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Bergen Startup Genome

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 Startup Genome – on a mission to help you better understand your local startup community.

Bergen Startup Genome

Startup Genome: a visualization tool for your startup community

The following is a post from Shane Reiser, Co-founder of Startup Genome, active Startup Weekend Facilitator and former COO of Startup Weekend.

When I was working as COO of Startup Weekend, I recognized a common need of Startup Weekend organizers around the world: a better way to understand their community.

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Most organizers were mapping their community in one way or another – some on paper, some with mind-mapping software, some just in their heads – but in almost every case it wasn’t exhaustive and it didn’t benefit from the collaboration of the other organizers and the other community builders who care about their city.

Enter Startup Genome; a free an open platform that helps you understand your community.

Startup Genome curators can:

  • visualize growth and funding trends over time in your community and get insights into key stats of your community’s founders like median age, gender, and number of repeat founders.

  • visualize relationships between startups, entrepreneurs, investors, and the accelerators, incubators, non-profits and the other organizations that impact their community.

  • keep tabs on the alumni network from your Startup Weekend events as the startups evolve and the participants connect

Our curator network currently features more than 500 members (including 40 Startup Weekend organizers and Startup Digest curators) building maps in over 300 cities across 46 countries. As a Startup Weekend organizer you’re pre-qualified to join us – you’ve already shown the commitment to your own startup community that we’re looking for. We’ve pre-seeded the maps with data from CrunchBase and other sources and we’re looking for those with local knowledge to refine them.

Startup Genome is made possible through a grant from the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, the world’s foremost foundation for entrepreneurship. Kauffman’s track record for projects at this scale is probably familiar to you – they helped Startup Weekend and Startup Digest get off the ground.

We’re just beginning to realize the benefits of mapping to better understand a community – join us so that your community can benefit, too.

Start here to see your communities map and then click here to learn more about being a Startup Genome curator.