Startup News: Magicflix Wows At Techstars Demo Day 2014

We love Magicflix!

–> From Startup Next to Techstars: Magicflix is bringing safe video content to your mobile device

After their Techstars demo day, we’re glad glad Geekwire agrees.

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From Startup Next to Techstars: Magicflix is bringing safe video content to your mobile device

How did I get from home improvement videos to the latest R-rated music video? Very quickly, that’s how.

And thinking about this progression is enough to make any mother of a tech-savvy child worried.

Mamtha Banerjee, of Magicflix, was tired of witnessing her two children stumble onto inappropriate content online. Banerjee, a former director of tehnology at Travelocity, searched for her own solution with friend (and eventual co-founder,) Nandini Shrinidhi.

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Nandii Shrinidhi, Nick Parsons, Sumathi Venkitaraman, and Mamtha Banerjee (the Magicflix team, via Geekwire)

The two brainstormed while training for a half-marathon together, and pondered startups that could offer direct value to parents. A mother with more than 12 years of experience in the software industry, Shrinidhi was a natural partner for Banerjee, and after completing their race, the two had found something else to achieve together.

Magicflix currently offers age-appropriate videos for young kids 12 and under, in an app that is closely curated by educators working for the company. The videos are selected based upon how well they blend fun and education for youngsters.


Banerjee told Geekwire last month that the secret sauce was their visual discovery-based user experience, curation, tagging, analytics, age-based insights and their recommendation engine all combined together.

Sometimes, adolescents seek out content which is meant for more mature audiences. Othertimes, they stumble upon it accidentally– particularly in the age of tablets.

Magicflix is designed to allow kids to share in the joy of streaming-video, without the body parts or violence of other video apps. Children can indulge in fun, educational content that has been picked out for them based on specific interests.

Magicflix launched in the app store Monday, a year after the two mothers began planning. Their startup has spent the last year researching the way in which children interact and learn from video, and are hours away from finishing Techstars Seattle.

The Magiflix team also completed UP Global’s Startup Next program in preparation for being accepted into an accelerator. Banerjee had this to say about how Startup Next was able to help her startup grow.

“Startup Next was a great stepping stone for our company – a forcing function which helped us think through several aspects of the business beyond the product; the mentors, the sessions, the network and the guidance exceeded our expectations. While the support and encouragement we received from the program bolstered us on several fronts.”


Company: Magicflix, The Safe Kids Video App

Location: Seattle, WA

Program Graduate: Startup Next

Products Shipped: Preloaded on over 100,000 kids tablets

Revenue Generated: Monthly subscription service will be activated soon

Partners signed up: Magicflix is preloaded on the Kurio and ClickNKids Kids tablets, which are available at retail outlets like Walmart and ToysRUs.

Funding secured: Techstars Seattle

Industry: Mobile, Kids, Education, and Entertainment

Download: iPhone or Android