Growth Hacking to 1,000 Users & Beyond

If you want to tackle your startup marketing in an actionable, results-oriented way, look no further than this growth hacking talk from Mitch Wainer, cofounder and CMO of DigitalOcean, a Techstars Boulder 2012 company.

In the talk, given to the Techstars in NYC class earlier this year, Mitch outlines that fundamental user acquisition building blocks for startups to create a growth engine and surpass 1,000+ users/customers. He shares tried and true tactics based on DigitalOcean’s growth.

Watch Mitch’s talk here. It will be 35 minutes well-spent:

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“Growth hacking is a mindset.” – tweet this

In the video, Mitch shows you how to create a viral growth engine. He packs a ton of actionable ideas for each of these topics:

  • Simple monthly reports
  • Standard health metrics include LTV, CAC and churn
  • Free trial / promo codes
  • Content marketing
  • Analytics
  • Display advertising
  • PR
  • Retargeting
  • Referrals
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Retention growth hacks

Other growth hacking resources mentioned:

Thanks to Mitch and DigitalOcean for talking with the Techstars in NYC class.

Learn more about DigitalOcean here: