The Pivot and The Top 20 Startups of All Time (Infographic)

An awful lot of successful technology companies ended up being in a slightly different market than they started out in. —Marc Andreessen, serial entrepreneur

The above quote reflects a theme that emerged through the research project we just completed at Verge®. We sorted through more than 900,000 companies that could have been considered a startup at one point in time to create a list of The Top 20 Startups of All Time. There are a few possible surprises on the list, and a couple you may not even recognize. But if you know your startup history, you’ll pick up on something that all of these companies execute very well—The Pivot.

As you look through the data in the infographic below, pay attention to what each startup originally become famous for and then think about what they’re doing now. Amazon is beyond being an online bookstore and Apple much more complex than a home computer company. It’s something you see in businesses across the spectrum, from venture-backed startups to startups launching at a Startup Weekend.

Which startups below do you think pulled off The Pivot the best? What startups not named on this list have pivoted better than others?

The Pivot and The Top 20 Startups of All Time, INFOGRAPHIC: