Startup Weekend Mauritius : 15-17 July 2016


Startup Weekend Mauritius: an awesome opportunity to build skills, meet incredible people, and launch successful startups!

We’re excited to bring you Startup Weekend in Mauritius.

Startup Weekend Mauritius is organized by the ICT Associations namely, OTAM, CCI France Maurice & MITIA, in partnership with the Ministry of Technology, Information & Communication. Startup Weekend is a 54-hour weekend event, during which groups of developers, business managers, startup enthusiasts, marketing gurus, graphic artists and more pitch ideas for new startup companies, form teams around those ideas, and work to develop a working prototype, demo. By Sunday evening, the teams present their businesses to panel of judges and the top three teams are named. Startup Weekend has grown into an organization with a global presence.

As of July 2015, Startup Weekend has reached 135 countries, involving over 210,000 entrepreneurs. Startup Weekend is run by Techstars. Startup Weekend Mauritius is created to bring the local entrepreneurial community together so that ideas can be sparked and startup magic can happen. Whether you enter the weekend to start a company, find a cofounder, develop your skillsets, or simply have fun, Startup Weekend sets the stage for great things to happen.

We look forward to seeing the different types of innovative ideas in this edition in Mauritius!

Startup Weekend Mauritius Team

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