Startup Weekend Skopje will be facilitated by Çelik Nimani

We are very excited to present Çelik Nimani who will be the facilitator of this year`s SW Skopje.

Çelik NimaniFacilitators are members of the SW community: past or current Startup Weekend Organizers who have undergone a basic training process on how to properly manage the tone/feel and logistics of a Startup Weekend event. As all Facilitators have successfully organized a Startup Weekend of their own, in addition to their contribution to managing the event itself, they are also a great resource for advice on event organizing best practices.

Çelik is a passionate entrepreneur and community developer, being directly involved with start-ups and entrepreneurs in the Balkan Region for many years, and helping shape the start-up scene of Kosovo. He joined Appsix as Managing Partner and Advisor in beginning 2014, growing the company together with the co-founders towards profitability and new partnerships. He recently stepped into the Chief Operation Officer Role, where he is responsible for the day to day operations and management of the overall business.

Çelik is also the founder of Digjitale, a leading source for startups and entrepreneurs in Western Balkans since 2012. He was involved for more than 3 years with the Norwegian based company Athene Kosovo L.L.C, responsible for projects in Kosovo and the Balkans, as well as co-responsible for the further development of the company branch in Kosovo. Çelik was one the key persons behind the establishment of the first business incubator in Kosovo, Innovation Centre Kosovo, working directly with startups, entrepreneurs and professionals.

Çelik holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the University of Prishtina and is Masters Candidate in Business Management. He is an experienced manager with a strong entrepreneurial and marketing background in the Digital Industry and since 2011 he supports the creation of new companies across Eastern Europe, while serving as a Startup Weekend Facilitator and Organizer.

Thank you Çelik for your support and being part of SW Skopje.