UP Global Community Instagrams You Need To See This Week!

Winning Startup Weekend is the best.

Startup Weekend! Quem disse que empreendedorismo é só para adultos?

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When you’ve been infected with the startup virus.



Showing some love for Google for Entrepreneurs.



…and for the UP Global HQ team.


1 year working at the most amazing organization with the most amazing people. Thanks, everybody! #UPGlobal   A video posted by Aldo Aguirre (@aldoaguirreg) on


Just another day chatting about the zombie apocalypse at #StartupWeek.


Working together as a team is what makes #StartupWeekend so fun.



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Fashion is essential.


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Communities that dance together stay together!


As we do at #sxsw. @espreedevora #YEC #startupoasis #upglobal

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UP Global Community Instagrams You Need To See This Week

Both #StartupWeekend Amsterdam and #StartupWeekend Tehran had selfie sticks.

Startup Weekend Startup Weekend

This lucky gal got to meet the Mayor of Louisville.

Startup Weekend

It’s a good idea to set the mood for #StartupWeekend on the ride over.

Startup Weekend Startup Weekend Startup Weekend

Who says you can’t be fashionable while attending entrepreneurial events? #StartupWeek

Startup Week Startup Weekend

Portrait-style representing #StartupNext!

Startup Next

The #UPGlobal team is global.

UP Global UP Global

Amazing team selfies take coordination and planning.

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 10.37.18 AM Startup Weekend Startup Weekend Startup Weekend Startup Weekend

All hard work leads to swag…

Startup Weekend Education

…and to winning the top prize!

Startup Weekend

Entrepreneurs that work together, succeed together!

Startup Weekend Startup Weekend

A Social Media Wish for You

#entrepreneurfail Social Media Genie

My grandmother recently signed up for Facebook.

My niece who is 12 years old, frequents Tumblr.  I recently hung out with a friend and we reminisced about how we first met: on Twitter.  Many people can’t make a home purchase without consulting their stylist: Pinterest. My web developer relies on Instagram and Vine for inspiration.  And finally, I only make a hire when my recruiter, LinkedIn, tells me to.

So if everyone is on social media, how do you choose where to focus marketing efforts? You could spend all your time tackling the large social media sites.  Or you can use this list to help you find niche sites to target a specific market – sites focusing on segments such as from dance enthusiasts to design hobbyists.

If you’re still going after the Facebook crowd, for the large reach and segmentation, here are some some pointers to get you started. Many of the recommendations can be applied to any social media site.


    1. Every post has one of two purposes: Sharing or Generating. Know your goal!
    2. Connect your other accounts to FB and others and cross promote
    3. Add the key words to the user name so it has a better chance of coming up when searching
    4. Put the website URL in your About section
    5. Create an editorial calendar and pre-schedule posts with Hootsuite
    6. Comment and like posts on other pages so others know your page
    7. Integrate your email subscription form into FB page (if you use MailChimp, here is how)


    1. Make the ratio of “selling” to “engaging info” 20%:80%
    2. Make a list of all the problems/challenges your super specific target customer is facing and compose posts accordingly
    3. Create offers only for FB fans (you can find code that hides posts from non-fans)
    4. Use video/infographics/cartoons/other fun and different visuals
    5. Create posts with questions to generate discussion
    6. Leverage calendar events and news events and post related to those
    7. Get personal: Include your photo in the FB profile (if not on the profile photo, somewhere on the photo stream

Though social media can be a huge distraction and often consume hours without any tangible returns, appropriate utilization can help build the targeted branding, recognition, and engagement to establish and grow your venture.

So how you do leverage social media for your business? Is it working in your favor? Let us know in the comments below.

This was originally created by Kriti Vichare for #entrepreneurfail: Startup Success.

Outreach Out of Hand: The Social Media Vortex (Comic)

#entrepreneurfail Outreach Out of Hand


Beware of the gigantic social media time vortex. 

15 tweets, 6 updates and 8 status messages later, you realize your whole day has disappeared! The lure of social media is hard to resist. Instant gratification, constant validation, and the illusion of productivity make the channel irresistible. It’s also so easy! So you can understand why many first-time entrepreneurs, even without a product or customer, turn to the social media first. I was definitely guilty of this: before I had a concrete business idea, a paying customer, or a vision, I created 3 twitter accounts supporting my future business endeavors! What a waste of time, in retrospect.

The irony is that clients and a real business comes from value, trust and relationships, not necessarily “twoots and tweets” on the new social media site of the week. (With so many new social media sites popping up, it’s now even hard to keep track of them!) Reliable business comes from opt-in loyalists who honestly love your business and your value proposition. Of course, don’t ignore social media, but spamming groups asking for likes with irrelevant content doesn’t make a sustainable business. Random fans, friends and followers who are not truly committed your brand will waste your time, and result in low engagement levels. And to spend so much time building a base on a third-party network can be dangerous as you can be a victim to their policies and fate. The popularity of current “hot” social media destination may be history before you even know it.

Nurture your fans instead of aiming for large social media numbers. Create some exclusive content and offers for them and show them some love. And (we’ve all been guilty of this), no need to post when there is nothing useful to say! Your loyal followers will understand. In the long run you’ll have more time to dedicate quality to those real customers who love your work.

Are you guilty of falling into the social media trap? Tell us about it in the comments below…

This post and comic were originally created for #entrepreneurfail: Startup Success