Come See Techstars at SXSW 2018!

It’s almost time to kick off another year at SXSW in Austin! The local Techstars team is excited to welcome the Techstars worldwide network and attendees from around the globe to our city.

Here is a quick rundown of where to find Techstars at SXSW:

Wednesday, March 7th

11:30 AM – 12 PM – From Dorm Room to Board Room

Presented by Blackstone Charitable Foundation: In an increasingly competitive landscape, universities strive to provide students with meaningful experiential education opportunities in entrepreneurship and beyond to ensure they are best prepared to meet workforce demands. Blackstone Launchpad and Techstars will discuss how best to support and scale experiential education programs to help students create their own opportunities, build strong networks, and create impact benefitting the institution, and the wider community.

6-8 PM Blackstone Launchpad Engagement & Panel

The Blackstone Charitable Foundation and Techstars invites you to join us for a reception celebrating student entrepreneurship in Texas. The event will include a pitch competition featuring student entrepreneurs from Texas A&M, UT Austin, and UT Dallas.

Saturday, March 10th

9 AM – 5 PM Techstars Lounge  

The Techstars Austin program is opening our doors to founders, mentors, community leaders, staff and partners who are visiting during SXSW. We’ll have snacks throughout the day. Come by to hang out, fuel up, and take meetings. Thank you so much to Samsung NEXT for partnering with us on the lounge!

10 AM – 12 PM Female Founders Brunch – Let’s Talk Funding  

Please join us at the Techstars and Samsung NEXT Lounge for a female founders brunch where we will discuss funding opportunities and challenges with VCs. Panelists include Maya Baratz, Managing Director at Techstars, Suzy Ryoo, Venture Partner at Atom Factory & Cross Culture Ventures, Nicole Quinn, Partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners, Katherine Cheun, Managing Director at Open Road Holdings, and Sutian Dong, Partner at Female Founders Fund.

2 PM Powered by – Alumni of Techstars Accelerator

Year after year, SXSW attendees return to the Comcast Social Media Lounge to connect, recharge, and learn about the latest in innovation, technology, entertainment, product and more. Comcast’s compelling panel discussions with industry experts and influencers are the highlight and centerpiece of the lounge. Maya Baratz (Managing Director of Comcast NBCUniversal LIFT Labs Accelerator, Powered by Techstars) will be moderating a panel of Techstars alumni for an engaging discussion about Techstars. Panelists include Chris Nickless of Vilpsy, James Meier of Synervoz Communications Inc, Meridith Unger of Nix, Sarah Adler of Spoon University, and Dawn Dickson of PopCom.

Sunday, March 11th

11-11:45 AM Get Funded – How to Pitch

Join Maya Baratz, Managing Director Comcast NBCUniversal LIFT Labs Accelerator, Powered by Techstars, to learn how to craft a compelling pitch for investors that will help your company get funded. This session will focus on teaching participants how to structure their pitch, how to build a complementary deck, and how to deliver the pitch to get the right result.

11 AM-5 PM YurHouse powered by Samsung NEXT

The events of 2017 catalyzed a formidable movement, and it’s beginning to shift power structures across industries and behavioral norms from the ground floor to the C-suite. Women are speaking truth and being heard, from the gilded stage of the Golden Globe Awards to newsrooms to dinner-table conversations. Game-changing firms KITE & DFlash want to build on this movement’s momentum and do our part to change the status quo in tech.

With our unique position at the intersection of Enterprise+Startups, Brands & Culture, we asked ourselves, “What if we can help address both power/access and pipeline issues? What if we can shine a light on great female founders and bring together the broader ecosystem to address the power/access challenge together?” This provocation has prompted us to create an event that will feature 100% women speakers/presenters, office hours hosted by female VCs and executives, and a gathering place for people from across the tech industry. Maya Baratz of Techstars will be in attendance.

For the first time during SXSW 2018, YurHouse by DFlash & KITE will be the go-to destination for SXSW Interactive attendees seeking welcome, innovative & inclusive programming, podcasts, startup competitions, networking and a quiet place to work and recharge. Everything we do will embody our mission: Our house is YurHouse.

Monday, March 12th

Pitch Competition for Underrepresented Founders, with AWS + We Power Tech

The future of tech is every color, gender, belief, origin, and community. The future of tech is accessible, flexible, and inclusive. To spread this message at SXSW and beyond, Capital Factory is hosting a Pitch Competition for Underrepresented Founders in collaboration with the AWS Startup Team and AWS We Power Tech. Join judges Arlan Hamilton, Founder & Managing Director @ Backstage Capital, Dana Callender, Co-founder & Chief Operations Officer @ DivInc, Lara Jeremko, Founder & Managing Partner @ Beyond Ventures, Roger Chen, Principal @ Silverton Partners, Zain Gulamali, Manager @ Amazon Alexa Fund, and Zoe Schlag, Managing Director @ Techstars Impact to cheer on participating companies.

Bringing a Focus to the Latinx Tech Community

One of the first projects I got to work on when I joined the Kapor Center in 2016 was helping to launch the first Startup Weekend: Latinx in Tech here in Oakland. We brought together more than one-hundred Latinx entrepreneurs, coaches, and mentors over the course of a three-day weekend to conceptualize product ideas, pitch them, and form teams to turn their ideas into action.

Startup Weekend is a powerful way to turn tech dreams into reality over the course of just a few days.

This one was particularly important to me and my colleagues, however. The Latinx community is the second largest ethnic group in America, made up of 52 million people and yet there still are very few initiatives in the tech space directly serving our communities.

I say “communities,” rather than the “community,” because as the 2016 Latinx Startup Weekend showed, we are incredibly diverse. It’s one thing to know that Latins is an ethnic designation, rather than a race.

This diversity was wonderfully apparent at the first Startup Weekend, where we saw Latinx entrepreneurs from all different racial backgrounds bring their own lived experience to the table. It was a deeply powerful event, and we soon received requests from other cities to bring this energy to the national stage in 2017.

Last fall, I was excited to collaborate once again with my colleague and friend, Carolina Huaranca to make this a reality on a larger scale, when we partnered with 2 national organizations,  Techqueria and Techstars, to reach our target audiences in brand new cities with large Latinx populations..

How We United the Latinx Population Across America

Our vision for the 2017 event was to bring together participants in Oakland, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami and New York to design tech solutions to the specific problems affecting the Latinx communities in each city

In less than three months, we went from event concept to formalizing organizers in five cities with weekly advisement to bring 300+ community members across the country together in one weekend.

Navigating the Unexpected

Of course, things come up. Late into our planning we were faced with the unexpected as Hurricane Irma hit Florida, stalling the Miami Startup Weekend organizing team. After working hard to rally, the team on the ground ultimately decided to pull out and focus on crucial community rebuilding efforts.

We hope to welcome them this year as they are strong representation of our community who exemplify strength and resilience. Only a few days later Hurricane Maria devastated the island of Puerto Rico, affecting even more of our organizers and participants.

But one thing tech knows how to do is to pivot.

Organizers encouraged participants to tackle recovery issues using tech and entrepreneurship, and in three of our cities, top-placing teams focused on prototyping recovery and disaster relief solutions. It showed that the Latinx community can come together to channel their talents to help one another through action and innovation.  

Celebrating Success

Despite all of the challenges, Oakland, Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago organizing teams led this first ever national Latinx in tech entrepreneurship initiative to  success – we helped activate four cities, brought together +300 community members, launched +30 prototypes/startups in 54 hours. 

Each city provided curated skill-building in lean startup methodologies with local ecosystem mentors that included local experienced entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and industry experts.

Over the 54 hours of the event, we were able to activate an action-focused Latinx in tech community in four ecosystems across the country with strong leadership. Participation culminated in over  300 community members, including participants, mentors, coaches, judges, and volunteers.

We also got people talking about this new and exciting national initiative. Social media exploded in excitement and interest with 4.2k overall  tweets, and over 100 contributors on the platform.

By the end of the weekend, over 30 new venture prototypes had been pitched, ranging drone technology to assessing infrastructure damage of natural disasters, to talent matching using digital platforms for small businesses, to creating a marketplace to connect doctors on a global scale.

We’re excited to have helped demystify tech entrepreneurship for our diverse, multicultural LatinX community  and ignited desire for change and leadership in each city.

Only the beginning…

By 2060, over a quarter of the entire U.S. population will be Latinx. That’s about 119 million people, and over a trillion dollar market of creators and consumers that remains untapped.

We are excited to continue bringing more spotlight to the Latinx in Tech community through our efforts at the Kapor Center and in collaboration with partners, like Techstars and others who share the goal of increasing activating the potential of this inspiring community.

Through the last two years of Latinx Startup Weekends, we’ve seen how the lived experiences of our entrepreneurs make them uniquely qualified to identify problems specific to the Latinx community and design tech-enabled solutions.

This is where our story starts and we’re excited to see the continued growth and success of Latinx in Tech across America. Stay tuned for more details about 2018’s national initiatives!

This post was originally published in Medium.

FINNOSUMMIT: Evento Fintech de referencia reúne al mejor talento emergente de toda América Latina.

¿Cómo afectará la nueva realidad digital a los servicios financieros? ¿De qué manera se integrarán las startups y los ecosistemas digitales a la concepción tradicional de la banca?


¿Qué nuevos cambios aparecerán como resultado del debate para la redefinición de la industria? Integrantes de la comunidad Fintech tratarán de resolver éstos y otros interrogantes en el evento FINNOSUMMIT, una cita imprescindible para los profesionales y expertos de este sector en todo el mundo.

El próximo 10 de septiembre 2015 México DF acogerá FINNOSUMMIT en el Centro Cultural Roberto Cantoral. Se trata de una conferencia participativa, abierta e inspiradora, pensada para conectar a los innovadores y emprendedores Fintech en México DF y en toda Latinoamérica.

Desde Techstars, somos colaboradores de esta conferencia que se ha posicionado como evento de referencia para los profesionales y expertos del sector Fintech de todo el mundo.

Anímate y consulta la agenda. Ya puedes conseguir tu boleto con un 20% de descuento por pertenecer a nuestra comunidad y ser uno de los 300 asistentes que formen parte de la transformación de la industria financiera. Para más información, escribe a para conseguir el código.

Los más prestigiosos expertos en innovación, emprendimiento y servicios financieros de todo el mundo como Startupbootcamp o Conekta compartirán escenario con entidades financieras líderes en innovación como BBVA, Grupo Santander, Banregio, SWIFT y Gentera, entre otros para explorar las oportunidades y los retos de la disrupción Fintech en el mercado Latinoamericano.

El mundo de las finanzas y los bancos está sufriendo una transformación liderada por las startups y las nuevas tecnologías de modo que los bancos deben sumergirse en esta gran ola de innovación que viene golpeando a la industria financiera desde hace tiempo, incluso en América Latina.

Un claro ejemplo del gran talento emergente y de la gran competitividad de este tipo de iniciativas lo comprobaremos gracias a las startups Fintech finalistas de la región latinoamericana de BBVA Open Talent 2015 ­la competición de startups que busca a las empresas Fintech más disruptivas del momento alrededor del mundo y en la que Finnovista colabora en la organización­ que presentarán sus proyectos en el marco de FINNOSUMMIT.

Startup Grind 2015

Tuve la oportunidad de asistir al evento de emprendimiento y comunidades organizado por Startup Grind en California para el año 2015. Un encuentro de alcance mundial en donde se  dieron cita personajes de alta relevancia en emprendimiento.

Startup Grind 2015 2

Es interesante poder ver el sentido de comunidad en su máxima expresión. Líderes de comunidad de UP Global compartiendo espacios y en varios casos, proyectos con directores de capítulos regionales de Startup Grind. Dos instituciones unidas por el fin común de desatar la capacidad emprendedora en el mundo.

Llegué al evento con expectativas altas, -siendo en el corazón de Silicon Valley con más de 1500 asistentes y una amplia difusión- y con total agrado puedo decir que fueron superadas. La articulación de actores es impresionante, se logró una dinámica de charlas con un contenido robusto y exitosamente eliminadas las conferencias de “esta es mi super startup, mira lo bien que me ha ido”. El formato de entrevista rápida es muy eficiente para generar preguntas de interés de la audiencia y no caer en el clásico adulamiento de los entrevistadores a los invitados.

A mi parecer, las siguientes son las intervenciones más relevantes del evento:

Gran carisma por parte de Vinod Khosla y su planteamiento sobre la experiencia en los negocios: “los expertos no siempre son las personas ideales para predecir el futuro debido a que efectivamente se convirtieron en expertos de cosas que ahora son parte del pasado”.  Es asombrosa la sencillez de un hombre con una fortuna neta superior a los 1,500 Millones de dólares que realmente se divierte escuchando a los asistentes y de par a par les sugiere, aconseja y hasta bromea con sus peticiones.

La apuesta de Google Ventures es clara. Según Bill Maris, el futuro de la salud humana está en una adecuada distribución de la tecnología que impacte problemas latentes de la población mundial y su supervivencia. Llegar hasta el punto en el que podamos dar por hecho un mundo sin cáncer, sin enfermedades y sin debilitación.

Paul Ahlstrom, fundador de Alta Ventures, nos presentó un video que ilustra de una manera genial lo que se siente y cómo se ve un caso de éxito emprendedor (ver aquí).

Una experiencia de muy alta calidad y que en realidad sirve para hacer un fuerte llamado a la acción. Pasar del asombro y la admiración por las historias de éxito a crear proyectos que cambien realidades y mejoren la vida de las personas.

Para más información de emprendimiento en Latinoamérica, conéctate con nosotros a través de Facebook, Twitter, o LinkedIn.

Preview: Tampa Bay Startup Week

There is much to discover and celebrate next week in Tampa!

I’ll be reporting from Tampa Bay Startup Week alongside John Cook from Geekwire, UP Global colleagues Marc NagerAndrew Hyde, Dave Parker, and a fantastic Tampa Bay team including Ryan Sullivan, Gregg Hilferding, Gracie Leigh Stemmer.

Tampa Bay Startup Week, Startup Week

The Tampa Bay startup community has prepared 5 full days of dynamic program tracks running at a range of nearby venues. You can get the unique Tampa Bay take on themes and verticals that are popular across the country like: Maker, Education, Veterans, Youth, and Social Impact. These tracks are complimented with tactical hands-on sessions run by community experts focused on Entrepreneurial Foundation and Coding.

Whether you want to find out more about the Tampa startup community, meet like-minded people, brush up on skills, listen to insightful fireside chats, or get some sage advice—you can design it all into your Tampa Bay Startup Week

If you want to take a break and recharge or get a feel for what’s happening on any given day, #ChaseBasecamp is your hub for the week. That’s where I’ll start planning each of my days. Here are just a few of the cool events already on my sched:

I’m a history buff, especially when visiting a city for the first time. I’m attending Plant and Ybor: Tampa’s Early Entrepreneurs and then the Ybor Walking Tour on Monday.  Tampa has been starting industries since the 1830’s. I’m interested to see how culture and entrepreneurship have combined historically.

Top things investors in the Tampa Bay area are looking for in new startups. Could be more proof that you don’t have to be in Silicon Valley or NYC for access to startup funding.

Playable City: Design your city.
Street art, urban design and food trucks. Outside—in February!

Craft Brew Entrepreneurs: Home brew testing and feedback.
Best. Mentoring. Gig. Ever.
I might slip out early for Playable City: Why Play?

Key traits of a fashion entrepreneur.  I want to see what’s happening in between the style hubs of NYC and Miami.

So that’s where I’ll be when I’m not at the parties, movie screenings, and other social events, capped off with an open skate party at Amalie Arena on Friday!

Even if you can’t be there in person you can follow along on facebook, twitter, instagram, and the Tampa Bay Startup Week event blog.

If you are part of the Tampa Bay community, now’s the time sign up. (I’m wait listed as some events are already full.)  I hope you can stop by #chasebasecamp and say hello to the amazing Chase and Tampa Bay teams that made this all possible.

#emerging   @startuptampa   #TBStartupWeek  Powered by Chase





Our Startup Weekend Story…introducing planabee

Planabee founders: Celina Ploskonka (left) and Laura Thomas (right)
Planabee founders: Celina Ploskonka (left) and Laura Thomas (right)

This is a guest post by Celina Ploskonka, founder of Planabee and Startup Weekend Sheffield attendee. Celina attended Startup Weekend in March 2014 and her team came in third at final presentations.

Last year I was lucky enough to win a ticket to Startup Weekend Sheffield, a three day event during which you work as part of a group to turn a concept into a minimum viable product. I went along to the event with very few expectations, having never attended an event like this previously, and it ended up being the starting point for our new and exciting business idea, planabee – a mobile website providing  people who plan events with a supplier search and booking system, event planning tool and social hub all in one place.

During the weekend I met a whole host of interesting and extremely useful people from a range of backgrounds and industries. It was a new and exciting experience to work alongside my ‘dream team’ and it gave me a real insight into the stages involved when developing a new product. I met some great people who provided me with inspiration and support throughout the weekend, and thereafter, which really got planabee off to the best possible start. Prior to this event I had very little experience in pitching a business idea to an audience, and in all honesty I found the idea completely terrifying, but after going on to finish third at the event not only was I really proud I also gained a huge confidence boost and have since gone on to do countless other pitches and presentations.

Since the Startup Weekend my business partner and I have been on a whirlwind journey and planabee has developed and come a long way since the initial idea. We’ve spent the past few months fine-tuning our concept, conducting thorough market research, finalising our business plan and looking into several funding options. We’re hopeful to begin our software development within the next few weeks, with the aim of launching our finish product to the market at the beginning of next year. Overall this has been a fantastic journey, which wouldn’t have come about if it wasn’t for Startup Weekend Sheffield, so we’re extremely grateful and would encourage any other young entrepreneurs to go along because you never know what you might get out of it!

Emprender: Se trata de encontrar tu lugar

En los últimos dos años he vivido tanto que parece que ha pasado más tiempo desde que formo parte del Ecosistema Emprendedor de Córdoba.

De casualidad me enteré que llegaba la primera edición de Startup Weekend a Córdoba, y sintiendo una gran curiosidad por saber de qué se trataba, decidí participar, sin saber que sería el primer paso al mundo emprendedor. Meses después,  dos personas que apenas conocía me invitaron a formar parte del equipo organizador de Startup Weekend, todavía no sé porque me lo propusieron a mí pero me animé a tomar el desafío. Todo esto fue antes de saber en profundidad sobre startups, lean startup, elevator pitch, entre otras palabras “raras” que usa la jerga emprendedora. En el momento en que acepté sumarme a Startup Weekend no imaginé que por vueltas de la vida, a semanas de la 2° edición del evento en Córdoba, quedaría sola a cargo de todo y que tendría que formar un nuevo equipo y garantizar una experiencia única a más de 100 personas ansiosas por vivir el evento. Así fue mi entrada al Ecosistema Emprendedor de Córdoba. Siempre voy a estar agradecida a Lucas y a Gonzalo Funes por darme esta gran oportunidad: ¡chicos ustedes cambiaron mi vida!

En sólo 24 meses, decidí dejar la famosa “zona de comfort” y jugarme por mis sueños. Desde ese momento comprendí que lo que más me hacía feliz era trabajar con y para emprendedores. Junto a un equipo increíble logramos cuatro ediciones de Startup Weekend Córdoba y ya se está trabajando en la quinta. Detectando la necesidad de nuevos espacios para conectar e inspirar, con Laly, amiga y  ahora socia creamos MÜV, una pequeña organización que busca dejar una huella en los emprendedores a través de experiencias innovadoras. Actualmente tenemos 3 eventos: MÜV Talks, Co-Founder Speed Dating y Emprendedores Anónimos.

El Ecosistema Emprendedor de Córdoba

Lo que más disfruto de toda esta experiencia que estoy viviendo, es formar parte del Ecosistema Emprendedor de Córdoba. En nuestro país, somos la única ciudad que ha logrado que todas las instituciones que tienen algo para brindar a los emprendedores trabajen en equipo para fortalecerse mutuamente. Son más de 40 instituciones que se reúnen mensualmente por un objetivo en común: Hacer crecer Córdoba. Este gran logro no fue fácil, y no sucedió de un día para el otro. Comenzó en el 2012 con la iniciativa del Secretario PyME y Desarrollo Emprendedor del Ministerio de Comercio, Industria, Minería y Desarrollo Científico Tecnológico de Córdoba. Con la excusa de la Global Entrepreneurship Week, desde la secretaría se propuso armar una agenda conjunta de actividades en esa semana para poder apoyarnos unos a otros ¿Qué aprendimos de esto? Si muchas instituciones hacen “su” evento en una misma semana y todos apuntan al mismo público, solo 10 personas irán a cada propuesta. Lección aprendida. El año siguiente, luego de varias reuniones, se logró que se aliaran las instituciones y armaran actividades en conjunto. Salió mejor, hubo mejor convocatoria. En la GEW del 2014, el desafío es un evento grande de un día de duración, donde todas las organizaciones, gobierno e instituciones del tercer sector trabajen en equipo por una misma causa. En unos meses les cuento cómo salió.


¿Qué me llevo de todo lo que viví?

Aunque suene muy trillado aprendí que “es solo una cuestión de actitud”, sé que tengo muchas cosas por aprender y muchos caminos por recorrer todavía, pero trabajando en equipo y teniendo en quién apoyarse todo es más fácil. Agradezco ser parte de este  Ecosistema Emprendedor que me permite seguir creciendo personal y profesionalmente y que al mismo tiempo es mi soporte.

Siempre es más fácil vivir en la zona de comfort, sin embargo desde que decidí ir por mis sueños y sumar mi granito de arena haciendo lo que más me gusta nunca fui más feliz.

Para más historias de nuestros líderes de comunidad síguenos en Facebook, Twitter, y LinkedIn.

Bergen Startup Digest – "back to school"

Startup Digest

Today we’re serving a few hundred subscribers weekly with a curated overview of the best startup and tech events in the Bergen region. And we’re happy to include those startup curious students of those hundreds of students that are moving to Bergen.

[ Selv om vi skriver nyhetsbrevene på engelsk, gjennomføres langt på vei de fleste arrangementene vi fremhver på norsk. Oversette siden til norsk? Se Google Translate.]

If you’re not yet subscribed to the Bergen Startup Digest your fast track is right HERE (then click the confirmation link in your inbox). This is also a smart address to place on your home screen on your phone or tablet if you’ll be referring new subscribers 🙂

Bergen Startup Digest qr code

After you’ve signed up, you should consider adding one or more of the reading lists.

A small collection of urls relevant to Startup Digest:

PS If you live outside Bergen (or Oslo or Norway), maybe you’re the next Startup Digest Curator in your community?

How Mobile Is Changing The Event Experience

This article was originally published on Forbes

For every flower-crowned, hippie-flavored photo that hit your Facebook feed this year during Coachella, you have an event organizer to thank.  For every dinner party that you brag about on Instagram, or every free gallery that you tweet about, an event planner somewhere deserves a pat on the back.

American students, entrepreneurs and artists each seek the occasions and communities in which they do their best work. In the bars, lecture halls, and hotels where these individuals gather, there is evidence for a growing sector of the American economy.

This economy includes the smartphone technologies that make taxi rides more productive and cute doggies more shareable. It also includes the job sector responsible for organizing the food, Ferris wheels, and tech celebrities that may appear at your next work event.

It is the marriage of these developing sectors– that of mobile technology and event organization– which will define the next five years of how you attend social and professional functions.

FounderShotKarl White, left, and Todd Goldberg are the cofounders of event-management app Eventjoy

The Bureau of Labor Statistics ranked ‘Meeting/Event Planner’ as the fourth most-rapidly growing job title in the United States in 2012. Labor metrics have also indicated sustained growth in the events market since 2003, and with the help of a burgeoning tech-sector, domestic event planning is projected to grow by an additional 31,000 jobs through 2020– an increase of approximately 43%.

Most Americans will attend (or plan) a variety of professional, academic, and commemorative gatherings during fiscal year 2015, and a growing majority will do so with smart phones in-hand.

“I think we’ve chosen correctly in our focus on mobile… Smartphone penetration has already surpassed two-thirds of all US mobile subscribers [and] this trend will only continue to grow,” Todd Goldberg, a cofounder at mobile-app Eventjoy said. “It means exciting things for both attendees and organizers.”

Goldberg and partner Karl White founded Eventjoy in 2013 to coordinate event hosts and attendees through their smartphones. Eventjoy has recently added an ‘organizer app’ to their offering for planners, including a simple interface with which to check guests in, track sales, and receive push notifications.

Eventjoy serves as a fee-free ticketing solution for planners, and has predominantly focused on attendee-users in the past. It has been implemented at more than 2000 events in 14 countries, and takes advantage of new, smartphone-enabled planners in the workforce.

“We reach out to organizers and offer our mobile product for free, as a way to complement their ticketing solution,” Goldberg said. “Very few events offer a mobile app for guests to stay connected, and there are naturally higher expectations at tech events because attendees are more of the early-adopter type.”

There are also naturally higher pressures on attendees who don’t want to be at an event. These are the attendees who would rather be at the hotel after a day of conference participation, than attending the non-mandatory procession of stand-ups, happy hours, and executive-led flash mob dances that often occur in the wake of a long workday.

“If you can better organize the small activities that accompany a big conference, it alleviates a lot of stress for the attendee,” Goldberg said. “We’ve been successful in [conference-organization] by meeting attendees on their phones, and we want to do the same for organizers.”

Eventjoy gives attendees and hosts the ability to prioritize events while on the go, and accurately judge the time commitments of their schedule. They can use the app to provide feedback to hosts, navigate unfamiliar workspaces and interact with a team’s holistic schedule of events. Goldberg also noted that when planners oversee a series of events, mobile coordination with their clientele works to increase engagement.

Eventbrite, a forerunner and direct competitor in ticketing and curating events, has recently diversified into hardware and field support for event organizers. Like Eventjoy, Eventbrite allows users to search, buy admission to, and follow the events of their choice.

“We operate in a competitive space,” Goldberg said.“We observed ‘a race to the bottom’ in regard to ticket fees, and saw the fee-free option as a great opportunity…[additionally] it’s our focus on mobile that sets us apart.”

The event-planning sector will predictably continue to search for easier ways to gather feedback data, and lower the cost of administering events in a crowded market. Mobile is poised to offer event planners an easier means of oversight, and event attendees an easier means of saying thanks.

And while this might not make going to Coachella any cheaper, it may help develop a next wave of technologically integrated social events.

Startup Weekend Skopje FAQ Part 1

Do you know what Startup Weekend is? Have you ever participated in one? Do you know how to successfully pitch your idea? Here are some of the questions that most of you ask themselves when it comes to this event.

That is why we would like to explain in details what are the benefits of being part of SW Skopje, throughout a series of questions and answers.

Feel free to contact us on for more questions.

What kind of ideas can I pitch at the event?

On most of the events, people pitch ideas regarding web-based or mobile applications. But you can be different. You can pitch ideas about specific physical product or something that has not worked in the past for you, and now you think that is a good idea to make it happened.

Overall, everything that you think is innovative, interesting and worth becoming a business, you can present it at the Startup Weekend Skopje.

How do I pitch the idea, if I don’t have enough experience in presenting?

Well Startup Weekend is here to make that part easier for you. At the event you are going to be mentored by the best specialists in the field of entrepreneurship, marketing experts, members of startup companies that have developed their presentation skills and have experience in pitching their ideas at startup events, skilled presenters, orators and entrepreneurs who will give you the best advises on how you can develop and improve their presentation skills.

A part from the event, we are also organizing boot-camps and meet-ups in different towns in Macedonia, where you will meet our mentors and start working on your idea even before the event.

Can my idea be stolen?

Startup Weekend pitches are done in an open forum and no non-disclosures will be signed. If you are really concerned about your idea being stolen, by all means keep it private. But remember, it`s not just about the idea, but about the team behind it, that counts.