Virtual Visit wins Dallas Startup Weekend: Health Edition

Dallas Startup Weekend: Health Edition

Sunday night at The Dallas Entrepreneur Center, Dallas Startup Weekend finished up on it’s first ever health focused event. Entrepreneurs, developers, designers and health professionals from all around the Dallas/Fort Worth area came together to build products, services and applications focused on improving health and healthcare.

Among the amazing list of other ideas Virtual Visit, Health Record Trust and ReLyf took home top prizes during the weekend.

3rd Place: ReLyf

Helping doctors provide a more personal touch to visits, by giving them the ability to quickly look up current patient information before entering the exam room.

2nd Place: Health Record Trust

Health Record Trust provides a software service to remove personally identifiable information from EHR health records and deliver HIPAA-compliant data to meet your research needs.

1st Place: Virtual Visit

Virtual Visit provides a new way for families to track and understand the day to day lives of family members living in skilled nursing facilities. Whether it’s keeping track of doctor visits, meals or just general satisfaction, through the use of an end-user focused mobile application.

Rather that looking to the facilities for revenue, Virtual Visit is giving an incentive the facility employees who use the app, then transferring the cost to the family. Doing this allows the app to be included in various packages that the facility may offer to new residents.

For winning, Virtual Visit has access to $24,000 in hosting credits with SoftLayer, $1,000 of production credits with True Vault (a HIPAA compliant data storage API), one month of residence at the Addison Treehouse, Consulting time with lawyers at Stewart Courington and will be presenting at Dallas New Tech, next month.

Dallas Startup Weekend Table TennisThe Startup Weekend sprint can be a bit of a grind, so to give all the teams a much needed break, the Dallas organizers hosted the first ever Dallas Startup Weekend Table Tennis Tournament. Participants from each team competed for the coveted 3M Cup. Players signed up and a single elimination bracket was created. The event took only one hour, but gave participants a well deserved break while also creating a little camaraderie among the teams.

Dallas is primed for health and health technology innovation, and the ideas that came out of Startup Weekend Dallas: Health prove that there is not only a need but a passion to make great strides in the health industry as a whole.

Congratulations to all the teams who participated, it’s people like you who will make health and healthcare better for the future.

Photos from the event can be found on our flickr page. (which will be updated shortly)