Mehr als ein Logo – das bietet 99designs für Startups


Als Sponsor des Startup Weekends Luzern freut sich 99designs bereits auf die Vielzahl an Ideen, die an dem Wochenende entstehen werden. Einige dieser Ideen werden über den Zeitraum von 3 Tagen zu wahren Projekten, nehmen Form an und entwickeln sich im Endeffekt zu einem Startup.

Wenn man etwas Neues präsentieren will, kommt man an einem professionellen Branding nicht vorbei. Branding trägt die “inneren Werte” Eures Unternehmens an die Außenwelt und teilt potentiellen und bereits bestehenden Kunden mit, wofür Ihr steht, was Ihr macht und warum Ihr unentbehrlich für sie seid.

Logo Design – Der erste Schritt für Startups

Die Basis jedes Unternehmens-Brandings bildet das Logo Design. Bereits ab CHF 279 kann man bei 99designs über 30 verschiedene Entwürfe von einer Auswahl an Designern erhalten. Um ein aussagekräftiges Logo erstellen zu lassen, ist es wichtig sich zunächst Gedanken über das Design-Briefing zu machen. Nur wenn man klar formulieren kann, was die Besonderheit am eigenen Unternehmen ist, können Designer diese Information auch in das Corporate Design stecken.

In unserem aktuellen Ebook “In 4 Schritten zum perfekten Logo” haben wir alle wichtigen Tipps für ein erfolgreiches Design-Briefing und zur Durchführung des Design-Wettbewerbs zusammengefasst. Unser Logo Design Ebook stellen wir exklusiv für Startups kostenfrei zur Verfügung.

Logo & Visitenkarten

Wer gleich zwei Fliegen mit einer Klappe schlagen will, hat die Möglichkeit bei 99designs einen Logo und Visitenkarten Design-Wettbewerb zu starten. Beide Designs über einen Wettbewerb erstellen zu lassen hat den Vorteil, dass beide Endprodukte aus einer Hand stammen und somit zur Vereinheitlichung des Brandings beitragen. Der günstige Paket-Preis ab CHF 419 ist noch ein weiterer Grund Visitenkarten gleich mit dem Logo erstellen zu lassen.

Corporate Identity Komplett-Paket

Logo und Visitenkarten sind noch nicht genug? Dann lassen sich mit dem Corporate Identity Komplett-Paket alle Geschäftsunterlagen, die ein Startup benötigt, in einem Wettbewerb erstellen. Für nur CHF 559 bekommt Ihr neben dem Logo Design und den Visitenkarten auch ein professionelles Briefkopf Design, dazu passende Briefumschläge und ein attraktives Facebook Cover.

Logo & Website Start-Paket

Für wen Offline so 1999 ist, kann diesen Bereich einfach überspringen und mit dem neuen Logo & Website Start-Paket von 99designs direkt online durchstarten. Startups profitieren hier nicht nur von den günstigen Logo Design Preisen, sondern erhalten ein Jahr Web-Hosting über Jimdo gratis dazu und das zusammen bereits ab CHF 459. Nachdem das Logo Design erstellt wurde, passt ein zertifizierter Designer die Jimdo Website an das Logo an und schon ist man online. Weitere Informationen zum Logo & Website Start-Paket gibt es in unserem aktuellen Blog Post.

99designs wünscht allen Teilnehmern des Startup Weekends viel Erfolg!

Startup Weekend Stories: Eric and the super side project

Startup Weekend Stories: Memories, reflections and lessons learned from Startup Weekend events in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, Iowa. 

Today we meet Eric Bailey, a designer, photographer, and front-end web developer. Eric is currently living and working in New York, but this story dates to Startup Weekend Cedar Rapids 2014. An idea that was a “super side project” (read: never gonna happen during work hours) for Sculpt finally got off the ground during Startup Weekend.

Then, that idea blew up. To date, Startup Stock Photos averages 50,000 pageviews per month and has been featured by the likes of Mashable, INC, The Next Web, and Entrepreneur. This is Eric’s recap. (Originally published on, more via Sculpt.)

Eric, the creator of Startup Stock Photos, as featured in a Startup Stock Photo.
Eric, the creator of Startup Stock Photos, as featured in a Startup Stock Photo.


Free stock photo sites are all the rage right now. Sites like Unsplash andLittle Visuals are bookmarked on my Chrome – I use them for everything. Like the open source movement, getting higher quality assets into the hands of people that are creating online is a wonderful, wonderful thing.

At Sculpt, I take a lot of photos, and we work with a lot of startups. So it was a serious joke when my CEO, Josh, and I were working late one night and he suggested I start a stock photo site.

“Call it Startup Stock Photos.”

“Okay. That sounds fun.”

So I bought the domain.

Startup Weekend Cedar Rapids was a week or so after that night. Between covering the event via social (Twitter/Facebook) and participating on a team, I set up a Tumblr and started uploading photos to the domain

And the response has been amazing. The site bounced around our regional networks for a few months before the fantastic startup community we have here in Iowa got wind of it. Huge thanks to Megan at Silicon Prairie News for her write-up, as well as Sarah over at We Create Here and Geoff at Welch Avenue.

It’s a constant joy to see my photos on other sites, and used by so many different people and companies.

Josh adds: “Because we love supporting startups. Because we hated the pictures writers licensed for their articles. Because we love bringing the Iowa startup community to the rest of the world.”

Here are a few examples – many more at

tumblr_ndyvpvMyyT1tubinno1_1280 tumblr_ndyve8fmFa1tubinno1_r1_1280 Startup Stock Photos stock2 Startup Stock Photos Startup Stock Photos

Find the next Startup Weekend in Iowa at!

5 Things Every Designer Should Know When Dealing With Clients (Comic)

Interested in practicing your design skills, networking with your local startup community, or maybe even pitching that business idea you’ve been sitting on forever? Find a Startup Weekend near you…and GET STARTED!



Kickstart your Startup idea with SWZurich and 99designs!

Kickstart your Startup idea


Turning an idea into a successful business is one of the core learnings of the Startup Weekend. To kickstart your business idea and pitch it with passion to the crowd, there are a couple things you need to know.

Define your story

Storytelling is the key to successful branding. Big brands define themselves through stories. It’s like when you were a kid and just loved those bed-time fairy tales. Tell your teammates, prospects and investors a great old-school story that made you set up your business. You will much likely get their attention and hit them right back in their childhood emotions. There is no way they’re not going to remember you after that forever.

Be different

Find out who your competitors are, what they are doing and what they look like. And then: Do the exact opposite! You don’t want to look like a copy-cat or always having to answer the same question: “Oh so you are just like competitor XXX, right?” . NO! Do your own thing, and use your story to define your brand and communication strategy.


Use the power of design

Your idea is supposed to become a brand at some point. Your brand components will help you attract and retain customers. A memorable logo design is the key to reach that goal. Designing a logo is just the beginning of building a brand that people will love and it will help you lay the foundations for all your collaterals.

Your brand identity should be consistent on all channels. It is therefore very important to look professional from your letterheads to your twitter background. At 99designs, we help entrepreneurs to kick off their business with a  Brand Identity Pack that includes:

  • Logo Design
  • Business cards
  • Letterhead
  • Envelope
  • Social Media

Offering affordable Brand Identity solutions to Startups. Go to the 99designs blog to find inspiration! Good luck on kickstarting your startup idea!

99designs supports Startup weekend with vouchers to all participants and …. amazing prizes for the awarded team!!

10 tips from mentors at the #SWDub

Startup Weekend Dublin attracts a very high calibre of coaches and mentors with expertise and background in design, business, and technology. We reached out to 10 of them for tips and here’s what they said.

10. Don’t ask prospective customers if they will use your product. They almost always say Yes. Instead, ask about their experience, find the pain points and see if what you offer is really a solution – Louise Caldwell



9. Co-Creation is very important when it comes to execution – David Tighe

wangfeng print


8. Never be afraid to ask – Lisa Domican



7. Always remember to know nothing – Conor Nolan



6. Tell a story, goddammit – Ed Fidgeon Kavanagh



5. Have a killer tagline – Chico Charlesworth



4. Kill every bias and expectations; and when it comes to coding, less is more – Adrian Mihai



3. People are lazy and will keep doing the same thing, so build software that’d help them do things efficiently –  Ian Lucey



2. Forget about the tech today and just focus on the consumer’s needs – Alex Beregszaszi



1. Focus on one thing and keep it simple – Paul Watson & Serena Fistch


All Photos credits to Compfight CC

This Year's Color Pallette

largeHave you noticed that the RVA Startup Weekend color palette is a little… purple? Very different from last year’s green! That’s because we chose to use the 2014 Pantone Color of the year: Radiant Orchard.

“Radiant Orchid blooms with confidence Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 9.08.14 PMand magical warmth that intrigues the eye and sparks the imagination. It is an expressive, creative and embracing purple—one that draws you in with its beguiling charm. A captivating harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones, Radiant Orchid emanates great joy, love and health.”

How could we say no to a color that “intrigues the eye and sparks imagination”!? This year’s images are all thanks to the team at Campfire & Co. Feel free to share them, and don’t forget to get our Twibbon!

sticker_purple-yellowStartup Weekend TwibbonGet-Twibbon:


Introducing UP Global's New Program Brands

UP Global’s design team is tasked with visually communicating how and why UP Global works. Not just by what colors are chosen, or by the shape of a logo, but by giving each program an identity that ties it to the whole organization.

Design is so simple, it’s complicated. Companies have tried and failed to visually tell their story and provide a clear brand narrative. With months of hard work behind us, and even more ahead, we hope UP Global’s design will help take your events and impact to the next level.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

– Steve Jobs

UP Global is the overarching parent brand and underlying foundation of all activity within our organization. Programs like Startup Weekend, Startup Next, and Startup Education, while important on their own, must be built upon a stable foundation to have longevity.

This system reflects the way our community operates: We all lead unique programs, events, and local efforts, but we come together under one entrepreneurial movement and share many common goals for bettering our own communities and the world as a whole.


This brand structure and hierarchy is called a ‘House-Blend’. This is an architecture based on sub-brands with added credibility coming from the parent brand. Each program has unique offerings and benefits, yet are connected by visual cues and a similar naming structure. By using this system, we can not only house all programs under the UP brand, but connect them in a way that adds recognition and trust.

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 7.36.24 PM

Our Logo

Our logo is the flagship element of our brand and one of the most visible elements in our identity system. This mark provides a universal signature across all UP Global communications, necessitating meticulous care and consideration when using it.

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 10.39.03 AM

When creating a new brand for one of UP’s programs, the design team asks four key questions: Does the logo represent the core values of the program? Will the subject matter be universally recognizable? Does it fit within the brand system? And lastly, is it aesthetically pleasing?

Here are some quick descriptions of the meaning behind each program logo:

Startup Weekend, UP GlobalStartup Weekend: The Startup Weekend logo represents two fundamental elements of the program; the beaker, which speaks to the creative aspect while the figures inside represent the importance of team. However, the real soul of the brand lies in its interactive qualities. Much like the version before it, the Startup Weekend brand was created to be used and built upon. One look at the event t-shirt wall in UP’s Seattle HQ says it all. Image after image created using the logo – tweaked to represent individual community personalities. This is where the heart and soul of this identity system lies.



Startup Next, UP Global, Accelerator

Startup Next: If Startup Next’s logo could be summed up in one line, it would be: helping your startup find the direction it needs. The logo uses a rocket – an iconic image known well in the entrepreneurial community, but gives it a fresh twist by combining it with a compass rose – a representation of finding direction. These two elements work together to create a mark that can grow and evolve along with the leading global pre-accelerator – Startup Next.


Startup Digest, UP Global, Reading ListsStartup Digest: Startup Digest’s branding combines the image of a mailing stamp and a newsletter in one cohesive mark. The logo was created to be an efficient, readable anchor for the brand, aimed at communicating the brand’s evergreen, core elements.


Startup Education, UP Global, EducationStartup Education: When looking for something iconic to represent the spirit of both entrepreneurship and education, our design team kept coming back to the same answer; the lightbulb is a globally understood icon for thought, ideas, and innovation – the “ah-ha!” moment present in both entrepreneurship and education . On the other end of the mark is the pencil. Not only is this a recognized icon of education, it puts the thoughts and ideas of the light bulb into action, which is evocative of the entrepreneurial spirit.

The design team is continuing to roll out updated branding for older programs as well as new branding for Startup Week and Entrepreneurs Across Borders.