Education Entrepreneurs: New Name, Same Awesome Community & Programs

Since 2010, we’ve been developing programming to support individuals interested in leveraging entrepreneurship to improve education outcomes. Recognizing that education entrepreneurs face unique problems that require unique solutions, we’ve focused our energy on increasing the quality and range of our offerings to ensure entrepreneurs feel supported at every stage of their journey. Centering on Startup Weekend Education, a 54-hour experiential learning event, education entrepreneurs can also take advantage of education-specific reading lists, bootcamps, meetups, resources, and a global network of Community Leaders, who specialize in education innovation.

Action-Based Programs

Community-Generated Resources

Opportunities to Connect and Grow

See our flagship program, Startup Weekend Education, in action

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The Community is Driving Growth

Any opportunity that people get to engage with our programming is due to the hard work and dedication of hundreds of volunteer Community Leaders dispersed throughout the world. Community Leaders are those special individuals who want to bring people together to collaborate on the creation of education solutions. They strategically use our programs, resources, and global network to support the development of an education innovation community in their city. It’s because of these Community Leaders, that more people than ever are gaining access to key information, skills, and a network that’s been shown to play a pivotal role in the development of successful education entrepreneurs.

Growth Over Past Year

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A Few Success Stories

  • Several education entrepreneurs that participated in Startup Weekend/Education have gone on to develop edtech products and teams that have been admitted into some of the most prestigious startup accelerators in the world (e.g. Imagine K-12Y Combinator). Here’s a few of them: Sam and Liam of Class Dojo, Dan of Clever, Jeff of No Red Ink, and the team of Experiment. These entrepreneurs have all created effective solutions to significant pain points of teachers and/or administrators, and their impressive traction has resulted in several million dollars being invested in their companies in recent years.

  • As a high school social studies teacher, Eric Nelson had a problem of his students being disengaged & disinterested in geopolitics. At the recommendation of his mentor organization, 4.0 Schools, Eric pitched Fantasy Geopolitics at Startup Weekend Education Chicago in 2013. A year later, his product is engaging over 10,000 students and 500 teachers in learning about the world in which they live via a fun “fantasy football” type of game.

  • Ed an internet entrepreneur, Simon a graphic designer, and Paul an educator built Night Zookeeper during Startup Weekend Education London in 2011 to improve creative writing and literacy skills in young children. Night Zookeeper is now used in more than 5000 schools by more than 500,000 children, and they’ve raised about $900,000 to-date.

  • At Startup Weekend Education New York City in January 2014, three female developers, Alexandra Diracles, Melissa Halfon, and Leandra Tejedor, teamed up to get more teen girls excited about technology. Feeling a mutual charging that the tech world is still heavily male-dominated, these entrepreneurs wanted to find a way to teach girls that coding and working in tech is creative and fun. What resulted was Vidcode, a video coding app that is not only self-expressive, but paired with a hobby that teen girls love – creating and sharing videos. Today, their Kickstarter Campaign has already reached its goal, with five days still left to go!

Recognition from the Broader Education Community

What’s even better, our successful and seasoned entrepreneurs often times return to our events as Mentors, Speakers, or Judges, guiding the next generation of aspiring entrepreneurs, and strengthening the “pay it forward” culture our Community Leaders have established.

The Name Should Reflect The Community

Recognizing that our Participants, Community Leaders, and Mentors are just as much the drivers for success as the programming and resources themselves, we have made the decision to move forward with a new name that shines a light on exactly who is responsible for this growing education innovation movement: people passionate about education entrepreneurship. As of today, we are officially retiring the Startup Education name and establishing ourselves as Education Entrepreneurs. Clear, to-the-point, and representative of who we are, our community is excited to carry this message forward:

We are Education Entrepreneurs, a global and diverse community that uses entrepreneurship to improve education.


So What’s Next?

Welcome to a new world of finance . . .

If you are a startup trying to break into the Financial sector, an exciting new FinTech organisation, Innovate Finance, which only launched last week, might be the difference between rocketing to success and running out of fuel before you really get going.

For any startup that has struggled to thrive because of strict regulations, a lack of resources and support, or due to a lack of access to the right connections, Innovate Finance is opening the door to a store of opportunities to solve those problems.

Uniting the key players of the industry, Innovate Finance is bringing together talented new startups with established financial companies, policymakers, regulators, investors and key commercial partners, in order to achieve a transformation of financial services that could not be done alone.

Not only does the organisation have backing from big businesses, who are offering resources, market access and expertise to new startups, it is also receiving a wealth of support from the UK government, which is contributing over £100m worth of investment and establishing a new regulatory environment to support innovation in the financial sector.

With its strong ecosystem and the promise of new events and opportunities for startups, it is a very exciting community for any entrepreneur looking to break into the financial sector.

It’s not just the world of banking that is opening its doors to entrepreneurs either. Aviva, one of the UK’s biggest insurers, is also one of the founding 50 members of Innovate Finance. If you’re a startup with an idea that could transform the insurance industry, then there’s a real opportunity to grab here. Perhaps you could be the startup that finds a way to simplify life insurance, or that utilises wearable technology to create a great solution for insurance customers, or even the startup that comes up with an interesting way to make insurance feel more personal.

There’s a gold mine of opportunities – it’s just about unearthing that nugget of brilliance that could transform the industry for the better.

To find out more about Innovate Finance head to and if you want to find out more about Aviva’s work with the startup community head to