Rapid Fire Questions With UP Community Leader Gavin Gillas

Gavin Gillas is from Austin, TX and has been involved with the UP community both as a participant and an Organizer of events since 2009. He is currently spearheading a startup called, The Magazine Channel which is the first Pandora for magazine content.

“I started themagazinechannel.com after meeting my co-founder on an airplane ride in 2012. I left my full time job to do consulting and to get TMC off the ground. I organized the first Startup Weekend Eugene (Oregon) and helped with Startup Weekend events in Bend, Corvallis, Portland and Oregon State. I moved to Austin, Texas in August of 2013 and help organize the first startup event there in over 18 months.”

Some of Gavin’s favorite UP Global events in the last couple of years have been the Las Vegas and Rio de Janeiro Global Summits, SXSW Startup Oasis, UP America Summit in KC, and the Eureka Park events at CES.

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Three words that define your community?
Austin startup community is curious, skilled, and pragmatic.

Most interesting person you follow on twitter?
@Akili_King former ’49er, West Pointer, special forces, Startup Weekend Organizer and good friend

Whats the last thing you searched for on Google?
Restaurant reviews in Knoxville, Tennessee for tonight as I roadtrip back to Texas from Washington, DC.

Favorite app on your phone?
Any.do is my favorite to do list that syncs between my browser and all my weird devices.

What TV show should everyone be watching?
Peaky Blinders on Netflix

What is the one food your cannot resist
Dark chocolate in any form.

What music are you currently listing too?
Echo and the Bunnymen

What is UP Global good at?
The UP Global team is great at seeking out feedback, serving volunteer organizers, creating a sense of community.

How can we at UP Global help you?
UP Global can help by setting bigger goals for facilitators and organizers. We can shoulder more of the growth and outreach goals, especially for new programs, if those objectives are shared.

Local Government: Friend or Foe?
Friend, thanks to the vision and hard work of many members of our startup community.

What drives you absolute crazy?
Startups in “stealth mode”.

First celebrity pick for your Startup Weekend team?
Mr. T, but I’m afraid our customer validation would suffer because everyone would only tell him yes.


Pick one: kittens or puppies?
My kids are rooting for a puppy.

Whiteboard or postit?
Whiteboards. Postits feel too permanent for good brainstorming.

And finally, tell us a secret!
I have an irrational fear of medium sized animals.