MEET the Facilitator

For most of the Startup Weekend addicts Michell Cuevas doens’t need any introduction, he is one of the pilars of Startup Weekend, currently working as Senior Director atTechstars.
Do you want to know more? Keep reading and meet him at Bergen Startup Weekend!
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MEET – the Mentors

Mentors will guide the teams during the coming Startup Weekend, Vegard Jørmeland is a young and dynamic entrepreneur, he is the Problem Solver!

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CrateKit tops the list of three teams receiving prizes at Startup Weekend Athens OH. . .but everybody wins

Thirty-five participants on six teams started out with ideas on Friday night and by Sunday night had created product concepts, researched markets, and devised business models. Three teams won prizes, but the members of all the teams walked away with new skills, new contacts, new confidence in their ability to create new enterprises.

And now, the results are in. Judges at Startup Weekend Athens (Ohio) selected the winning presentations of the new products and businesses developed over the weekend.

Team "CrateKit" takes home first place during the competition. (©2015 Jillyann Burns/Ohio University)
Team “CrateKit” takes home first place during the competition. (©2015 Jillyann Burns/Ohio University)

First place: CrateKit
Modular, reusable, palletized shipping containers

Inefficient and wasteful shipping methods frustrate skilled installers and cause delays on the job site. Our design meets a gap in current shipping concepts and is modifiable to meet the needs of a given contractor. Our stackable, collapsible containers would be filled as kits, customized to the installer’s job. They would replace the current bulk shipping methods that deliver unsorted parts in cardboard boxes to a contractor’s job site.

This modification is cost effective and will improve installer productivity as it increases efficiency, adds quality control, and reduces product loss through data-driven inventory management. Since this innovation eliminates the bulk-purchasing model and increases accessibility to solar products, it may create a DIY market among homeowners.
Team members Anthony Buchla, Jennifer Dockham, Kevin Johnson, and Michelle Surerus built prototypes, researched the needs of contractors and solar installers, and mocked up a web site, producing a convincing case for the market viability of the CrateKit concept.

Team "Combat Interactions" take home second place in the competition. (©2015 Jillyann Burns/Ohio University)
Team “Combat Interactive” takes home second place in the competition. (©2015 Jillyann Burns/Ohio University)

Second place: Combat Interactive
Have fun with realistic fighting scenarios and martial arts training.

Combat Interactive is a content provider for the emerging virtual and augmented reality market. We are creating a software system that will bring virtual reality (VR) technologies together to provide an immersive and interactive environment that takes user interaction to a new level. Our current objective is providing martial arts themed games and experiences to build an active community and customer base in a content-starved market. This will position us as an established media brand in a rapidly growing segment while laying the groundwork for building an industry-leading disruptive market platform for virtual and augmented reality content/systems.
Martial arts instructor Amy Miller and her teammates, Michael Greive, John Herbert, Zach Perrault, and Peter Shoup, Wilson Taylor, started with the idea of a sensor-based martial arts practice platform and then recast their idea into the emerging world of immersive, three-dimensional gaming.

Team "Laundry Caddy" takes home third place in the competition. (©2015 Jillyann Burns/Ohio University)
Team “Laundry Caddy” takes home third place in the competition. (©2015 Jillyann Burns/Ohio University)

Third Place: Laundry Caddy
Organizing life’s little chores.
Our product conveniently organizes laundry supplies for transportation

The Laundry Caddy team, Lori Bentz, Josh Coury, Patrick Kelly, and Anna Sowash, scoped out the market and designed and produced prototypes for two levels of product to help students and apartment dwellers carry their laundry supplies to their building’s laundry facility or a laundromat.

Laundry Caddy also won the audience-choice voting.

The prize packages, which include goods and services totaling several thousand dollars in value, are shown here:

Startup Weekend Athens participants and organizers pose for a group picture. (©2015 Jillyann Burns/Ohio University)

Startup Weekend Athens participants and organizers pose for a group picture. (©2015 Jillyann Burns/Ohio University)

Entrepreneurship – Global Startup Week


The first time I heard the word “Entrepreneur”, it was said by a fairly older gentleman, who frantically walked on the stage, waved his arms about and kept saying the word like it was a sort of mantra. We all laughed, my friends and I. Frankly, we never had the intention of paying attention that morning.We just found him to be someone we could point our fingers and laugh at. That was 12 years ago and I didn’t know it back then, but astoundingly, I find myself in a similar position the man on the stage was in. Figuratively, I find myself trying to convince a sceptical audience of the concept of a start up or an idea, and figuratively, the criticisms and questioning feels like the audience pointing a finger and laughing at me.

I suppose I can finally understand what the old man was on about. The feeling of bringing an idea to life is an exciting prospect. It’s a promise of a dream you can provide yourself with and an intangible sense of purpose that is finally, potentially, attainable. But beyond all the ‘fairy-tales’ and ‘lofty ideals’, start-ups aren’t a very novel concept obviously. The fruition of our imagination and our ideas is one of the fundamental characteristics of our species. The man who invented the wheel, the first farmer and the first carpenter could all be considered entrepreneurs. Being entrepreneurs is who we are. We are living in a wonderful time, full of challenges that need to be addressed and full of problems waiting for ingenious solutions. While the industrial revolution and the software bubble were the great start-up generators of our recent history, never in our collective memories as a society, have we faced the scale of challenges we face today, challenges that have the potential to affect every single person’s life. As potential entrepreneurs we are the answer to these challenges.

At the Global Start-up Week, we will provide entrepreneurs with every resource they need, expose them to ideas from across the world, have veterans put their ideas to the test and eventually select the team that may have the answer to questions we may not have even thought of yet.

As a potential entrepreneur, you will have everything you require to leave your mark on this world. All you need to do is use your imagination.

– Anirudh Valluri.

Startup Weekend Hyderabad (GlobalStartupBattle) will be held on 20th – 22nd of November, 2015 at T-Hub, Gachibowli. To participate, please register at

Meet These Startup Weekend Participants

Today we meet two very different profiles, the teenager and the serial Entrepreneur, both former participants of  Startup Weekend Bergen. They share with us their experience and their insights.

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MEET – Startup Weekend Participants

In this series of posts, we attempt to pick the brains of previous participants of the Bergen Startup Weekend through short interviews where they talk about their experience.

Do you identify yourself with one of them?

Do you want to be one of them?

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NEXT High School Will Host Startup Weekend Greenville 2015

The inaugural Startup Weekend Greenville launched last October was hosted by The Iron Yard. This year we are bringing Startup Weekend back to Greenville the weekend of November 13th and there’s a new venue in town. NEXT High School has graciously agreed to host the community at their facility on 2000 Wade Hampton Boulevard. Their space is up-fitted specifically to meet our needs: open floor plans; flexible spaces; places to meet; room for serendipity; natural light; and plenty of whiteboards and EXPO markers.

You may be thinking, what is NEXT High School? Their mission is to prepare young people for life (after school). It’s an admirable aim because in today’s public education environments, there are only a few things in school that align with life outside of school. For example, after school, adults are rarely segregated by age; hardly ever take written tests; and typically only pursue knowledge that interests them or advances their career. That’s why the leaders of NEXT High School strive daily to prepare their students for life by challenging them to begin their life now.

Impact Over Everything

At NEXT High School, an Impact-Based Learning™ model is used for education. Impact-Based Learning™ at NEXT High School gives their students (Peers) the chance to create real-world value now by building businesses, non-profits, inventions, events, intellectual property, and more—while they are still students, and before they know that they “can’t” change the world.

We believe the mission and values of NEXT High School align wholeheartedly with the core purpose of Startup Weekend: to help people lead fulfilling lives and create value for society. By partnering with us in this endeavor, NEXT High School exemplifies a true community supporter, bringing people together for the benefit of economic growth within entrepreneurship. Together we’ll be supporting tomorrow’s forward thinking leaders in the startup community.

Learn more about NEXT High School.

Join Startup Weekend Greenville!

Startup Weekend Greenville

Stay tuned for more information about Global Startup Battle and how Startup Weekend Greenville is the first step on your journey.

Startup Weekend is proof of growing startup culture in Kuwait


Third Startup Weekend Kuwait took its place from September 17 to 19 in Al Tijaria Tower. The event was very important to all people who are into startups and coding. It was organized by startup enthusiasts Salah Alrefai, Ahmad Marafi, Ana Tadic, Mijbel AlQattan, Hashim Bahbahani and Tariq Nimer. From almost 200 registered participants in only 3 weeks, 135 of them attended the event which can be considered as a great success.

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Se familiariser avec l'esprit d'entreprendre

Entreprendre… soit ça fait peur, soit on se lance dans l’aventure.
Mais que nous soyons prêts à passer le cap ou non, il faut pouvoir se familiariser !
→ Connaître les termes, les astuces, savoir monter un business plan, une stratégie de communication, savoir s’entourer des bonnes personnes et surtout savoir présenter son projet de manière efficace !

Combien de personnes croisons-nous dans notre vie, avec une idée géniale mais la boule au ventre à l’idée de la développer, de quitter son petit confort pour se lancer dans l’aventure ? Peut-être est-ce votre cas ?

Voilà une bonne raison de participer à un Startup Weekend !

54 heures pour tester et innover :

Vous avez une idée, vous pensez quelle pourrait servir au plus grand nombre d’entre-nous. Mais vous ne savez pas comment faire, qui aller voir en premier. Vous ne savez pas si cette idée deviendrait un succès.

Tant et tant de question qui remettent votre projet à demain, puis à après-demain. Au final, 1 an après, votre idée est restée dans votre tête.


Participer au Startup Weekend vous permettra de concrétiser votre rêve, de franchir le pas.

54 heures pour rencontrer des personnes inspirantes.
Bref, un weekend de pure créativité, de fun. « No talk, all action ». Pas de doute, pas de panique, vous faites et c’est ça qui est génial !

Après ces 54 heures, vous saurez si votre projet est viable, vous saurez si votre idée peut se transformer en sucess story parce que vous l’aurez testée et vous aurez toutes les clés en main pour continuer l’aventure, avec une équipe de choc !

54 heures pour tester ses limites :

Le Startup Weekend vous servira également à dépasser vos limites, à sortir de votre confort.
Vous le savez, ces 3 jours débuteront par un Pitch Fire : les porteurs de projets auront 1 minute pour présenter leur idée.
À la suite de ce « concours », les équipes se formeront et certains projets ne seront peut être pas retenus car l’équipe ne sera pas au complet. Qu’à cela ne tienne. Gardez votre idée en tête et impliquez-vous sur un autre projet.

Pourquoi ?
Parce que vous avez des connaissances et des expériences qui pourront servir aux autres.
Parce qu’en participant à la création d’un autre projet, vous apprendrez tout autant et vous familiariserez avec l’entrepreneuriat. Vous n’en ressortirez que grandi. Un bon level up pour regarder la vie avec un nouveau regard dès le lundi matin.

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Startup Weekend to kickstart Pangasinan entrepreneurs



The Province of Pangasinan, wired by its quality human resources, potential IT locations and corporate assets, bolsters its entrepreneurial ecosystem by partaking in the first-ever Startup Weekend in Northern Luzon. Hosted by Pangasinan ICT Council, it debuts in Lingayen on November 6-8 at Narciso Ramos Sports and Civic Center.

Startup Weekend serves as a catalyst for individuals to share their ideas, explore opportunities, and take risks in a safe environment with access to proper tools.

Pangasinenses with different skillsets – primarily developers, coders, designers, business people, and students with technical background – are qualified to join the three-day event.

The Provincial Government has always been supportive of events that showcase young Pangasinenses’ ideas and talents. Time has come for the young to co-create the future of our province that we envisioned for the next generation, their children and their children’s children. Let them excel through technology, let them be heard and be mentored through events like this,” says Pangasinan Governor Amado T. Espino, Jr.

The Information and Communications Technology Office of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST-ICTO) also expressed support for the Startup Weekend which is part of a global movement to spawn fast-growing ICT businesses in the Philippines.

A key facet of the Startup Weekend – and a central value for participants – is the spirit of complete collaboration and ownership. It shortens their way to success and eliminates early startup mistakes that inexperienced founders eventually encounter during the early phase of the business“, says Vanj Padilla, President of Pangasinan ICT Council (PICTC).

The mission
Participants embark on an intense 54-hour course which focuses on building from scratch a web or mobile application that could form the basis of a viable start-up business. No talk, all action.

Aspiring entrepreneurs get a minute to pitch their ideas before a vote is applied by a group. Contributors will split themselves among the selected projects to lend their skills in making the product. Teams will form organically, consolidate, and begin working. Curating the right mix of enthusiastic local participants is part of the magic of the Startup Weekend.

This experience shows how much can be achieved with limited time and resources. The fast pace requires teams to focus on the needs of the customer, and creating something that they actually want. It is common for teams to pivot to a new solution, or even a completely new idea after understanding their potential customers.

We’re teaching skills through the lens of entrepreneurship, but we’re also trying to have communities build themselves. At Startup Weekend, participants should secure their idea, and have passion to pursue it. Logically, to execute those ideas, they should know who their target market is“, says Tzar Umang, the Chief Operating Officer of Yolanda’s Atrium Events Services, and one of the event’s mentors.

After spending the weekend testing the market, developing a business plan, and building a product, each team has five minutes to pitch their product to a panel of expert judges.

The winning team leaves with a handful of valuable prizes, including potentially meeting with venture capitalists who are interested in continuing development for their products. They will also be given the opportunity to compete nationally, and represent the country in the global scale.

Should you choose to accept the challenge to kickstart your business idea, learn some new skills or just be part of a fun filled weekend with a group of passionate forward thinking locals, then register today at

In promotion of the first Startup Weekend Pangasinan, this blog post is the first of a series by and for the startup community in Pangasinan. All inquiries can be directed to