. Companies going through Techstars Connection will be able to leverage the extensive network of investors and mentors in NYC as part of this new program.

Apply today.