Main Street Here We Come!

Caffeinate your weekend with KCSW!
Caffeinate your weekend with KCSW!

Have you heard???  The 12th Edition of Kansas City Startup Weekend is coming May 29th!  Come join our caffeinated weekend and kick off #1WKC in style at ThinkBig Partner’s beautiful new building at 1712 Main Street.

There’s so much going on in Kansas City and Main Street itself that we just couldn’t settle on one single theme this go ‘round, so that means… ANYTHING startup goes!  To get some ideas flowing here are a few that we sticky-noted: #smartcity, #quantifiedself, #agtech, #hardware, #nonprofits, #gamification – that’s right, anything goes! So, if you are itching to pull out that idea you tucked away over the winter, need to find a co-founder, or just want to connect with the KC Startup scene, we are looking for YOU! Check us out on FB, on Twitter @KCSW, and online at to find out more about upcoming events.

Would you like to take Startup Weekend for a “test drive” first?  No problem! We have bootcamps set up to tackle key topics like “What is Startup Weekend Anyway?”, “MVP & You!”, and soon to be a new favorite “Pitch Karaoke”! These are great opportunities to grab a friend and meet the locals.

Hope to see you soon!


-The KC Crew

Los espacios colaborativos y la innovación

San Francisco es considerada por muchos la ciudad más innovadora del mundo. Este mérito no es por casualidad, sino más bien es el resultado de una serie de iniciativas que se generan en la ciudad y que crean el ambiente propicio para que la innovación florezca.

Una de las últimas iniciativas llamativas de la ciudad fue la de construir, en el mismo aeropuerto de San Francisco, un espacio llamado “Converge”, dedicado a la innovación tecnológica. Converge sirve para fomentar el potencial creativo de los viajeros, quienes pueden conectarse con personas de diferentes nacionalidades mientras esperan sus respectivos vuelos. La idea es la de atraer a las mentes de diferentes países para que puedan colaborar y generar ideas innovadoras que puedan cambiar el mundo.

El espacio está ubicado en el área G de la Terminal Internacional, nivel 3, y está equipado con Wi-Fi gratis, mesas, sillas, pizarras y marcadores.

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 10.57.55
Launch Converge en el Aeropuerto de San Francisco

Así como en San Francisco, también se están creando espacios de colaboración alrededor de Latinoamérica que brindan la posibilidad de generación de comunidades de emprendimiento más sólidas. En República Dominicana es uno de ellos, lo que busca es dinamizar tu jornada diaria de trabajo y hacer que tus ideas fluyan. Inclusive en México, en ciudades más pequeñas como Cuernavaca, se están generando estos espacios. Guayaba Coworking es un claro ejemplo de la necesidad constante de evolución y colaboración, en donde además el espacio está enfocado en hacer sentir a sus clientes en casa con actividades como fútbolito.

Espacio de Co-working en Guayaba Coworking, Cuernavaca, México
Espacio de Co-working en Guayaba Coworking, Cuernavaca, México

También existe una iniciativa llamada Impact Hub en varias ciudades de países latinos; en Antigua, Guatemala por ejemplo, buscan brindar a sus visitantes una atmósfera de innovación. Este tipo de iniciativas, que fomentan espacios colaborativos, son la base de la cultura de la innovación debido a que crean un intercambio de ideas constante y dinámico. Así como en los siglos pasados los cafés eran puntos de encuentros importantes donde se generaban todo tipo de ideas, hoy en día las comunidades, empresas y gobiernos deberían incentivar cada vez más los espacios compartidos y construir ambientes que faciliten la fluidez tecnológica y de personas de diferentes backgrounds para producir grandes cantidades de ideas y emprendimientos.

Si quieres saber más acerca de emprendimiento en Latinoamérica, síguenos en Facebook, Twitter o LinkedIn.


Dwelling on your Dwelling: Finding a Startup Office (Comic)

#entrepreneurfail Dwelling on Dwelling Office Finding a Startup Office

Is your filing cabinet under your bed?

 In New York City, San Francisco, or any large metropolis worldwide, you’ll find entrepreneurs who have made a home office a reality. The city provides an alluring location, but the dollar per square foot is obscene. This is why many budding entrepreneurs choose to start in a home office. And in working from home, the magical line between the bed and the desk soon disappears.

Some of the challenges we have faced working in a home office include:

  1. Lack of camaraderie and employee banter
  2. Difficult to be presentable for last minute meetings
  3. No space to have office meetings
  4. Cabin fever strikes all the time

You can use your flexibility to your advantage if you don’t have a traditional office, though. Just remember, cubicle-dwellers across the world would gladly trade their cage to have your 15-second commute. It is just unfortunate that productivity can wane when your workspace is lonely and cluttered, which is a definite #entrepreneurfail.  To escape the monotony of your home office, you can go to co-working spaces and coffee shops. Sharedesk is a resource to find temporary desk space and on-demand office mates. Here is a list of places with free wifi that may help you in your quest. Alternatively, you can be your own wifi provider, and carry a hotspot. We’ve also used libraries, parks, hotel lobbies and other public spaces to set up shop for the day.

Good luck finding a cordoned-off spot to optimize your output. And now, back to work!

Tell us about your quest to find the perfect spot to work. Let us know in the comments below.

Fails are nothing but a laugh on the road to success. Find more entrepreneurship comics here.  This post is originally from #entrepreneurfail: Startup Success

HackSpace at Techstars

Techstars Day 1 The Boulder community has grown to a full boil it seems with engagement and startups. I sit in a downtown coffeeshop writing this, and can see people from 7 startups taking an afternoon break, talking to each other about projects, problems and solutions. Techstars has a great downtown office space, and until recently, we have reserved it for founders of companies we have invested in and mentors.  In the last few months we have hosted a BarCamp, iPhoneDevCamp and a few CTO lunches.

David and I both travel quite a bit (here is a map of where I have been this last year, as well as David’s via BrightKite) talking with hundreds of early stage entrepreneurs. When I was in Arizona I took a look at GangPlank, a local coworking office space. They have done an amazing job of bringing together a somewhat fragmented tech scene. One thing they do that is outstanding is host a hack night, inviting developers and designers to work collaboratively out of their office space.

With that history in mind, I would love to invite you to HackSpace, a open night at Techstars to work on some projects, meet great people and see the Techstars space on January 15th starting at 5pm. I assume it will go until 8 or 9. Bring your laptops, projects and some ideas to collaborate with the greater Boulder development community.

If this is something people like, it will become a regular thing.