Take Advantage Of The Multi-Screen World (Infographic)

Welcome to the 21st century!

We are no longer monogamous to one piece of technology. Television watching is subsidized by a cellphone on the lap, or a tablet on the table for when the long commercial breaks hit. Device usage amongst current users has rarely been exclusive to one gadget. According to recent studies, a typical multi-screen user consumes at least 7 hours of screen media a day, especially when a lot of business is now done on the Cloud, instead of face-to-face.

And the trend is global. Turns out, more countries than you’d think are turning to multiple devices of technology for entertainment.

As the trend of multi-screening continues to increase in popularity, the demand for interactive devices – that is, devices that can improve a consumer’s experience without becoming a distraction – also remains high.

Multi-screening means multi-tasking. And in today’s startup world, this can mean a lot. When you’re trying to expand your business from local or national to even global, you’ll have to figure out how to enhance your viewer’s experience while keeping in mind they are engaged in other sorts of media.

Find ways to teach your clients how to multi-task with multiple screens, instead of using one screen as a distraction from the last.