Dallas Startup Week Preview: 16 Texas Style Tracks

The Dallas Startup Week team has put together a dynamic range of entrepreneurial programming that kicks-off next Monday, March 2nd. The events start with A VC, an Angel and an Entrepreneur Walk into a Bar. Seriously!


Local track captains have created events organized along 16 topical tracks. The focus varies from traditional strengths like Commercial Real Estate, Fashion, Food, and Travel to emerging emphasis on Medtech, and Education. There are also core sessions on Business, Funding, and Mentor Hours. I’m especially intrigued by the non-traditional tracks Pop Up Shop and The Kaleidoscope for Her. 

Here’s how my sched is shaping up. You can build your own by registering here.

Pop Up Shop
What an cool way for the community to experience and support local small businesses. From Wednesday to Friday, there will be something new in store, including jewelry, eco-friendly fashions, and white board magnets.

House of Genius and Ignite on the same day! This is a smart way to infuse creativity and join communities of like-minded individuals. The Ignite session will be Kicked off by Mayor Mike Rawlings.

Fort Work
Dallas is transforming a coworking space into a play/party space. I’m calling it FortPlay.

Chase Basecamp
I start every day at #ChaseBaseCamp, the hub for Dallas Startup Week. Please stop by and say hello!

For more information, check out Dallas Startup Week
Join us on twitter:  #DSW15  #ChaseBaseCamp

Preview: Phoenix Startup Week

Think about it.

What activity can you engage in that offers upwards of 24 great options every day? An amusement park? A candy store? A hike in the woods? Surfing? SXSW?

Got your short list?

Now ask yourself, “How many of these options are mind expanding, network growing, skill-building, and fun?” Your list just got shorter, didn’t it?* The Phoenix startup community has created a rich programming slate of 130 events, which pencils out to more than 24 original options for each of the five days.

Phoenix Startup Week, Startup Week

Phoenix Startup Week is as deep as it is broad. Expert speakers like Greater Phoenix Economic Council’s Chief Executive Officer Chris Camacho, Infusionsoft Chief Marketing Officer Greg Head, and longtime Valley entrepreneur Don Pierson will be participating.

The events occur on 13 tracks, to help you browse by interests.

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 3.40.26 PM

I’ll be starting each day at #ChaseBaseCamp, the hub of activity at five different locations throughout the week. From there, I’ll be checking out these events. You can get your own sched going here.

The kick-off with Mayor Stanton will get momentum going early.
After that, I may go with a startups by the numbers approach:  The perfect TenThe five C’s of credit, The Five Red Flags of Startups, and Twitter 101.

Tuesday I’m focusing on keeping my edge: Surviving and Thriving in Entrepreneurship,
What Elite Athletes Teach us About Team Work, and The Value of Passion & Determination.

Here’s the cure for tunnel vision. Time to let imagination run wild: John Lennon Educational Bus Tour, How Products are Imagined, Built, and Launched, Work/Life Balance – Unicorn or Reality?

Crucial for any startup is getting a better handle on fundraising options: How Does the Angel Investment Process Really Work?How to Start on a Shoestring.

I’m wrapping up the week with multiple perspectives on the Phoenix startup scene. From the up close and personal, Sex, Love & Startups, to the big picture, How Arizona Became a Hotbed for Startups, and Fostering a Successful Startup Ecosystem.

Full disclosure: I’m hosting the Ecosystem discussion. Send any questions you’d like me to ask @DBetzCreative.

So that’s my sched. Which events would you chose?

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .
#PHXStartupWeek    #YesPHX

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*If SXSW or Burning Man were still on your short list, ask yourself, “How many of these remaining options are free?”


Tampa Bay Startup Week: 5 Tips for Entrepreneurs

Nicholas Karnaze was on stage at Chase Basecamp yesterday. He’s running the startup Stubble & ‘Stache. In addition to a brilliant product origin story full of humorous observations, Nicholas also shared some hard-won wisdom from his entrepreneurial journey.

IMG_7201Nicholas Karnaze, founder of Stubble & ‘Stache with Matt Helt, program director for UP Global at Chase Basecamp during Tampa Bay Startup Week.

Here are the five biggest things Nicholas has learned firsthand.

1. Find Your Purpose
What is it that will get you up early every day? What is it that will send you to peaks and sustain you in valleys? What will help you keep your focus?  According to Nicholas it was finding his purpose that has led to success.

2. Things Will Always Take Longer Than You Think
Don’t underestimate the time it will take to get stuff done. This includes everything from getting product formulation right, distribution, packaging, and developing supplier partnerships.

3. Carefully Vet Your Partners
This is important even if your partners are friends. A business relationship is different than a friendship. Starting a company will test you and your key relationships in ways that you can’t imagine. 

4. Clarify Roles & Responsibilities
Once again, this is especially important if they are friends. Agreeing up front about who owns what and how decisions are made can greatly reduce ambiguity and friction down the road.

5. Get your story straight
It’s the thing that people will engage with. It’s the thing that will help you rise above the clutter.

This inspiring talk was from the Veteran’s track. There are more than 70 programs across eight tracks happening this week at Tampa Bay Startup Week. You can follow along on facebook, twitter, instagram,

#TBStartupWeek  #emerging

Preview: Tampa Bay Startup Week

There is much to discover and celebrate next week in Tampa!

I’ll be reporting from Tampa Bay Startup Week alongside John Cook from Geekwire, UP Global colleagues Marc NagerAndrew Hyde, Dave Parker, and a fantastic Tampa Bay team including Ryan Sullivan, Gregg Hilferding, Gracie Leigh Stemmer.

Tampa Bay Startup Week, Startup Week

The Tampa Bay startup community has prepared 5 full days of dynamic program tracks running at a range of nearby venues. You can get the unique Tampa Bay take on themes and verticals that are popular across the country like: Maker, Education, Veterans, Youth, and Social Impact. These tracks are complimented with tactical hands-on sessions run by community experts focused on Entrepreneurial Foundation and Coding.

Whether you want to find out more about the Tampa startup community, meet like-minded people, brush up on skills, listen to insightful fireside chats, or get some sage advice—you can design it all into your Tampa Bay Startup Week

If you want to take a break and recharge or get a feel for what’s happening on any given day, #ChaseBasecamp is your hub for the week. That’s where I’ll start planning each of my days. Here are just a few of the cool events already on my sched:

I’m a history buff, especially when visiting a city for the first time. I’m attending Plant and Ybor: Tampa’s Early Entrepreneurs and then the Ybor Walking Tour on Monday.  Tampa has been starting industries since the 1830’s. I’m interested to see how culture and entrepreneurship have combined historically.

Top things investors in the Tampa Bay area are looking for in new startups. Could be more proof that you don’t have to be in Silicon Valley or NYC for access to startup funding.

Playable City: Design your city.
Street art, urban design and food trucks. Outside—in February!

Craft Brew Entrepreneurs: Home brew testing and feedback.
Best. Mentoring. Gig. Ever.
I might slip out early for Playable City: Why Play?

Key traits of a fashion entrepreneur.  I want to see what’s happening in between the style hubs of NYC and Miami.

So that’s where I’ll be when I’m not at the parties, movie screenings, and other social events, capped off with an open skate party at Amalie Arena on Friday!

Even if you can’t be there in person you can follow along on facebook, twitter, instagram, and the Tampa Bay Startup Week event blog.

If you are part of the Tampa Bay community, now’s the time sign up. (I’m wait listed as some events are already full.)  I hope you can stop by #chasebasecamp and say hello to the amazing Chase and Tampa Bay teams that made this all possible.

#emerging   @startuptampa   #TBStartupWeek  Powered by Chase





Wins From Seattle Startup Week

With nearly 5,000 attendees registered for more than 70 programs on over a dozen custom tracks, this year’s Seattle Startup Week was a hit! Sir Mix-A-Lot talked big bytes, music and tech; Moz CEO Rand Fishkin revisited his biggest failures; Geekwire geeked out with a room full of eager entrepreneurs; and Jody Hall, founder of Cupcake Royal, explained how to build a foundational culture of sugar…I mean…trust, collaboration and fun.

Just to name a few!



  • Each attendee went to an average of 2.2 events. The biggest event was New Tech with 500 participants on Tuesday.
  • As of Thursday, 12.9m @StartupWeekSEA impressions from 2,862 posts.
  • Over 500 people attended the NewTech session (formerly Seattle Tech Meetup) Tuesday night.
  • Special guests throughout the week included:  Mayor of Redmond; Rob Glaser (Real Networks Founder); Rich Barton (Executive Chairman of Zillow); Hyeok Kim (Seattle Deputy Mayor of Seattle); Carl Seip (Sen Cantwell’s Policy Advisor on Business); and Sir Mix-A-Lot!
Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 11.15.51 AM
  • Basecamp at Seattle Startup Week, powered by Chase, featured 20+ events throughout the week. One of the many highlights included Chairman of the Pacific Northwest Region of JPMorgan Chase, Phyllis Campbell, announcing a $225,000 grant to Washington Interactive Network as part of JPMorgan Chase’s Small Business Forward Initiative.

Thanks to these Startup Week partners for additional support: General Assembly, Thinkspace, Nutanix, and wework.

After the debut in Denver and Seattle, Startup Week rolls on to Columbus, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Tampa and Phoenix.

See more highlights from twitter!


LA Startup Week Celebrates Their First Year

Today marks the first day of LA Startup Week, a five day celebration of the Los Angeles entrepreneurial community.

LA Startup Week


Quite a daunting event thinking of throwing a Startup Week in the second largest city in the US! LA Startup Week is in their first year and are hosting over 30 events to celebrate their community. They have speakers from Techstars, IBM, SendGrid, SoftLayer, GA and Keen.io (among a ton of others).

The biggest number? 876 Startups. That is amazing.


LA as a startup community is in such an interesting space. You can almost feel the chip on their shoulder being so talented and together (but so close to the Valley). In the last three years they seemed to really rally around new accelerators, coworking spaces and a few big startup wins. They have a ton of events and different parts of the entrepreneurship community coming together to celebrate who they are as a community. Interested in attending? Grab your free ticket to LA Startup Week here!


7 Reasons To Attend Seattle Startup Week…Including Sir Mix-A-Lot

Hey Seattle. You might be sitting at your day job right now thinking: I need an entrepreneurial break!

Seattle Startup Week (powered by Chase) is happening this week, right now in locations around the city. #StartupWeekSEA is bringing a new type of (FREE) conference that builds momentum and opportunity around entrepreneurship.

Maybe you’re on the fringe of the Startup community, new to town, or you just want to become more innovative and entrepreneurial in your current situation…you should take advantage of everything this week has to offer!

1. It’s free.

This is not a huge “gotta ask my boss” reimbursement play. Just register through Eventbrite, show up, and you’re good.

Suggested Event: Fireside Chat with Sir Mix-A-Lot, Wednesday, 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM. Impact HUB Seattle [220 2nd Ave S Seattle, WA 98104] Exploring the intersection of technology, music and entrepreneurship.



2. It’s extremely doable on either side of lunch.

It doesn’t eat 3 days of your week like some of those other conferences you may have attended. Check out the cafeteria style schedule and hit one of the fireside chats at #ChaseBaseCamp before of after lunch. Expand your horizons and still GSD at work.

Suggested Event: Life Support: Know When to Pull the Plug on Your Idea/Project, 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM. Impact HUB Seattle [220 2nd Ave S Seattle, WA 98104]. If your company is dying how do we fail nicely, quietly, legally, 3 people at 3 pubs sharing a piece of the story, ending at a law office as all things do. We will start at the HUB and go from there with a guided 3 pub crawl.


3. It’s in the evenings.

Some of our awesome keynotes and our kickoff party are officially after work. Gonna give 2 hours to work or Netflix or Amazon Prime anyway?  Time for a rethink.

Suggested Event: The Five-Spot: Hard Lessons For Entrepreneurs, Wednesday, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM. Portent, Inc. [506 2nd Ave #1700 Seattle, WA 98104] Ian Lurie, CEO Portent, Inc., will tell us the lessons he’s learned during his time as an entrepreneur.


4. It’s all over the place.

It’s based in Pioneer Square, but there are events in Fremont, Eastside, UW, and Downtown. Bike, bus, Uber, or carpool with a friend or your team to a spot near you.


5. It’s tracked for your interests.

Local community leaders have curated customized tracks with designers, technologists, and entrepreneurs in mind. Expand your horizons.  Invite a colleague who’s passionate about a topic.

Suggested Event:  Everything I Screwed Up While Scaling Up, 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM. Graham & Dunn [2801 Alaskan Way #300 Seattle, WA 98121] Both Andy and Russell have build and sold companies. They will share how they screwed up along the way but still managed to succeed. EO-sponsored speakers: Andy Liu, angel investor in over 40 startups, CEO of Buddy TV, Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) member and Russell Benaroya, CEO of EveryMove.com, EO member, on a mission to improve the health of 10 million people in 10 years.


6. It’s in-person, interactive, and realtime.

Okay, that’s 3 reasons, but really, it can be a great break to your 10 hour screen stare. Meet and speak with some of the most talented people in the Seattle Startup Community (Oh, and there’s wifi too, for those who can’t live without that second screen experience.)

Suggested Event: Fireside Chat w/ Jonathan Sposato, Tuesday, 2:00 PM – 2:30 PM Impact HUB Seattle [220 2nd Ave S Seattle, WA 98104] A serial entrepreneur and investor in many startups, Jonathan is currently the Chairman of Geekwire.com, the region’s top technology news site, and CEO of PicMonkey the world’s most popular photo-editor. He also has the distinct honor of being the first person to sell 2 companies to Google.

Geekwire Summit 2012


7. Denver had 10,000 people attend their Startup Week. 

Hello Seattle? Are you with me? Do your inner entrepreneur a favor.  Come on out and experience something new this week!

Suggested Event: 10 Marketing Strategies for Launching a New Business, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM. WeWork [500 Yale Ave N Seattle, WA 98109] What marketing connects with prospects to launch your product or service? This is a testable hypothesis, and modern marketing gives you ample data for determining when to persist and when to abandon one ship for another. Join veteran C-Suite marketer Ellen Valentine (Evangelist for IBM Silverpop) and entrepreneur Brian Rants (Director of Marketing for DMX) for a roundtable discussion on: – What you do (and don’t) need in your marketing infrastructure – How to run lean today without compromising scale tomorrow – Why you need to the feedback loop in your marketing so you know what is connecting with prospects – How behavioral marketing allows you to test your assumptions and then make adjustments accordingly LUNCH WILL BE PROVIDED, but space is limited. Please RSVP as soon as possible.

There are tons of free events happening NOW, Monday through Friday. Check out the full schedule. 

See you there!

Edmonton Startup Week Starts Today (Whatever You're Thinking, Think Bigger!)


Edmonton Startup Week is kicking off today with 20 events over five days covering all parts of the startups including mentoring, pitches, networking, design and event a scavenger hunt. Big events include

And then also the Startup Crawl on Tuesday, Oct 21:
Launch Party 5 on Thursday, Oct 23:
I love how Edmonton is really looking at the development of the startup community as a long term strategy. From their founder Ken Bautista’s post about this issue:

We could have kept organizing event after event. But we believed that to really move the needle, we needed to think bigger ourselves. Which meant we needed to think longer term about what we were building: How could we support what was happening in between events? How could we provide a place where creative, smart minds could gather on a regular basis to support each other, collaborate, and build companies from the ground up? How could we activate a talent pipeline capable of outputting wave after wave of smart creatives needed to start and grow companies 10–20 years from now?

From an outside view Edmonton’s leadership is doing quite a few things extremely well.  First, they really are focusing on their authentic community and really building for a longterm goal. Very few communities have this vision and leadership. The second thing they are doing phenomenally well is getting out of their community to check in on what is working for other communities. I saw them at Boulder and Austin Startup Week looking for what they could bring back.  The third thing? Posters like this. A robot on roller-skates encouraging me to think bigger: 

Edmonton Startup Week

Check out their full schedule at Edmonton Startup Week!

2nd Annual Seattle Startup Week Announced

Seattle Startup Week is a five-day celebration of entrepreneurship with over 70 events.

Seattle startup week, seattle startup, startup

UP Global, Chase, WeWork, and the Seattle Startup Week Committee are excited to announce the line-up for the second annual Seattle Startup Week! Taking place in locations across all of Seattle October 20-24, Seattle Startup Week is a five-day, entrepreneur-led, volunteer-run, free event held in the community. Seattle Startup Week will showcase startup culture and connect startup enthusiasts through meetups, panels, talks, mentor sessions, demos, and activities hosted in the city’s entrepreneurial spaces.

Startups and startup-oriented organizations including WeWork, ThinkSpace, StartupGrind, General Assembly, Elance-oDesk, 9Mile Labs, SURF, and law firm Davis Wright Tremaine will collaborate over various conference tracks including Startup Legal, New to Seattle, Scaling Up, Women in Entrepreneurship, Failure, and more.

Look for events including:

Additional events include successful CEO stories of failure, knowing when to pull the plug on your project, intellectual property, innovation districts, seed financing, and more. Seattle Startup Week Basecamp Powered by Chase, located at the Impact Hub in Pioneer Square, will serve as the home of the keynote track and be a place for people to drop in, charge up, and connect.

A big thank you goes to our community leaders on the Seattle Startup Week committee:

  • Bob Crimmins, CEO of MoonTango, Keynote Track Captain
  • Carter Rabasa, Developer Evangelist at Twilio, Development Track Captain
  • Dan Hall, CEO at Gunup.com, Veterans Track Captain
  • Dave Parker, SVP of Product at UP Global
  • Ef Rodriguez, Director of Global Social at HTC, New to Seattle Track Captain
  • Gina Phillips, Seattle Lead for WeWork, Design Track Captain
  • Joe Wallin, Partner at Davis Wright Tremaine, Startup Legal Track Captain
  • Kate Hawk, City Manager for Elance-oDesk, Marketing Track Captain
  • Luni Libes, Founder & Managing Director at Fledge, Social Good Track Captain
  • Michael Grabham, Chapter Director of StartupGrind, Failure Track Captain
  • Nathan Daum, Startup Manager at UW, University Track Captain
  • Peter Chee, Founder & CEO at ThinkSpace, Scaling Up Track Captain

For a full list of events and to RSVP, visit seattle.startupweek.co.

Follow @startupweekSEA with hashtag #StartupWeekSEA.

About Seattle Startup Week: Seattle Startup Week was founded in 2013 by Gina Phillips, currently the lead for WeWork Seattle, with a mission to connect the community and raise the profile of Seattle as a startup city. With help from community members like GeekWire, Red Russak (Sales Manager for Apptentive), Amy Balliett (CEO of Killer Infographics), and Rebecca Lovell (the City of Seattle’s Startup Liaison), the first annual Seattle Startup Week included over 25 events and 2500 attendees.  In early 2014, Phillips entrusted Seattle Startup Week to UP Global, in support of their new Startup Week program, empowering local community leaders to establish Startup Weeks in their own cities.