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5 Lean Six Sigma Tactics to Grow Your Startup

Starting a business is a scary — but thrilling — process. So many things determine whether your start-up will succeed or fail. The Lean Six Sigma is a school of thought in business management that focuses on doing more with less.

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This means stretching resources to the maximum while keeping costs to a minimum. With the Lean Six Sigma tactics, you’ll find growing your business is less scary and more thrilling than ever before. Here are five concepts to help you do just that.

Make the Most Out of Time

Time is a pesky little thing that likes to get in the way of big progress. Putting together improvement for a process is difficult, especially when things have already started and everyone is deep into their jobs and plans. So collect as much data as you can and categorize it. This will help you focus on what the biggest problems are. Find out the numbers and determine what they mean. What is your input and output? Who are your suppliers and distributors?

Get to know your employees and management teams and find out how they work best. Do they do well in groups or produce more by themselves? Try to accommodate your employees in the way that makes them more effective and productive.

Invest in Software

Now that you’ve got your plans together and everyone on board, it’s time to invest in some quality software suites. Use a homegrown system software that provides useful information and graphically shows statistics for your projects. To maximize the effectiveness of these software suites, bundle Verizon FIOS internet connectivity with other necessary services to save money and streamline things for your accounting department.

Gain everything you can from one program before you move on to the next, but don’t settle for one that only provides one service if you need six more. Once you have technology on your side, it’s time to hit the ground running.

Spread Your Resources Evenly

Commit to your new plans. Use the amount of man power and resources you need to carry out all of your projects and ideas. The key is to not be wasteful with them. If you only need five people to work on something, don’t use six. This will keep payrolls manageable and projects running smoothly because you don’t have one person getting in everyone else’s way. Find or train someone with a strategic view for your business who can come in and teach staff before your first project.

Focus on your customers. Without consumers, there’s no demand. The point of an improved method is to keep customers satisfied and coming back for more, which grows your business.

Trust in Your System and Analyze It

Once you have everything started, you have to maintain this way of working or everything will be put to waste. Schedule regular training classes to teach new employees how to work in your business. Use as much as you can from your resources before incorporating more. Have the man power to keep things productive — not messy. Keep your eyes on the numbers and other important information so you can prevent them from declining before it’s too late.

Win the Race

Companies who believe in and adopt the Lean Six Sigma philosophy are businesses that are striving toward the reduction of waste and inefficiencies. With six sigma, a company will have only 3.4 defects per million. What customer would be crazy enough to give their money to any other business? With more efficiency and better resources, any business can adopt the six sigma school of thought and attract those clients.

Hard work and dedication will make this program work for any business, but it’s not always a walk in the park. There will probably be bumps in the road and obstacles to bob and weave through. Once you work out all of your kinks, it should be a smooth ride to the top of the business food chain. So don’t get discouraged and be smart by planning ahead, using proper training and strategies to help you succeed.

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