Goran Bajazetov: you need to have strong wish to success!

Goran Bajazetov directed and lead design teams, and contributed as a designer – on projects for clients such as Google, Toshiba, 20th Century Fox, Coca-Cola, Yahoo, e-Bay Motors and many others. He worked with startups from USA and Europe by strategizing and consulting, development planning, prototyping and project managing. He is passionate about involving and creating new technologies in tandem with cutting-edge design.


On SWNS03 Goran will be one of the mentors who will help you develop your ides into a sustainable business model. Read what he has to say about entrepreneurship, Startup Weekend and work in general.

SW: Considering the fact that you were successful freelancer since you were 15, what inspired you to make your own business?

GB: In that time, I was working for a company from Dubai, and it was mostly lack of my satisfaction that drag me into the idea of becoming an entrepreneur.

SW: When you were starting your company, did an event like Startup Weekend exist?

GB: No. Back then you did not have that kind of opportunity.

SW: If you were now to start your firm, would you present your idea through Startup Weekend?

GB: Definitely. I would take part in that kind of event. I think that knowledge and experience that you can get throw these workshops are very useful, and it could save you plenty of time, as much as money.

SW: What would be your advice for young people who have an idea, but are too scared to realize it or simply don’t know how?

GB: Whenever you start something new, there’s always a possibility to fail. But you have to wish it strong enough and to believe in its success. If you don’t know how to do something, search it on the internet. Everything’s already been written, and you just have to read it. The problem that you have has surely already been solved. It’s up on you to find the solution and decide to use it on your own situation.

SW: Do you think there are some specific characteristics that all the entrepreneurs must have?

GB: All of them must have a strong wish for success; and basic human values.

SW: Thank you Goran. We wish you a lot of success in future!