300,000 entrepreneurs, 3,000 leaders, one amazing year for UP Global

What happens when over 300,000 entrepreneurs and 3,000 leaders from over 500 cities come together to build startups, communities, and networks?

This 2013 Impact Report provides a snapshot of our first year as UP Global and a look into what the community has been doing around the globe.

UP Global, Startup Weekend

UP Global, Startup Weekend

In this report

  • Find out how Kalimah Priforce took on the achievement gap for African American communities in Oakland, California through Startup Weekend.
  • Learn how one Startup Weekend team raised millions in the name of dog sitting.
  • Meet the first African team to join 500 startups.
  • Discover why President Obama has UP Global on his radar.
  • Learn about our latest programs – and get a sneak peek at our upcoming initiatives.
  • With the rate of entrepreneurial programs and startup growth increasing all over the world, the UP team had a huge year of growth to better support our global community. In 2013, we more than doubled our number of employees and opened offices in San Francisco, Kansas City, London, Sao Paulo, and Mexico City to support entrepreneurs and the work of local leaders.

This report is dedicated, as it always will be, to the hard work and passion of the community leaders who are committed to supporting and sustaining entrepreneurship in their own backyards. They are the leaders of the entrepreneurial movement, the linchpins of future economies, and the basis of the world’s largest network of innovators. Congratulations to our friends and community leaders on a monumental 2013!


Without our amazing sponsors the last year of growth could not be possible!

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